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High Definition Living

In his last visit to Romania Tobias talks about living what he calls a “high definition life.” He discusses bringing this high definition or high resolution energy into your body, mind and spirit, and the changes that this will bring about.

Tobias also talks about living in the New Energy and how it is so different than old energy. It works different, and is something that must be consciously chosen by you. He talks about abundance in the New Energy, how investments are different, and how this high definition energy actually heals the body in a different way.

He especially focuses on the attributes of bringing high definition energy into your mind, how it changes your mental processes, and how much more efficient it can work. As Tobias says, “In high definition living, you see potentials you’ve never seen before.”

Living a high definition life changes the way you process and use energy, including your eating habits, your physical energy level, and the way you bring in non-physical energies. “The way you work with energy is going to be rejuvenated” and it is activated through your choice.

The High Definition Life consists of three channeled sessions, including a Q&A. Includes regular pauses for translation.

• Digital download: $20 USD

For more information and to order:
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Unlocking Your Divine Potential

TThe Seven Seals was first channeled by Tobias at the Midsummer New Energy Conference on July 19, 2003. It’s become one of Tobias’ most popular and well-read channels ever. Tobias’ Seven Seals offers a new interpretation of the mysterious Seven Seals mentioned in the biblical book of Revelations. According to Tobias, the Seven Seals are universal belief systems about our separation from Spirit, the understanding of Self, the darkness, sin and guilt, and the need for suffering and salvation. Tobias says that we can unlock the door of the belief systems in order to free our divine selves.

The Seven Seals has now been rechanneled by Tobias with the beautiful musical accompaniment of Yoham. The session was recorded in Tel Aviv, Israel in February 2009. During the 80-minute journey Tobias takes the listener through the process of gently opening each of the seven seals as the music enhances the experience into the deep realms of consciousness.

This collaboration between Tobias and Yoham, along with the sacred nature of the seven seals, makes this one of the most transformational journeys you can experience with the Tobias materials.

• Digital download: $15 USD
• Physical CD set: $20 USD (Available soon)

For more information andto order:
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June 2009 Newsletter
Shaumbra Speaks

Shaumbra Speaks - Feedback from Shaumbra around the world and a sampling of recent postings on the Crimson Circle Message Board

Returning of Tobias

each one of us
looking for something
not knowing what
each one of us
lost in the dark
when your words came
from far, far away
found each one of us
so astray

it was only your words and none other
that sounded so familiar
at first like a flicker
then like a steady river
under a full moon
started to glow
little did we know
it was our own light
you were shining upon us
you found us Tobias
your words so gentle,
landing on our hearts
like a soft loving whisper
reminding us of our own light
that was so much brighter
than we ever knew
and the dark that we feared
was nothing but our own shadow
we were no longer lost
as our own light started to glow.

I can see you now Tobias
with a warm smile
so loving on your face
as you prepare to whisper
your final words with such grace.
I understand the time has come
like a beautiful butterfly
you will return Home
yet I cannot help but shed these tears
that nurture the crystal rose
blossoming in my heart
and its scent leaving a trace
that one day I hope
will reach you with a soft breeze
and whisper to you
how you are loved so.




Shaumbra Air

Hello, This is your captain speaking. I just wanted to Thank you for boarding Shaumbra Air, Flight 555. The weather for today is in the upper 50's with a slight chance of drizzle. Non-Shaumbra passengers, please unfasten your seatbelts, take your baggage out of the overhead compartments and take your tickets to the ticket counter. Duality Air is re-routing your flight.

Shaumbra passengers, refer to your inner flight manuals and act accordingly. Seat belts are optional but you may find them unnecessary after awhile.

Potential Shaumbra who have decided to stay with flight 555, please be aware that the barf bags are in the backs of the seats in front of you. If you have any questions please direct them towards your fellow passengers.

You may notice that you are all on one airplane but that some of you seem to be looking at a frightening view out the window, while others are looking out other windows at pleasant views. Some Shaumbra have left their seats for different views and any of you can do the same.

