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High Definition Living

In his last visit to Romania Tobias talks about living what he calls a “high definition life.” He discusses bringing this high definition or high resolution energy into your body, mind and spirit, and the changes that this will bring about.

Tobias also talks about living in the New Energy and how it is so different than old energy. It works different, and is something that must be consciously chosen by you. He talks about abundance in the New Energy, how investments are different, and how this high definition energy actually heals the body in a different way.

He especially focuses on the attributes of bringing high definition energy into your mind, how it changes your mental processes, and how much more efficient it can work. As Tobias says, “In high definition living, you see potentials you’ve never seen before.”

Living a high definition life changes the way you process and use energy, including your eating habits, your physical energy level, and the way you bring in non-physical energies. “The way you work with energy is going to be rejuvenated” and it is activated through your choice.

The High Definition Life consists of three channeled sessions, including a Q&A. Includes regular pauses for translation.

• Digital download: $20 USD

For more information and to order:
Click Here-US Store

Unlocking Your Divine Potential

TThe Seven Seals was first channeled by Tobias at the Midsummer New Energy Conference on July 19, 2003. It’s become one of Tobias’ most popular and well-read channels ever. Tobias’ Seven Seals offers a new interpretation of the mysterious Seven Seals mentioned in the biblical book of Revelations. According to Tobias, the Seven Seals are universal belief systems about our separation from Spirit, the understanding of Self, the darkness, sin and guilt, and the need for suffering and salvation. Tobias says that we can unlock the door of the belief systems in order to free our divine selves.

The Seven Seals has now been rechanneled by Tobias with the beautiful musical accompaniment of Yoham. The session was recorded in Tel Aviv, Israel in February 2009. During the 80-minute journey Tobias takes the listener through the process of gently opening each of the seven seals as the music enhances the experience into the deep realms of consciousness.

This collaboration between Tobias and Yoham, along with the sacred nature of the seven seals, makes this one of the most transformational journeys you can experience with the Tobias materials.

• Digital download: $15 USD
• Physical CD set: $20 USD (Available soon)

For more information andto order:
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June 2009 Newsletter
Where is Your Cottage?

by Geoffrey Hoppe

Tobias delivered his last monthly Shoud on June 6. The good news for me and many other Shaumbra around the world is that our schedule is packed with Tobias activities and channels for the next month. He’s hosting the Wall of Fire School on June 12 – 14. We’re going to record several more Ask Tobias sessions in the next few weeks. And of course, there will be his last message on July 19 in Breckenridge at the Midsummer New Energy Conference. (See a separate article in this newsletter about how to tune in to the Conference webcast.)

The June Shoud was one of Tobias’ longest ever, lasting nearly 90 minutes. For some reason I thought he’d make it short, but I guess he had a lot to share with us during this last Shoud. Tobias talked about our 10-year journey together, and took us to his cottage for one last group visit.

While in the Shaumbra room at the cottage Tobias gave us four main points to remember on the eve of his departure. He said the most important word is “Self.” We need to remember to take care of ourselves, otherwise we won’t be able to be true Standards to others.

He told us that the most important point to remember is to trust ourselves. True trust in Self allows the divine to meld with the human, while releasing us from any “prisons” we’ve locked ourselves within.

He said the thing we can count on the most right now is “change.” The world is changing and adjusting to new consciousness, and while we tend to be change-adverse it is something that is going to be part of our world right now.

And finally, Tobias said the best gift we can give ourselves is to breathe. As Tobias noted, “Breathing provides the flexibility for your consciousness to expand into new realms. Breathing opens up every sense so you come back to being a sensory human, not just a dull Jack. Breathing opens you up so you can feel again. It’s the easiest prescription in the world – breathe.”

Tobias also talked about the “gallery” in his cottage that contains living portraits of our journey together since Atlantis, including times in old Egypt, during the time of Yeshua, and in our modern era as Shaumbra incarnate on earth during the transition into New Energy. Plus there was an individual portrait of every Shaumbra in Tobias’ gallery.

