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Unlocking Your Divine Potential

TThe Seven Seals was first channeled by Tobias at the Midsummer New Energy Conference on July 19, 2003. It’s become one of Tobias’ most popular and well-read channels ever. Tobias’ Seven Seals offers a new interpretation of the mysterious Seven Seals mentioned in the biblical book of Revelations. According to Tobias, the Seven Seals are universal belief systems about our separation from Spirit, the understanding of Self, the darkness, sin and guilt, and the need for suffering and salvation. Tobias says that we can unlock the door of the belief systems in order to free our divine selves.

The Seven Seals has now been rechanneled by Tobias with the beautiful musical accompaniment of Yoham. The session was recorded in Tel Aviv, Israel in February 2009. During the 80-minute journey Tobias takes the listener through the process of gently opening each of the seven seals as the music enhances the experience into the deep realms of consciousness.

This collaboration between Tobias and Yoham, along with the sacred nature of the seven seals, makes this one of the most transformational journeys you can experience with the Tobias materials.

• Digital download: $15 USD
• Physical CD set: $20 USD (Available soon)

For more information andto order:
Click Here-US Store


IIn his last channeled visit to Israel, Tobias speaks passionately of his love for the land and his plan to return one day when embodied on Earth as the one he calls “Sam.”

In the first of this two-channel set, Tobias speaks in depth about the deep freedom found in letting go of family, ancestry, belief systems and especially the mind. He says, “What more is there on Earth than to be free and experience life? Particularly as we go into this New Energy, the need for experience and the need for freedom are going to be stronger than ever.”

In the 2nd channel, Tobias talks about the many, many human energies (lifetimes) that are buried in the land and how they are now beginning to arise and awaken as they feel “the end of old times.” Tobias explains how Shaumbra can help these energies find their way back to the angelic realms simply by being New Energy Standards and beacons of light, and radiating in the Now moment. This will help these old energies find their resolution rather than bringing more irritating and chaotic energy to the people and land of this region.

In the very rich Question & Answer session Tobias speaks about many topics including creating in the New Energy, abundance, sleep issues, adolescence, New Energy channeling, relationships and many other topics.

With the intensity and focus that he brings to these sessions, one can clearly feel Tobias’ deep passion for life and living on Earth in the New Energy.

This set includes two channels plus Q&A, recorded live in Tel Aviv Israel on February 14, 2009.

2 CD set - $25 (available soon)
MP3 digital download - $20
PDF transcript - $15

For more information and to order:
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May 2009 Newsletter
Shaumbra Creations

Discover new contributions every month from creative Shaumbra all over the world. Please note that inclusion here does not imply endorsement by the Crimson Circle.
For submission guidelines, please see below.

Featured on this month’s Shaumbra Launch Pad!!

Creator – Will Love

CreationRe:Creation© The Game

Life is the Game of Choice!

Re:Creation© is a completely new kind of board game, and a great way for people to have fun together, exploring the choices we make and where they take us. The game uses the synergy of fascinating archetypes, timeless wisdom and our own innate awareness, to inspire deeper levels of perception.

The goal is to solve the mystery of who is the Key Character in our chosen Quest. During the game, each player visits at least six of the sixty-four archetypal characters around the playing board. At each meeting, there is the potential to gather ideas and advice, gleaned from ancient sources through to new energy consciousness. Just like life, we often don’t know who or what we are going to meet next, or what epiphany may await us there.

For more information, pricing and to order your own Re:Creation game, please email or visit our website.

Email: [email protected]
Website: www.recreationthegame.com

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Creator – Bonnie Starr Mandell-Rice

CreationBeyond Forgiveness: Spiritual Alchemy

Healing Your Life: Reweaving the World

If we would have peace in our lives, we must forgive. If we would have peace in the world, the world has much to forgive. The world, however, can forgive only through each of us. So what is forgiveness really and how do we forgive?

In Beyond Forgiveness: Spiritual Alchemy, Bonnie Starr Mandell-Rice leads us on a journey beyond widespread notions of what forgiveness is (putting the past behind us), what it does (pardons or condones the “wrongdoer”), and what it entails (forgetting the unforgettable) into the heart of true forgiveness where we experience the spiritual alchemy that restores us to love, peace and freedom. Along the way, Bonnie Starr shares inspiring stories, insightful illustrations from her own life and the lives of others, and profound wisdom. These open our hearts and our minds to new understanding not only of forgiveness but also of whom we are, what we are doing here, and what the events of our lives are telling us. These understandings invite us to lay down our anger and resentment, relinquish our victimhood, and reclaim our authentic power.