For our pioneering Shaumbra, who are on the upper deck with Saint-Germain, you will notice them stuck to the ceiling unable to control their laughter at the sight of it all. That’s why their seats have been moved to the upper deck with Saint-Germain. Which seating area you choose is up to you.

If you should experience any anxiety attacks while on this flight please realize you are channeling and that is one of the physical signals before the information comes in.

Thanks again for flying Shaumbra Air and I hope you have a __________ flight. Oh, and before I forget, the flight attendants will be bringing you headphones, chocolate and alcohol. Signing off, Captain Tobias.




Zero Point

Scientists are fascinated with zero-point technology. This has been their passion as well as their source of frustration. The physics of zero-point is very complicated as it involves multiple variable non-linear vector equations (whatever that means). But the essence of the technology is very simple.

If we consider a bar magnet, because of the polarity involved, the electrons flow from the negative end to the positive end and positrons flow in the reverse direction. Somewhere between the two poles is a point exactly balanced in polarity, a point of no resistance, no attraction, no repulsion. At this point, for a moment, the electrons and positrons become undifferentiated (have no charge) and become free-form subatomic-particles.

That point between the two polarities, where the polarities become absolutely balanced and undifferentiated, where all resistance caused by differentiated polarity totally ceases, is the zero-point. In that absolute resonance and nil resistance, there is superconductivity and you have nearly infinite energy potential where the infinite energy field of the etheric plane is accessed. At the zero-point, the etheric field tunnels into the physical reality. This tunnel is known as the wormhole, portal, gateway or opening into the etheric realms.

The few zero-point devices that have been able to work on Earth have worked in the presence of those that fully believe and accept this technology. However, in the presence of skeptics, the devices often fail due to the presence of negatively polarized electromagnetic field that is present around such skeptics. Such devices work only within a field of consciousness that accepts their reality.

Over the next decade, as the Earth moves into the electromagnetic null zone and as the polarization of the planet decreases and as the consciousness of the inventor increases, zero-point technology will have a more fertile ground to develop.

What does it mean for the consciousness to increase? For the sake of understanding, the increase could be structured on three levels:

1. The Ascending level
2. The Surrender level
3. The Descending level

The ascending level is the evolution of the ego from gross to subtle. This journey has three difficulties:

1. Distractions
2. Non-coherence
3. Trap of the four dimensions

The ego is distracted with all kinds of noise happening outside as well as inside. The ego is fascinated with all kinds of drama because in it, it survives. What makes us non-coherent is all of our emotional (suppressed emotions) and psychological (stuck beliefs) blocks. Further we have been taught to believe that all there exists is the perceptive world and nothing beyond. We are lost in the noise, unwholesome in our non-coherence and bound by our four-dimensional world of time and space.

However, when a quantum jump happens and separation ceases to be, when the noise is cancelled and coherence is brought forth, one is now in surrender. There is no one who has surrendered and there is none to whom one has surrendered. There is now only “being surrender” – no one left to acknowledge or rejoice the happening, nor being in gratitude or thankful to an individual, agency or a phenomena. The grace came in impersonally. There was someone, somewhere or something around as the jump happened, but they or those did not cause the jump. They merely provided a clear safe space in their intentionality, commitment, consciousness and purity.

And now starts the third level for the individual for whom surrendering has happened – the descending level. Through this clear body-mind instrument, descends the grace of the Universe and the Spiritual Network of the Universe works through this individual. The individual has no agenda, no mission of his own. He is intuitively aware of the Divine Plan and allows the Divine Plan to use him as is appropriate.

The journey of the seeker (both materialistic and spiritual) is the journey of the electrons and positrons in a bar magnet – swinging from one polarity to another polarity. The surrender is the null zone of undifferentiated polarity. The descending is when the infinite energy from the ethereal plane descends through the individual who is now the wormhole, into the physical reality.

I was invited by an institute conducting coaching classes for IIT-JEE (preparing students for common admission test for the top seven engineering colleges in India) to clear the blocks of some of the students. When I told him that it would be a full day class, he told me that would be too much. He told me that he had called a meditation (Vippassana) teacher and in two hours the teacher ran away. I wanted to start on 9.00 AM on a Sunday. However the students had their classes and exams to complete in the morning session and could not start until 11.30 PM.

