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Unlocking Your Divine Potential

TThe Seven Seals was first channeled by Tobias at the Midsummer New Energy Conference on July 19, 2003. It’s become one of Tobias’ most popular and well-read channels ever. Tobias’ Seven Seals offers a new interpretation of the mysterious Seven Seals mentioned in the biblical book of Revelations. According to Tobias, the Seven Seals are universal belief systems about our separation from Spirit, the understanding of Self, the darkness, sin and guilt, and the need for suffering and salvation. Tobias says that we can unlock the door of the belief systems in order to free our divine selves.

The Seven Seals has now been rechanneled by Tobias with the beautiful musical accompaniment of Yoham. The session was recorded in Tel Aviv, Israel in February 2009. During the 80-minute journey Tobias takes the listener through the process of gently opening each of the seven seals as the music enhances the experience into the deep realms of consciousness.

This collaboration between Tobias and Yoham, along with the sacred nature of the seven seals, makes this one of the most transformational journeys you can experience with the Tobias materials.

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May 2009 Newsletter

Tobias Trivia


The Archangel Raphael and Young Tobias,
by an unknown Lombard painter (17th century)


In 1774 Joseph Haydn was commissioned by the Tonkünstler Society in Vienna to compose a piece of music which would be performed at two benefit concerts for the financial support of widows and orphans of musicians. The resulting oratorio was very well received at its premiere, but due in part to its length (more than three hours) it quickly fell out of favor with Viennese audiences and faded into obscurity.

However, it seems that this particular oratorio is enjoying renewed popularity. At the 2009 Haydn festival in England early this year, the kick-off event was a performance of this long-forgotten work by Joseph Haydn. It’s name? Il ritorno di Tobia. The Return of Tobias.

Of course the title character is actually “young Tobias” who we now know as Geoffrey, rather than his father Tobit, who we now know as Tobias of the Crimson Council. But this is indeed a year of returning and it seems fitting that this story has recently found its way back into mainstream consciousness.

As to the remarkable amount of time it takes to listen to the oratorio? Well, it seems that concertgoers and Shaumbra alike have finally accepted the fact that Tobias’ stories always take a little extra time!

For some interesting facts about The Return of Tobias, see the links below. There is even an upcoming performance of the oratorio scheduled in Heidelberg, Germany on May 24th. And of course, don’t miss the modern day Return of Tobias, celebrated by Shaumbra in Breckenridge, CO, July this year.

Click below for more interesting facts about Haydn’s The Return of Tobias.

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