It was a beautiful Shoud, filled with many touching moments, clear insight and Tobias’ deep warmth and compassion. Shoud 11 of the Returning Series was a perfect closing to 10 years of work we have done together. Yes, there is a lot more to come for Shaumbra as Adamus Saint-Germain takes us into the new mysteries, and the exploration of New Energy in our lives. I know we’re all ready to move into new consciousness territory with Adamus but I know that I will truly miss Tobias’ love.

Tobias brought up one very important point in the Shoud that I hope every Shaumbra takes a moment to consider. Near the end of the message, when we were all standing outside his cottage enjoying the beauty of the moment, he said:

“I have one question before we depart. Where do you go? Where is your space? I have this cottage that I have created. I love it and I take ownership of it. When you’re in your desperate moments, when you’re in fear and anxiety, when you need to get away, where do you go?

“I know where you go, and it’s not always pretty. Some of you go into a dark cave. Some of you go into nothingness – is this your cottage? Is this your I Am house? Where do you go when it’s difficult? Where do you go to rejuvenate? Why do you give yourself a shack, a dungeon? Why do you have no place at all, dear Shaumbra? Are you not worthy enough of a cottage like this, with all of the beauty and love of my spirit?

“Where do you go at night? Unfortunately, too many of you are still spiritually homeless. You have no place to go. You have every tool and every resource, you’re not taking up space, you don’t need a mortgage, it doesn’t consume energy, you’re not stealing from anywhere else; so, dear Shaumbra, henceforth I invite you to create your own perfect home space. This is the home space for you, for your spirit, for your soul, for your being. Create it in absolute joy and love, and stop worrying if it’s perfect. Stop destroying what you have built. Don’t copy my cottage, because then it really won’t be yours. Do it from your heart. Create this space. It is your home from now on.”

For me, this point stood out above everything else in this final Shoud. We’ve been visiting Tobias’ cottage for years. But where is MY retreat? Where is YOURS? Where does your consciousness go when it needs R&R (rest and relaxation)? Far too many of us don’t have a place like Tobias’ cottage. I think we roam the astral realms, finding a quiet corner or making a temporary hideaway when our body/mind/soul gets depleted. But we haven’t consciously created our own safe-and-miraculous space. Or perhaps we let “circumstances” build it for us and don’t even realize that we can imagine and create anything we choose.

I really had a reaction during the channel when Tobias said that far too many of us are “spiritually homeless.” The question I asked myself was, “Why?” Any of us can create our own “cottage” or “retreat.” It’s the perfect expression of our creative Self. It’s free, we don’t have to get building permits or hire contractors, there’s no mortgage and no taxes to pay. So why hasn’t every Shaumbra created their personal celestial mansion?

Ever since the June Shoud I’ve taken the time each night before I fall asleep to consciously create my own House of I Am. For the first few nights it felt very vague and the experience was somewhat challenging. I kept restricting myself according to my human limitations. I was trying to design it from an engineering or architectural perspective. Finally I said “to hell with it” and just allowed my imagination to soar.

For the last week or so I’ve fallen asleep while designing my retreat. I’ve had some of the best sleep in years! By consciously creating my space as I fall off to sleep I know I’m spending my time there during the night. I haven’t been waking up at 2:22 and 3:33 this week. Instead I wake up at the crack of dawn feeling unusually refreshed and revitalized.

Sure, I know that I haven’t been working on the New Earth this week because I’ve been occupied with my cottage. This project has also taken me away from other celestial work as well. But I know it’s important to take care of ME right now… to recharge my Body/Mind/Spirit and rejuvenate every part of me. There will be plenty of time for all of this other work, but for the next few months I’m going to create my angelic abode. My casa ánima. My Soul Home. I hope you take time to do this as well. We resume with Adamus in September and I’m sure we’ll want to be in peak form!


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