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A book about New Energy Abundance by Jan Brouwer

Do you have problems with money? Does it seem that no matter how much you earn, there is never quite enough? Would you like to learn practical applications of the teachings of the Crimson Council and experience true abundance in your life?

In this booklet you will learn the difference between wealth and abundance; how mass belief systems and the human tendency to avoid uncertainty keep abundance from our lives; how to use the power of conscious choice to make fundamental and lasting changes in your life; and what abundance looks like once you start trusting yourself and living fully in the Now moment. With a number of exercises to help you reflect on your own issues, "Choosing For You" provides you with the inspiration and tools to change your life and start experiencing abundance for yourself.

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Featuring Tobias, Adamus Saint-Germain, and a powerful intuition-expanding experience with Kuthumi lal Singh

Recorded in November 2008 in Athens, Greece

Intuition: Have you ever wondered what it is? Is it only for priviledged few? Are women naturally more intuitive than men? How does it really work? Can it be learned or enhanced?

In 'Expanding Your Intuition' Tobias will give you the background information to understand what intuition is and how it works. Kuthumi’s guided exercise will take you through the process of opening and expanding your intuition, and Adamus Saint-Germain will work with you for a fortnight to experience and use intuition in your life.

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Personal Study Course

Adamus Saint-Germain’s DreamWalker Birth Transitions is now available as a Personal Study Course. DreamWalker Birth is the second in Saint-Germain's DreamWalker Death/Birth/Ascension trilogy. This new course offers insights and guidance into what happens on the Earth dimensions and angelic realms prior to physical birth.

The DreamWalker Birth guide, called an “Adoula,” is trained to work with expectant parents to develop a deep, spiritual connection with their baby long before actual delivery. The entire process of conception, pregnancy and birth can be much smoother and more fulfilling, eliminating much pain and trauma often associated with pregnancy and birth. The DreamWalker Birth materials will help expand your horizons and assist you in inspiring consciousness in others.

If you want to learn more about the spiritual aspects of the birth process, this material from Adamus Saint-Germain is informative, captivating and inspirational. If you want to become an active, certified Adoula, you will have to attend a teacher presented DreamWalker Birth Transitions workshop.DreamWalker Birth Transitions Personal Study Course includes:

• Nine audio CD disks with Adamus Saint-Germain channels and Questions/Answers
• 300 Page Study Guide Book, including transcript, in PDF format on a data disk

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March 2009 Newsletter
Shaumbra Speaks

Shaumbra Speaks - A sample of recent postings on the Crimson Circle Message Board and feedback from Shaumbra around the world

A Letter to the Editor

(Editor’s note: this was written to a local newspaper. The writer wanted to share it here as an inspiration for other Shaumbra to speak out.)

Dear Editor,

The current global crisis has many people very frightened. What is going on and why has this happened? We are moving into a new era, an era that we have all been waiting for. Change is never easy for people and this is a very big change that may take years. We can't stay stuck in the old consciousness of humanity and why would we want to? Who among us enjoyed watching the rich get richer and the poor get poorer? Only the rich, that's who. Things will never be the same because you can't go back in time and you can't undo what has been done. Don't hold your breath waiting for everything to get back to "normal," KEEP BREATHING. Things will get better, but we don't know what the future looks like until we get there. We will be the ones who create our own future, so be careful what you ask for.

Yvonne Jarvie
(Rush Valley, Utah, USA)

Breathing for Buildings

In the February Shoud, Kuthumi spoke about government leaders at the highest levels, sitting in their mansions, not making much sense about what is going on in the world. Yesterday morning I was thinking about 2009 and decided to keep doing what I do best, despite all the doom and gloom in the building industry. I am an architect and I love moving energy by knocking down walls in buildings, creating new openings, re-painting, whatever is required to make the buildings breathe. Like people, buildings get dense with energy. My most rewarding moments are when I walk onto a building site and I can sense that the building is breathing freely, and in that moment I can hear the building thanking me.

Yesterday afternoon I was summoned to please be at the vice-president of my country’s house today. At ten this morning I was briefed and I laughed out loud at the absolute perfection of this. I have been commissioned to redo the personal spaced of the house – bathroom, bedroom, study, kitchen, gym – by making them calmer, less cluttered, less chaotic. I will walk away smiling from this job if I know that our vice president, when coming home from all the daily political energies, has a clear space to walk into: a space that will give her the opportunity to breathe easily and to work through all the energies that she needs to deal with daily. My intent is for her to be able to get into a warm, relaxing bath and just BE. No political titles carry any meaning when in your bedroom or bathroom anyway.

There is political and economical chaos in my country, yes. There always has been. But what a beautiful opportunity has come out of this for me to do my work!

