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In this booklet you will learn the difference between wealth and abundance; how mass belief systems and the human tendency to avoid uncertainty keep abundance from our lives; how to use the power of conscious choice to make fundamental and lasting changes in your life; and what abundance looks like once you start trusting yourself and living fully in the Now moment. With a number of exercises to help you reflect on your own issues, "Choosing For You" provides you with the inspiration and tools to change your life and start experiencing abundance for yourself.

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Featuring Tobias, Adamus Saint-Germain, and a powerful intuition-expanding experience with Kuthumi lal Singh

Recorded in November 2008 in Athens, Greece

Intuition: Have you ever wondered what it is? Is it only for priviledged few? Are women naturally more intuitive than men? How does it really work? Can it be learned or enhanced?

In 'Expanding Your Intuition' Tobias will give you the background information to understand what intuition is and how it works. Kuthumi’s guided exercise will take you through the process of opening and expanding your intuition, and Adamus Saint-Germain will work with you for a fortnight to experience and use intuition in your life.

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Adamus Saint-Germain’s DreamWalker Birth Transitions is now available as a Personal Study Course. DreamWalker Birth is the second in Saint-Germain's DreamWalker Death/Birth/Ascension trilogy. This new course offers insights and guidance into what happens on the Earth dimensions and angelic realms prior to physical birth.

The DreamWalker Birth guide, called an “Adoula,” is trained to work with expectant parents to develop a deep, spiritual connection with their baby long before actual delivery. The entire process of conception, pregnancy and birth can be much smoother and more fulfilling, eliminating much pain and trauma often associated with pregnancy and birth. The DreamWalker Birth materials will help expand your horizons and assist you in inspiring consciousness in others.

If you want to learn more about the spiritual aspects of the birth process, this material from Adamus Saint-Germain is informative, captivating and inspirational. If you want to become an active, certified Adoula, you will have to attend a teacher presented DreamWalker Birth Transitions workshop.DreamWalker Birth Transitions Personal Study Course includes:

• Nine audio CD disks with Adamus Saint-Germain channels and Questions/Answers
• 300 Page Study Guide Book, including transcript, in PDF format on a data disk

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March 2009 Newsletter

Shaumbra Heartbeat
 - by Jean Tinder

We have all heard about the new angels coming in – the Crystals who have never been to earth before as well as the Clear ones who are not “new” but who have cleared their old karma. For those of us who have met any of these children, we love to be around them because their energy is so clear and compelling.

Have you ever wondered why that is? These Crystals are not necessarily more advanced, in fact we who have had many lifetimes on Earth are probably more ‘evolved’ than the new ones. So what is it that is so compelling about their energy? Why are we so drawn to the whole idea of Crystal children?

Perhaps you have heard the verse quoted from the Bible: “Unless you become as little children, you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven.” Once again it begs the question, what does an inexperienced child have that a mature, experienced adult does not? And why would that trait allow entry into heaven or, if you like, the New Energy and New Earth?

Interestingly, I feel Tobias gave us the answer in the last Shoud: It doesn’t matter.

I have a bit of experience with one of these Clear children. My daughter is not a Crystal, meaning she has definitely been to Earth before, but she is the clearest child I have the privilege to know. And I have three other children so it’s not just a mother’s bias! She has taught me the meaning of “it doesn’t matter” in some very concrete ways.

When she was about 8 months old she closed a kitchen drawer on her finger. It hurt, but not terribly, so there wasn’t an instant reaction. Instead, as her eyes got big, I clearly knew she was looking to me to learn what kind of response was suitable. I felt the potential of reacting with drama, “rescuing” her from her trauma and making a big deal out of it. But instead I bent down and spoke to her gently, opening the drawer and kissing her finger. She never shed a tear. To her, even though it hurt a bit, it was just an experience. No big deal. It didn’t matter.

A couple years later I vividly remember one day when she taught me that anger is “just energy.” I was busy writing, focused very intently on my task, and she was throwing toys around the way 2-year-olds do sometimes. A couple of times I absently told her to stop throwing things, which of course had no effect. Finally, I lost my temper and in great frustration turned and yelled at her full on.