When the students came in, I could see they were exhausted. The only reason they came in was because of curiosity and the assurance that they could leave anytime they wanted and also because they did not have to pay any money. I neither had the jokes to make them laugh nor the ability to carry out funny conversations to amuse them. I also did not have a commanding personality or good oratory skills to impress them.

The only thing I had was the commitment to make a difference in their lives. In that room, I stood in that commitment and I told them about my commitment, that even if they choose to leave the next moment, my commitment will still be honoured by the unseen forces. Fifteen boys and girls (16 to 18 years old) started, one left in the lunch break and the class finished at 5.00 PM. Throughout the class, I had their undivided attention. In the end, they all said that they were feeling something different from inside that they could not understand, and they were full of energy and feeling light.

Whatever happened there was not caused by me. I only attempted to create a safe space. It was my commitment that allowed the creation of that space. Yet there was no mission, no agenda in my commitment. It didn’t matter whether my commitment was honoured by the Universe or not.

One of the students mentioned that her block was lack of confidence. I laughed and said that in my life, I had no confidence to deal with life, nor was I interested in having confidence in life. I have tasted both success and failure and now neither means anything to me. If you are forwarded by this workshop, it will not be my success; and if you are not forwarded, it will not be my failure. The non-manifestation of the commitment will only be an indication to re-evaluate what I am doing and my state of being.

I also mentioned that having or not having confidence is coming from the past, and past will always bind you, restrict you, no matter how much success you have created or shall create with your confidence. The place that will free you is the place beyond confidence. It is also the place of all possibilities, and miracles happen in that domain.

Even though this group was a group of elite students, they did not understand most of what I said. Most of the time they were silent, because they did not understand how to engage with me on what I was speaking. Yet, never did I see on their face any boredom, yawning or sagging of the body on the chair. I could feel a presence in the room that was nourishing them. I spoke to them from my mind, yet they were receiving me from their heart. I spoke from my intellect; they were receiving me from their innocence.

Noticing that made my day. Standing in the commitment and knowing that I cannot do anything, I transcended the journey of electrons and positrons. The commitment made surrendering happen and I became somewhat playful. I became a wormhole. Whatever happened in the room was because of the grace that descended.

The seeker can do anything and everything and yet shall always remain a seeker. His journey will only be a journey of electrons and positrons, swinging from one polarity to another polarity. All his methods, all his efforts, all his diligence and sincerity will not make the jump happen till grace descends. And when that happens, he becomes an instrument for descension, an instrument to be used by the seen and unseen conscious forces and beings.




The Author

This is a tangled story, full of adventure and drama, mystery and emotions, friendship and betrayal, love and fear, truth and lies, honesty and deceit, light and darkness, Feminine and Masculine. It is the story of all aspects of all my lifetimes, of all universes, of all dimensions.

But what is missing from this story? It seems that until now, all the stories were a little un-finished, because there was something missing. What was always missing from the story? Every time it remained a sad character, an un-answered question, something un-finished – like an un-finished creation. Though the author could conclude all these, why hasn’t the author chosen a different script? Why did the author never finish the story? Maybe for the sake of playing?

Well, the author is now bored and has lost the passion for writing stories. He experienced this over and over and now he is truly BORED. He is now in a “dead point,” a final point where he has lost the passion for writing stories. He has become a little sad, a little confused, maybe a little depressed and very, very bored. What will he be doing from now on? Will he be painting? That would be another way of writing stories, but it would have the same essence. Will he sculpt? Maybe, but it would never compare with the live characters from his stories.

The Author knows how it feels to be every character from his stories. He created them; he put life into them, he knows so very well their feelings, insights and expressions. The Author truly knows how it feels to be every possible character ever! What could he do now, after gaining so much experience through his stories? What could bring joy after he experienced so many lifetimes?