In Beyond Forgiveness: Spiritual Alchemy, Bonnie Starr shows us how these new understandings of forgiveness and beyond will heal not just our own lives but the world. By way of illustration, she offers new insights into some of the most disturbing events of our times (9-11, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and school massacres), insights that will change the way we look at the world and each other.

Email [email protected]
Website www.transformativecoaching.net

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Creator – Terri Mason

CreationOm Gaia CD

Sacred music artist Terri Mason’s luminous voice wraps humanity with the magical healing energies of the Earth in this ode to the Earth Goddess Gaia.

Om Gaia soothes the soul, easing us through the Great Awakening of 2012, with songs of remembrance and songs of love & joy.

Perfect for breathwork, yoga, meditation, bodywork, or just relaxing into the uplifting vibe of hope for the world.

Rest your worries, recall your dreams, and dance with abandon. This is Om Gaia! Go to www.OmGaiaMusic.com to hear samples & buy.

Mason weaves affirming melodies and lush harmonic layers with trance-like instrumental streams. Om Gaia is an odyssey worth taking.” -Kate Goldsmith, Indie-Music.com

Email [email protected]
Website www.OmGaiaMusic.com

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Creator – Torill H. Pedersen

Creations: New Energy Healing and New Energy Economics

I’m happy to introduce these creations to my Shaumbra friends around the world and the Scandinavian Shaumbra in particular. These are creations of my dreams, which I have prepared for a long time.

New Energy Healing is a seed of my dreams which is brought from the depths of my heart to be manifested into this reality. In the early spring of 2007 I opened up for light, information and new energy, and supported by St. Germain and Tobias this gave the seed nutrition and good growth conditions.

My vision is that New Energy Healing in the course of time will grow into a worldwide idea and practice. New Energy Healing is an organisation, network and business as well. The company New Energy Healing was officially founded 18th, September 2007. The commercial part is registered as One Owner Company in the official Norwegian company register. It functions as an anchor point in the three-dimensional business world. The organization and the network are under development.

With New Energy Healing I want to facilitate so others can easily grasp the potentials in the new energy, and bring it to manifestation in their own lives. New Energy Healing offers courses and teaching materials witch will be easily available for everyone. The Breath of Life and New Energy Healing are anchors and basis for the business.

New Energy Economics has burst into leaf from the same dream as New Energy Healing and is bred and nurtured for a specialized area. New Energy Economics is in the beginning of its growth and is planted and growing in new energy, in the borderland of the three dimensional reality. It is organised as a subsidiary to New Energy Healing.

As a creator I am ready to go outside the box. Whatever I plant will be allowed to grow into viable creations. In time they will be able to unfold on their own terms. It’s challenging, but simultaneously it’s a potential for true joy. I also hope that other Shaumbra will be inspired as I share my experiences along the way.

Torill “nissemor” Pedersen

Email: [email protected]
Website: www.newenergyhealing.no

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Creator – Ineke Catharina

CreationYOUR TRUE ESSENCE - Sacred Ancient Plant Remedy

Re-Connect & Activate your own true essence

NOW is the time to re-connect, activate and re- awaken your true self. Let go of the old, bring in the new and lift your vibration.

• Carries the ancient wisdom of survival, the power TO BE YOU no matter what.
• Guides you to stand tall, grounded and focused during this special time on earth.
• Opens your heart to feel love, joy and freedom.
• Shines light on the shadow side.
• Aligns the ascension process.
• Re-Connects you with your soul, your God/Goddess self, Your True Essence.
• Carries you HOME to ONENESS

I was guided by spirit to create this plant essence which entered daylight at 11 1 2009, a truly special day for a Special Essence. May it guide us all into ONENESS.

The label holds a sacred geometry symbol.

