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High Definition Living

In his last visit to Romania Tobias talks about living what he calls a “high definition life.” He discusses bringing this high definition or high resolution energy into your body, mind and spirit, and the changes that this will bring about.

Tobias also talks about living in the New Energy and how it is so different than old energy. It works different, and is something that must be consciously chosen by you. He talks about abundance in the New Energy, how investments are different, and how this high definition energy actually heals the body in a different way.

He especially focuses on the attributes of bringing high definition energy into your mind, how it changes your mental processes, and how much more efficient it can work. As Tobias says, “In high definition living, you see potentials you’ve never seen before.”

Living a high definition life changes the way you process and use energy, including your eating habits, your physical energy level, and the way you bring in non-physical energies. “The way you work with energy is going to be rejuvenated” and it is activated through your choice.

The High Definition Life consists of three channeled sessions, including a Q&A. Includes regular pauses for translation.

• Digital download: $20 USD

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Unlocking Your Divine Potential

TThe Seven Seals was first channeled by Tobias at the Midsummer New Energy Conference on July 19, 2003. It’s become one of Tobias’ most popular and well-read channels ever. Tobias’ Seven Seals offers a new interpretation of the mysterious Seven Seals mentioned in the biblical book of Revelations. According to Tobias, the Seven Seals are universal belief systems about our separation from Spirit, the understanding of Self, the darkness, sin and guilt, and the need for suffering and salvation. Tobias says that we can unlock the door of the belief systems in order to free our divine selves.

The Seven Seals has now been rechanneled by Tobias with the beautiful musical accompaniment of Yoham. The session was recorded in Tel Aviv, Israel in February 2009. During the 80-minute journey Tobias takes the listener through the process of gently opening each of the seven seals as the music enhances the experience into the deep realms of consciousness.

This collaboration between Tobias and Yoham, along with the sacred nature of the seven seals, makes this one of the most transformational journeys you can experience with the Tobias materials.

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July 2009 Newsletter
Shaumbra Speaks

Shaumbra Speaks - Feedback from Shaumbra around the world and a sampling of recent postings on the Crimson Circle Message Board

Report from Hamburg

+ + + + + + + + THIS JUST IN + + + + + + + +

DATELINE: A certain recent international event of Shaumbra-ic proportion


Guess WHO was spotted in the after-hours lobby crowd on Saturday night of the Hamburg conference, leading the game of "Shit-Faced Shaumbra"? And guess WHO paid for most of the Prosecco that flowed so generously?

We suspect the answer to both queries is none other than St. Germain, that cosmic party boy!

Who else could stuff a hundred-Euro note into the palm of yours truly when the tab came, and who else could cajole (bribe?) the reluctant bartender into selling three more bottles of the bubbly for take-away? And who else, having suddenly blown in a day late for the conference, adorning himself with a hand-written name badge, could just as easily have blown out once more, as, following that solemn-less soiree, he was never seen again!

At this absence, the lesser enlightened feared 'grand mal de stomach', or worse, foul play! But no, gentle reader, it was simply St. Germain at ‘grand play most human’.

What was the final tip-off, then, the identity identifier? Why, no less than the name this starry scamp, this relevant raconteur gave himself on that belying badge: "Viktor"!

Victor! it exclaimed, had we the gnost to know! Victor! over doubt, Victor! over limits, Victor! über alles!

Dear friends, what revelation, what egg on our egoed faces. Thanks be to this patron of parties for sharing his crucial teaching so bountiful in profundity, and so wanting in gravitas!

Oh, reader, shall we ever again encounter this mischievous mystic? Can one continue on the delicious slope of sloth without him? And in what disguise will he appear?

Be assured, we shall indeed know him afresh, come next year's Conference in Breckenridge or sooner, and perhaps again as our Viktor. Or might it be Viktoria?

--Breathlessly Reported by
Louella Parsnip

(Current location undisclosed)


Your Cottage

I will give tips to whoever wishes to build his or her own cottage. Usually building a house requires first to build the foundation. Then slowly you build the house itself upon it. Finally you work on the roof and put it over. Now that's the obvious of how to build a house.

Well, my friends, let me give you some advice. You have to do the opposite. The first thing you need is to build that roof. It will be your treasure trove for your sacred I-am-ness (in the granary). The house will be your heart, fulfilled by that treasure's glory. The foundation will simply be your will to live, your reason to live, your passion. Is your passion to be God also?

Finding first within the sacred presence of God, the I-am-ness. Letting it build itself day after day in the heart. Letting it shine and expand, and encompass everything. Your house will be strong but in a non-dualistic way. The foundation will simply be your final acceptance of your reason to be on earth, to enjoy life. The joy of life is your foundation.