The Author loves his stories and characters – all of them. Some of them were sad or bad-tempered, some were joyful, some were “dark” and some were radiant. All the characters are his children, created perfectly by the Author. All offered the perfect ingredient, the perfect flavor. Now is the moment of calling all his children Home. It is a moment of complete joy and also a moment of sadness, because the Author feels every single wound of his perfect children. He embraces them and he loves them beyond words. He allows every single wound to melt into the River of Love and Compassion.

Now his life as an Author comes to an end, and this is a little sad too. His children finally came Home and are healed. All the stories came to an end. Everything is complete now, in perfect harmony. But the Author feels that he is in a “dead point.” What could now raise his interest, what could now bring the enthusiasm, the passion that he felt every time he had a brilliant idea for his stories?

Suddenly - like a miracle of clarity and consciousness - the author realizes what was missing from every story he created. He HIMSELF was missing. The Author realized that he wrote story after story, but he never included himself into the story. He identified with his characters. He wrote the script wanting to experience, through them, how it feels to be somebody, how it feels to do something – but he never completely integrated himself into the story. A part of him always remained “outside” the story, and that allowed the story to remain un-finished.

The author finally realized that the Passion for living is inside himself – not in the stories that he created. He knows so deeply how that Passion feels, how much pure joy it brings into his life. Now, the acknowledgement that he never truly lived brings him both sadness and joy. He feels sad because he never truly lived. He feels joy because he knows now what will he choose next – to truly live.

Now he is not just an Author. He is a magnificent Creator! Now he can step out of his stories and truly LIVE!

He feels a little sad again. He knows deep within that the story of The Lifetime – when he truly lived – will be The Final Story. It is his liberation, the last step as an Author and the first step as a true Creator. He has re-discovered the true joy of living – being The Creator, not the Author.

He asks himself, what will be next, after I truly live this final lifetime? What will be next, after I discover how is to be an author and a character – both at the same time? A brilliant idea – to be author and character at the same time; it means that this story, which I create and live consciously, will be the most New and ALIVE story ever. Everything is possible. This conscious story will be full of true life, full of life essence.

The Creator realizes that this lifetime will be magic. He feels like a magician – materializing and de-materializing by CHOICE everything that he desires. And he will fully and truly live The Lifetime, feeling everything at his core essence! He will truly live every drop of rain, every wave of the ocean, every ray of sun, every particle he inhales, every flavor, every touch, every kiss, every leaf, every tree, every step, every breeze, every snow flake, every flower, EVERYTHING. Ah, he will truly live – finally!

But, what is next? What will be after this magical lifetime? He already feels the moment when he will let go of all this magnificent beauty, this magical and magnificent game of materializing. The Creator feels deep inside him that something more grandiose exists. What is next?

He looks behind at the library of stories that he created; he knows that this cycle is complete. He feels peaceful looking at everything that Was, but is Old. He looks forward at his magical life – that he will fully taste with every single particle of himself – and this drop of creation brings him a pure joyful smile on his face.

He looks even deeper – WHAT IS NEXT? – and he simply cannot imagine. He can feel with his Creator heart but he cannot define clearly. Suddenly, in his infinite wisdom, his mind opens, hearing the pure crystalline voice of an inner child – a voice full of Life and Passion and pure joy: IT DOESN’T MATTER! Why does it matter for you what is next? I can offer you a little clue about what is next: you will fully LIVE; you will finally enjoy All That Is; you will finally enjoy your full creative power; you will allow yourself to flow on the waves of Life with grace and easiness. You will love yourself so much that you will truly honor All That You Are. You will have so much trust in yourself that you will simply know that “what is next” is already perfect. It doesn’t matter what is next, for it is what You choose. It is pure creativity, the joy of expressing yourself, the joy of creating in total freedom. What is next is the joy of BEING All That You Are! What frightens you about that? Do you still doubt yourself?

ALLOW yourself to fully melt into ALL THAT YOU ARE! Get out of your dusty library and just BE! Let your true imagination flow freely! Truly LIVE in all dimensions – beyond any fear or uncertainty about what is next! It really DOESN’T MATTER! You simply ARE – and that is all that matters. You have everything within you. You are a Creator, simply ALLOW yourself to be ALL THAT YOU ARE!

And so it IS.



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