For more information or to place an order, please contact Ineke at:

Email [email protected]
Website www.inekeCatharina.com
Telephone + 61(7) 5502 2450 M:0424 268 190

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Creator – Tania Castilho & Paulo Correia

CreationTime, Money and the Passion for Life (workshop)

What is TIME?
What is MONEY?
Are you ready to love living with TIME, MONEY and everything else?
Are you ready for your best LIFE ever?

We were challenged with these questions throughout our lives, but there came a time when we chose to get off the merry-go-round of struggle and try living life a new way. Time suddenly became different, money did too and life changed in so many magical ways we felt the passion to share this joy we feel and the wisdom we came into after choosing to jump into the unknown…so we created this workshop!!! Enjoy the ride!

This two day workshop sheds a whole new light upon the dynamics we generally put into our Time and Money issues, showing how the way we choose to live our Time and Money has a direct influence on how we experience abundance in all areas of our lives. This whole new way of looking at Time and Money brings about a rebirth, which in turn reactivates our Passion for Life, allowing us to choose a new way of feeling the flow of existence, in Harmony, Balance, Love and Joy.

The method applied is highly practical and goes about reawakening the senses, using conscious breath, so we can then become aware of the beliefs that limit our lives. Hence, our landscape of infinite possibilities is expanded through the use of practical and original exercises, which can be done whenever and wherever we choose to.

The workshop is interactive and everyone is invited to share the wealth of wisdom they access during the whole process, if they choose to do so, of course. This perspective activates our creativity and enthusiasm, which is nothing less than the passion for this dance of life.

This is an invitation to be and live free from that which burdens and restrains us. It is an invitation to release the old and plunge into the new, finally without fear, keeping only the fantastic enthusiasm of discovering who we truly are and what we are truly capable of, by using the three simple steps of successful creation which are revealed, felt and discussed during the workshop.

Attendees shall be given a manual for this workshop (currently available in Portuguese and English).

We are available to teach this workshop anywhere in the world. We are fluent in Portuguese, English, Spanish and German.

Special launch price: 150€ (1st time only)
1st Workshop: 20th and 21st June 2009
Location: Pedro de Tomar, Portugal

For more information on this workshop or the facilitators, please visit:
Email [email protected]
Website www.paradisia.org
Telephone +351 249 382 022; +351 917 369 951; +351 919 472 720

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Creator – Felicitas Sofe

Creation`New Energy Jewelry' – Soulconscious Dedication Rings

~ serving your infinite identity ~

The Soulconscious Dedication Rings are designed to uplift you and to assist you in the process of aligning yourself to infinite identity.

They are handmade in London, UK, and are available in several precious metals. You can also choose one with a small diamond, which intends to be a symbol for the light of the soul. Every individual ring is energetically cleansed, charged and dedicated for the wearer’s highest good by new energy artist Felicitas Sofe.

Choose your Soulconscious Dedication Ring from the following:

To order please contact:

Email [email protected]
Website www.soulconscious.com
Telephone +44 (0)20 7193 0062

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Shaumbra Creations Submissions Guidelines

Shaumbra creations submitted for launch in Shaumbra News must be new, i.e. created within the last few months.

The product or service must be YOUR creation. Please don’t submit books written by other people, music CDs created by someone else, or classes created by someone else (even if you are a facilitator). If your creation is a workshop or class, it must be a new series that you will offer on an ongoing basis.

The product or service must be available for Shaumbra to order today. In other words, the book must be printed, the music CDs ready to ship, classes must be open for immediate registration, etc.

To launch your creation please send the following information to [email protected]:

1. Contact information including your website and email address.
2. Description of your creation in 250 words or less (English only please). Shaumbra News reserves the right to edit your submission.
3. A digital photo of yourself
4. A digital image of your product. Images should be medium resolution, approximately 1000 x 1000 pixels. The files can be in JPEG, TIFF or GIF formats.

We will include as many new creations as possible each month but cannot guarantee that all submissions will be published.

Please note:

• Submissions should be received by the first of each month in order to make it into that month’s newsletter.
• Effective June 2009, each issue of Shaumbra Creations shall contain no more than 6 entries. Entries will be posted on a first come first serve basis. Entries beyond the first 6 will be posted the following month.
• Each creation may be submitted ONE TIME ONLY. You can submit new (and truly different) creations at a later date but each creation will be listed only once in Shaumbra News.
• Crimson Circle reserves the right to decline any submission.

Go creators!

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