(South Africa)

Shaumbra Inspired Logo

Dear Crimson Circle,

Thank you so-o-o-o much for the use of this absolutely beautiful logo! I have no idea what I want to do, but I do know I want to do "something" and this is a really good way to start. Perhaps I will incorporate this in my newsletter (called Amethyst Road).

I so appreciate this. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Much Divine Blessings,


(editor’s note: More information can be found here about the Shaumbra Inspired logo.)

Letter of love to my inner being

(Approximate translation from Italian with the help of Google)

Hello darling, my great love. I am here at this moment, in this life, and finally understand what it means to love me. How many lives have I tried because I did not understand my feelings, but the gap was bigger and bigger.

In small and large steps, I felt pushed so that I could feel completely. Huge, traumatized emotions in me, but still I had not yet awakened to you. How much patience you have poured out in love for me.

Now you feel! It is grand and your expansion, which does not feel more need to take out the love. You are the love! My love! No more separation.... I wait no longer because simply .... YOU ARE ... AND I AM .... Hello my Love ...


Gathering Family

Dear Shaumbra

I am from beautiful Cape Town in South Africa. We have a small group of Shaumbra that gather and see each other occasionally. We are convinced that there are more of us around here and elsewhere in South Africa.

For many years we’ve wondered why Tobias has never travelled to our amazing country. He has been all over the world and to some very remote parts. We would love to host a conference in Cape Town or Johannesburg to experience the loving energies of Tobias, Saint-Germain and Kuthumi here too. (We know that Tobias won’t be able to make it before his incarnation though.) Some of our friends have attended some of the Midsummer Conferences through the years and came back with overwhelming reports. Isn’t it about time that all South Africans feel the energies and emotion of our dear entity guides on our own soil?

This is a plea to all South African Shaumbra to please reply to this letter with their contact details so that we can see who we are, whether we have enough souls interested and of course to meet our other family members.

[email protected]

With mountains of Love & fountains of Light

Alex Smuts
084 515 3822

Who’s In Charge?

Hey Shaumbra!

For me, the part of me that's in charge is the divine part. And thank god it's driving the car on my path! If the human part of me was making all the choices and bringing them into reality, I'd be in deep sh*t. I don't know about anyone else, but I'm glad there's somebody looking out for my silly decisions. My "inner voice" or "instincts" lead me, my human part walks & tries to keep calm and in the present moment. If I start to get upset about something, my stomach lets me know the next day! That's when I listen and get into that calm again. Unfortunately it happens a little too often. I'm getting smarter, though. Yay!

It's taken me a long time to get to this point of calm and happiness (mostly all of the time now). Right now I'm down to $6, but I'm accepting that it's ok and trusting that something is going to happen. I have no idea what or how, but I know in my heart all will work out. This is the lowest money-wise I've EVER been in my entire life, but it's so weird how it's not bothering me. Go figure! And I'm happier now than I've ever been.

I just discovered the Message Board about 2 weeks ago and have been reading the posts and replies. It's just such a blessing that there are others out there going through the same experiences I am. Thanks so much to all of you out there and I applaud you all (can't figure out how to use the smilies--computer newbie) for hanging in there and being my new best friends!!! Now I don't have to keep all this stuff to myself anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lots of love and thanks to all,

(Washington State)

About New Energy

(Quoting Tobias from the Ask Tobias session on the Quantum Leap)

“The most important element of the Quantum Leap is that literal New Energy can be embodied or brought in to your living reality. Ever since the time you left Home, or the Kingdom of Spirit, you have been working with a finite amount of energy. Ever since you left through the Wall of Fire there has been a finite amount of energy in the omniverse. It is a grand amount of energy but it is finite. You have simply been moving energies back and forth, changing the face and the nature of that energy and then destroying it so you can create it in a new way. But you’ve been playing with the exact same amount of sand in the sandbox, so to speak. New Energy is literal, meaning that for the first time outside of Home, or the Kingdom of Spirit, there will be new energy.”

This is the same thing I was talking about in "Letting go of Home" thread. I think New Energy can come in only when we let go of Home. Think about it. Or rather, feel it. Feel what it felt like when we first left Home and came out through the Wall of Fire into the Void. We were struck with fear. We impulsively tried to go back. We had no idea what was happening. We had suddenly found ourselves separate from that state of blissful One-ness, all alone in a vast nothingness. The initial feelings that were stamped onto our being were fear, loneliness, desperation and a deep craving for being back at Home. This was the very first wound that made us who we are, what we are.

Everything we did after that was a desperate search to find our way back. Everything. We looked for others like us. We found them. We tried to merge our energies together to see if this would help find our way back. We tried to become One again. So we formed spiritual families. We tried to grow bigger and larger and gain more power to see if this would work. We started to steal other beings' energies. We resorted to every single means we could find to find our way back Home.