Now any of my previous children would have dissolved into tears at that onslaught. “Mommy is angry – at ME – and that’s a terrible and scary thing.” And of course I would have to comfort them and apologize and make things better – but not Taryn. When I shouted at her in anger, her eyes got very big and her face expressed something like absolute excitement! What a blast of energy – that was FUN!! Then it was my turn to be surprised as she threw another toy, as if to say, “Let’s do it again!”

I remembered how Tobias had recently said that negative energy is just energy, and here was someone who already knew exactly what that meant. In fact, it was beyond “knowing” because she was only 2 years old. It was her experience. To her, it didn’t matter that mommy was angry. It was just an experience, just a blast of energy.

Could it be that these wonderful beings, the Crystals and Clear ones, are teaching us something to forget? Could it be that their amazing energy is possible because the usual things don’t matter to them? They are here to experience life, whatever that means, whatever life brings to them. They haven’t learned to label it ‘good’ or ‘bad,’ to push away some things and try to get other things.

Taryn is six years old now and lives with her daddy. She told me the other day, “I wish you lived here with daddy and [his partner] so we could all live together.” Instead of telling her – again – why that wouldn’t work, trying to assuage the wisps of guilt I feel for the current family situation, thinking I would feel better if she would just understand, I said “Yeah, I can understand why you would want that.” And that was enough.

When she brought it up before, it mattered to me that she wanted things to be different. It mattered that she didn’t understand and because of that I tried very hard to help her understand – which of course added a whole new and heavy layer to her in-the-moment feeling. But I finally realized it doesn’t matter that she feels that way, which means I don’t have to fix anything or judge myself. I can simply acknowledge how she feels.

And you know what? It was exactly what she wanted. Instead of getting sad and giving the phone back to daddy like before, she paused for a moment, brightened up and started telling me about her new book. Because it didn’t matter to me, she felt free to let it go.

What if the crystalline – or Christ – energy means being so clear that things really don’t matter? What if the secret of the Crystal children is that they are here to simply experience what is, openly and fully? What if we stopped putting a “spin” or value judgment on our own experiences instead of just having them?

I tried that this morning. My back is very painful right now, probably an after-effect of moving too many boxes. Hobbling off to get a drink I was moaning and groaning about it, chiding myself for not breathing enough, wondering what I’m “carrying” that’s manifesting in my back, and all the other spiritual gobbledygook that seems to be such a reflex these days. Then I remembered. Hmm… it’s just an experience. It doesn’t matter, I told myself. My self argued back, “Yeah, but it hurts!” Indeed it does. So what? And something shifted.

By realizing my pain doesn’t matter, doesn’t really mean anything, I can let go of it – which has the immediate effect of relaxing all of me. At the moment it’s still a constant choice, because it really does hurt, but at least I’m not layering all sorts of heavy meaning and worry onto it as well, which would only muddy up the healing process that’s naturally taking place.

Maybe when we make things matter so much, we’re actually piling on other energies to what was just a simple experience, and getting everything thick and heavy and important. No wonder things get stuck sometimes – we pile on so much matter! It’s been appropriate, of course. After all, how else could we stay here, embodied in matter, if it didn’t matter?

But that was then, and this is Now.

Are you ready to become clear enough to finally remember it really doesn’t matter?

Can you imagine a world full of crystal adults, souls full with the experiences and maturity of lifetimes and the clarity and innocence of the new ones?

Can you just experience what is, and then let it go and fall into the next experience, and the next, and the next? Yes… just like a child.

In heaven on earth, nothing much matters. Life just flows, hearts just beat, and God finally starts living.

~* Travel with Tobias - Upcoming Events *~

Event dates subject to change. Some upcoming events may not yet be listed in the Shaumbra Shoppe because details have not been finalized.

Guest speakers at:
March 21 - 22, 2009
Kryon Conference
Madrid, Spain

Geoffrey and Linda Hoppe will make a guest appearance including a Tobias channel during this large two-day Kryon event. Go to www.kryon.com for more details.

March 24-27, 2009
Tobias' Aspectology™ School
Teacher Training
Mallorca, Spain

Training for certification as an Aspectology School teacher facilitated by Geoff and Linda Hoppe. Requirements: Prior attendance at an Aspectology School, current certification as a Sexual Energies School teacher, conducted at least one SES class, submit application.