I felt homeless and haunted until the last Shoud. Like magic the place appeared immediate afterwards... and the effect was tremendous! It must have created such a safe space in me that I could embody the darkest and most painful parts of me. I have never ever before NOT wanted to be here so totally and completely and utterly. It just built up and built up (as my beautiful cottage unfolded) with feelings of despair, sorrow, shame (because of my belittlement of myself), longing (for a place of peace and love, beauty and abundance, ease and grace - like my cottage), meaningless emptiness, extreme sensitivity, disappointment (for every morning still being here), anxiety - oh the anxiety... (with no drama though - no mind; pure, outrageous feeling indeed) until about the solstice - then the stay in dark, still, deep waters changed to physical discomfort (mildly put...). What a release!!!! Suddenly there was movement (in the previously closed waters)... with so much clarity as a result - about myself and life and existence and my journey and my grandness throughout my lives and what I'm still holding back/hiding (keywords being passion, power, pride, pleasure, potency, fire!) and, much more.

So, I have the same experience as Jonathan; the foundation doesn't necessarily come first - if it is defined the way you do: "The foundation will simply be your final acceptance of your reason to be on earth, to enjoy life. The joy of life is your foundation."

I had to embody and release all that stuff to come to the point where I can accept my presence here 100% - truly and completely.




Eastern Religions and Ascension

One other major difference I've noticed between Crimson Circle and the Eastern religions is that so many of them seem to be about doing a spiritual path to get off of planet earth. ‘Meditate to clear karma so you can end the cycles and not come back.’ The goal seems to be to transcend planet earth and being human.

My experience with the CC channels and my own spiritual journey is that I'm not trying to go anywhere. I'm not trying to meditate my way out of here. I LOVE LIFE. I LOVE EARTH! I love all of these cute little miserable human experiences like heartbreak and love and disappointment and neuroses. I love experiencing all of it. I'm in no hurry to go anywhere. I just want to enjoy what is here as much as possible.

I feel like the magic for me isn't someplace "out there" or after this life. It's right here and right now if I just take a deep breath and let myself relax into it, dropping all parts of me into this moment.

Easier said than done sometimes.




Michael Jackson

I hesitated to write this thinking that it is personal and has nothing to do with Shaumbra. But when I allowed all the intense feelings rising from within me after I heard of Michael Jackson's death, I realized it probably has a lot to do with Shaumbra, and even the Shaumbra graduation - at least that's what it felt like for me.

This morning when I heard the news I went to youtube and started watching all his videos. As I watched I got so emotional that I couldn't stop crying. I was surprised that I was so touched, because he didn't really mean that much to me personally. So I looked at what he meant for the world, what role he played in these amazing times of change and transition. And I knew what was making me cry.

Michael Jackson became what he is in the first half of the 1980s. Humanity was still on its self-destruct path then with some sort of an apocalypse scenario developing around the Cold War. We were fast approaching the predicted dead-end. This was a time when all the energies in the world (and also in the omniverse, because it is as above so below) were still stuck for the large part, very few new potentials developing, very difficult to move energies. The world was falling into a crazy spiral of an arms race and producing nuclear weapons that could destroy the whole planet 10 fold. The Cold War was feeding fear and paranoia that justified all sorts of control, manipulation, need for more and more power all over the world.

In those times, I think people like Michael Jackson played a crucial role. Remember that there was no internet then, no satellite stations that transmitted tv programs across the world, no youtube, no forums, nothing else that could help connect people across borders. Countries were pretty much closed to the outside and there was very little awareness that the whole world was a single place and humanity was all together on the same boat. At a time like this Michael Jackson was one of the very, very few celebrities who could touch so many different people from different countries all over the world. His music, his dancing, his bright presence on stage was like a bridge that ran over and above national borders connecting all sorts of people from all over the world. Nothing else could do such a thing then. Not even films or tv programs that were starting to circulate globally at the time because these ran into language barriers. But music was magical. It could touch the hearts of people the same way no matter what language they spoke, what their lifestyle was, where they lived or what they believed in.

There were other musicians before Michael Jackson who had already started creating these global connections across countries, especially the Beatles, but there was something special about him. He was black, trying to embody whiteness. He was a male, trying to embody the female. In his own unique and perhaps in a rather clumsy way, he was trying to merge polarized energies, polarized aspects. Everything about him - his music, his dancing style, his appearance - was a metaphor for the merging of the poles, integration of polarized aspects like the male and the female, the young and the old, the first world and the third world, the black and the white, (which became quite literal in his video "Black and White"). He was doing this at a time when polarization was fast approaching a breaking point that would destroy the whole world. He single handedly opened up new energetic pathways across rigid borders and helped move energies that were otherwise very stuck.