This desperate search, the craving for being Home guided all our actions and choices. It was also a very creative impulse. This basic, primordial inner drive, this initial wound led us to tap into our creative powers all the way. We created universes, galaxies, dimensions, bodies, realities, experiences, journeys, lives, all with the hope of finding our way back Home.

We held on to the memory of Home all through this amazing journey. In that sense, we got stuck at the threshold of the Wall of Fire. We could not let go of Home. We could not surrender to the void that was in front of us. We did everything in our power (literally) to avoid the void. To deny the emptiness. To deny our separation. We did everything we could to reverse the process and get back Home.

In a sense we are still there. We've been there all along. Everything we have ever experienced since then has only been a reenactment of this initial wound. We’ve been repeating the same thing over and over in a zillion different forms. We've been living the same story over and over and over. It is the story of leaving Home. This very same story we've been living lifetime after lifetime after lifetime. This is Old Energy. Everything we ever did in our desperate search for way back Home, and our desperate attempt to avoid the Void was already expressed there at that initial moment.

Until now, that is. It is only now when we are one by one, gradually becoming aware of this initial wound. Becoming aware of our separateness... coming to terms with it... accepting it... becoming aware of the basic impulse that has been driving our creative powers for so long... and becoming ready to finally face the Void... to let go of the idea of Home... let go of the desire to be One with All That Is... taking the amazingly courageous steps to surrender to our individuality, our separateness, our independent sovereignty.

This is New Energy. It is energy that’s never been created before. It is creating potentials that didn't exist before because we are finally freeing ourselves from the door of the Wall of Fire. We are healing and releasing that initial wound by recognizing and accepting it. Now our creations are no longer guided and shaped impulsively by that wound. We are free to create consciously (not impulsively as before) whatever we want. We are beginning to create things that did not exist as potentials before. We are expressing things that have never been expressed before. This is New Energy.


Giving the Victim “Props”

Dear Fellow Directors,

Are you giving your victim props?

“Props” is street-slang that means giving proper recognition or appreciation for a job well done. The victim is by far one of the greatest actors known to mankind. When the victim is on the stage, get ready to witness a perfect performance. They know their lines so well; they practice by repeating them over and over and over again. They are constantly creating the stages to perform the role they know so well. The only problem is they like to take over the stage, re-acting the same scenes over and over. So as a Director, what can you do when this happens? Perhaps your victim is not getting the “props” it deserves. Do you appreciate your victim, who is constantly re-acting on your behalf, but perhaps never quite getting it right? Can you take a moment to honor this role your victim has been playing and allow it to take its well deserved bow? Can you say to your victim, “Bravo, a wonderful performance, I congratulate you for a job well done”

As a Director on the GRAND stage of life, you most likely have or have had a victim as one of your star performers. And just as with any performer who is not recognized for their talents, they can get discouraged, and continue to re-play what they believe is their role, until the get the “ok” from the big guy (that is you by the way). So I ask all the dear Directors out there, are you ready to set your victim free? To accept the role they are playing, to honor what they have chosen, and allow them to be the grand actor they are? Perhaps your victim is ready to take that bow, to say to the audience, “thank you, thank you”, to receive a beautiful bouquet of white roses, and then leave the stage with a smile on their face.

I take this moment to give “props” to all the victims out there, thank you.

And now I take a bow.

Most Graciously,

Director Becky


When Abundance knocks on your door ……..
Do you know it?
Are you still struggling with your games of stress, lack and dramas?

“A, please go away, I have no time for you
“I have to brood on my problems, my issues, my dramas”

Breath it in, breath it in Shaumbra
Let A come in, it’s waiting at your door step
Just at your door step, just a breath away
Waiting for you.
To unlock the door, all the doors
Don’t turn it away

A is here now, standing at every door that you can see,
Here there and everywhere
Sense it, feel it, taste it, take it in
Take it in

You have done the hard work
You are over with the releases and letting goes
You have made it ………..
You have done the transmutation
Brought in and worked the New energy.

You have gone into your diamond core -
The iridescent, divine you in this earth dimension
Which blends now in so nicely with the New Energy
See it, touch it, own it, and embody it
The God in you


My Perspective On The Challenges of Creating

It was a Shoud in the middle of 2005 when we were asked to make a choice. We were asked to make a specific choice to embark on a path that would lead to living in a new energy way. Many chose to become integrated with their Divine Beings and to live from a new consciousness perspective. What this choice did, for those who made it, was to commit us to living from a space of truth. This meant we had to give up the feeding, give up the pretending, and become more honest with ourselves. It is this choice of new energy living that, from that point of choosing going forward, guides all of our creations.