March 28-29, 2009
Tobias and Adamus’ Interdimensional Workshop
Mallorca, Spain

An intense two-day workshop about the nature of dimensions, and practical experiences with viewing into the dimensions. Live channels with Geoffrey and Linda Hoppe.

April 4, 2009
Shaumbra Webcast and Shoud
Coal Creek Canyon Community Hall
Coal Creek Canyon, Colorado USA
Attend in person or tune into the webcast here or login to www.crimsoncircle.com

April 17-19, 2009
Tobias' Aspectology™ School
Sydney, Australia

Live Tobias channels with Geoffrey Hoppe and Linda Benyo. Co-facilitated by Norma Delaney and Garret Annofsky. Learn about the nature of aspects, how to identify and integrate your old aspects, and how to create new aspects to serve your needs. An intensive three-day school. Not recommended for persons taking anti-depression medication.

April 20-23, 2009
DreamWalker Ascension Teacher Training
Sydney, Australia

Presented by Geoffrey and Linda Hoppe

April 20-23, 2009
DreamWalker Death Transitions Teacher Training
Sydney, Australia

Presented by Geoffrey and Linda Hoppe

April 25-26, 2009
Tobias and Adamus’ Interdimensional Workshop
Auckland, New Zealand

An intense two-day workshop about the nature of dimensions, and practical experiences with viewing into the dimensions. Live channels with Geoffrey and Linda Hoppe. Host: Michelle King.
May 2, 2009
Shaumbra Webcast and Shoud
Coal Creek Canyon Community Hall
Coal Creek Canyon, Colorado USA
Attend in person or tune into the webcast here or login to www.crimsoncircle.com
May 10, 2009
Day of Living in Joy
Bucharest, Romania

A special one-day seminar in Bucharest about the joy of living. Featuring Geoffrey and Linda Hoppe, Dr. Norma Delaney, Dr. Garret Annofsky. This will be an amazing day! English with Romanian translation.
May 12-15, 2009
DreamWalker Birth Teacher Training
Poiana Brasov, Romania

Teacher training and certification for DreamWalker Birth. Application required. See website for details.
May 16-18, 2009
Tobias and Adamas’ Interdimensional Workshop
Poiana Brasov, Romania

An intense three-day workshop about the nature of dimensions, and practical experience with viewing into the dimensions.
May 23-25, 2009
The Shaumbra Channeling Workshop
Amersterdam, Netherlands

It's back! Once again, Geoff and Linda Hoppe will offer the Shaumbra Channeling workshop. This is one of the most popular workshops because ... You actually learn how to channel. Filled with personal and group exercise, live channels and Geoff's personal experience with channeling.
June 6, 2009
Shaumbra Webcast and Shoud
Coal Creek Canyon Community Hall
Coal Creek Canyon, Colorado USA
Attend in person or tune into the webcast here or login to www.crimsoncircle.com
June 2009
Details coming for School 1&2 - Breckenridge, CO
July – no monthly meeting!
July 17-19, 2009
Midsummer New Energy Conference 2009 – A Farewell to Tobias
Breckenridge, Colorado, USA

Please join the Crimson Circle Team and Shaumbra from around the world as we celebrate the 2009 Midsummer New Energy Conference - in beautiful Breckenridge, Colorado, USA! There will be live channels every day, outstanding speakers, musicians and evening entertainment.
July 20-21, 2009
Shaumbra Institute Teachers' Celebration
following the Midsummer New Energy Conference 2009
Breckenridge, Colorado, USA
Upcoming workshops and schools for
Norma Delaney and Garret Annofsky

For More Information Please Visit: http://www.newbreath.net/

March 14-18 Ohamah School - Mallorca, Span
March 21-22 New Breath Teacher Training - Lisbon, Portugal
April 20-21 Breath, Aspects & Integration - Sydney, Australia
April 24-28 Ohamah School - Sydney, Australia
May 16-17 Synthesis - Den Haag, Holland
May 23-24 Synthesis - Frankfurt, Germany
May 30-31 Synthesis - Vienna, Austria
July 10-15 Ohamah School - Evergreen, CO

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