As integrated beings, feeding is no longer compatible with who we are or the direction in which we have chosen to move. This leaves us with the sole choice of living in a new energy way and living our true passion.

So when we make choices that don’t come to fruition, there are one of two things occurring:

1. Our choice represents more old energy feeding, and who we have chosen to now be is not compatible with the old energy choice that we have made. Therefore, choices not of new energy become a challenge to manifest. So while universal law dictates that the energies of our choice be generated, the energy generated remains in the ethers because there is no energetic match in our new integrated selves for any old energy choices that we have made to become fully manifested. Remember, the law of attraction – like attracts like. Or,

2. Our choice represents our true desires, but our present state of consciousness does not match our energetic choices. In other words, our true feelings, thoughts, and beliefs are not energetic matches for the new energy choices that we have made. So once again, the energies are in the ethers unable to become fully manifested because our consciousness must match our energetic choices for our choices to become fully manifested.

In fact, if your consciousness does not match your energetic choices, the energies that you have created and attracted transmute themselves into a manifestation that reflects your consciousness and true state of feeling and beliefs – the law of attraction.

An example of this is creating a job opportunity that is representative of your true desires and passion, but not getting the job. In such a case, you have chosen real passion work, but, buried doubts, opposing feelings and belief systems block the full manifestation of the choice – the job.

Another consideration is that your choice is not a real choice. Do you really want what you are choosing deep down inside? The above occurrences require an honest look at ourselves for resolution. In the first instance, do we really want to go back to choices of feeding, or do we want to truly stand in our power and live new energy lives. In both cases feelings of doubt and fear impact us. On one hand, fears can prevent us from fully jumping into new energy choices, which can make old energy choices and feeding seem preferable. On the other hand, making new energy choices can be sabotaged by our fears and buried doubts. The reason these can block our choices is less about their existence and more about our denial of their existence.

This is why Tobias tells us not to reject negative thoughts and to embrace all aspects of ourselves. There is nothing wrong with negative thoughts and feelings being present. It is the denial of these thoughts and feelings that gives them intensity and power to create unwanted desires. This is also the elephant that Kuthumi just talked to us about. Our first tendency is to deny any negative thoughts we may have. However, we have to feel the fears and allow the doubts to come forth. The minute we make a choice from which fears arise, these fears present themselves to us because all energy seeks resolution. It presents itself for resolution because it recognizes the incompatibility of the choices that we have made with the energies that are buried deep within.

As Kuthumi has said, we need to eat the whole elephant. We have to acknowledge all our feelings and allow them to be felt. With the breath, these feelings can be and will be naturally released. Our present state of expansion cannot easily house energies that are out of balance with who we really are. Our balanced state will bring all energies into balance.

Also, these fears and doubts can bring us gifts. Years ago when I planned my first seminar, I had a lot of doubt and fear about how the participants would respond to the information I was offering. This kept me up several nights and I kept trying to push these fears away. Finally one night, I decided to let them in. I felt the fear and I listened to the doubt. In the midst of feeling it and asking it what it was trying to tell me, I received ideas on additional exercises I could prepare to have in my arsenal in case I needed them. Immediately after creating these exercises, the feelings of doubt subsided. I realized that the doubt had brought me a gift that I did end up using at the seminar because of the time crunch I had.

Some times it’s hard to feel the fears and doubts. But they come to help you release old belief systems or better prepare yourself for the choice that you have made. So rather than bury seemingly negative feelings and continue to have them keep us imbalanced and sabotaging the manifestation of real choices behind the scenes, allow them to come forth bring their gifts and naturally be released so that new energy choices can be fully manifested. So, listen to your heart and allow the feelings in, receive the gifts, then let the breath take care of the rest.

Happy Manifesting!

Shaumbra Cathy
(The Bahamas)

Thank You

Hi Geoff & Linda,

I read the article in the newsletter entitled "A troubling question." Geoff, I was very moved by your candid description of your experience as a channeler and the feelings you had during this moment.

I know I speak for all Shaumbra in saying that we deeply appreciate the tremendous gift you & Linda have given us by doing the work that you do. Your candor now gives us the insight to support you both more fully, completely and respectfully than ever before. Your job clearly isn't always easy.

This is a simple message of gratitude, love & support for all that you do. After all, you & Linda are the finest channeling team in the universe, and we want you to continue in your work feeling loved & supported by us in every moment. I don't think it can be said enough.

Thank you to you and Linda, most deeply and sincerely, for your unfailing support of Shaumbra in spite of the challenges you face. We are eternally grateful.

Much Love,

Susan Haid
(Colorado, USA)


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