What does this have to do with Shaumbra and our graduation? Well, I think he left this particular month, right after our graduation ceremony because he was also done. It seemed to me that he had come here to move these sorts of energies at a time when they were very difficult to move, maybe so that the Shaumbra energy could come in when it did, starting in 1999, because Shaumbra energy is also about leaving behind and going beyond all sorts of borders and boundaries that separate people and countries. It is also about uniting and integrating. Perhaps, now that we are ready to take over the task of connecting and expanding the awareness of humanity ourselves, he could leave.

Watching some of his videos, I saw how he emanates an amazing, bright, uplifting, hopeful energy when he is on stage. And how this energy is noticed and picked up by all sorts of audiences from all over the world. You can see it in his concerts, in the way his fans are cheering him. You can see it in the sale of his records. And I know also from being a student in a Third World country then who loved to listen to and dance to his songs. How I used to gather with friends to watch his newly released videos and watch in awe as he did his moonwalk.

The price he paid for having this sort of a role in difficult times was heavy. Trying to merge all these energies in maybe a bit too literal way on his body, he developed all sorts of ailments, topped with financial problems, legal battles, etc. He wasn't a victim of these of course. But it seems to me that this was the best way he could come up with to get his message across to so many different people around the world. I felt so much love for him because of this. I wanted to honor him and his difficult but so precious journey. This is why I decided to write these here.




Dreaming with Saint-Germain

This morning, I woke up at 5:45 am and heard in the distance the irritating sound of a crow outside. As I drifted back into sleep, the sound got louder. I went into a dream where I was with many Shaumbra who were all hearing this crow bleating it's ear splitting sound all around us. Then someone said "Its St. Germain!" And indeed, before she had said that, I had already knew it because I was hearing the crowing but "seeing the words" that the crow was saying.

This is what “the crow” said to me/us in the dream.

"When we began with you 10 years ago, we gave you things such as the short wall, dancing with what comes to your front door, the oven of grace, etc., as tangible tools that you could use to begin to understand the ways of the New Energy. They were universal tools that each of you were free to interpret and use in your own way. And this was the point – they were your tools all along to be used in your life in very unique ways specific to your journey. At the time, you did not know they were "your tools," you saw them as "new information that the big exalted spirits on high" had given to you.

For example, the short wall was a tool for you to use AT THE TIME as a way for you to give yourself pause to stand back and observe what was happening in your life and in the world around you. AT THE TIME, you were all energy holders, absorbing and transmuting the energies of humanity. You were cauldrons of emotions and feelings and crisis with no way to discern what was yours and what was not. The short wall was a way for you to TEMPORARILY separate yourself from the things happening around you, to disconnect from the seductive energy of mass consciousness. This gave you the space to finally become aware of your own presence, your I AM, your center, whatever you choose to call it. It has also allowed the opportunity for you to begin to transition from Energy Holders to Energy Movers.

This was crucial because, as Shaumbra, it was imperative that you learn to allow all energies to move THROUGH you. It has been part of your choice as human beings with a physical body on this planet to allow the energies of the world/humanity to come into you, not to get stuck there, but to MOVE BACK OUT with the added element of your compassion and Christ Consciousness to be sent back out into the world. This is the method of accelerating the awakening of humanity. This was and is your purpose, as Shaumbra, for being here. The beauty of this brilliant system (that you created by the way), is that it had the added benefit of allowing anything that was still within you as stuck energies to also move out with it. Do you see? An equal balance of serving yourself along with serving humanity.

Having completed this work (your process) today you now stand with clarity in your center, your I AM, and have transformed once again, from Energy Movers (clearers) to Consciousness Inspirers. Without stuck spaces within you, you are now able to FULLY AND DEEPLY FEEL all energies in the world around you and KNOW that they are not yours. You allow them to move through you completely and purely because there is no longer anything for them to stick to. As they move back out of you, they now contain the added element of the New Energy. And this is where many of you are still unsure of "how" this is done. I will explain why.

In this new energy, the tools that were presented to you, and the way you perceived them to work, no longer do. This is because you still see them as tools outside yourself. The short wall, which was initially used to help you disengage yourself from the dramas around you, has become for many of you, your EXCUSE not to fully engage in life. It has become your fortress to shield you from the intensity of the world around you. It is true that from this space you have gained and continue to experience much clarity and stillness. However, in as much as you are not are bombarded by the energies of the world from this space, you also are blocked from expanding your own energies/unique expressions outward into the world. You wonder why things do not flow into your life effortlessly? It is because you are sitting behind that damn wall! You wonder why you cannot feel your passion? It is because there is nowhere for the expression to move!

But you say "St. Germain, if I come back out from behind the wall, even if I trust I am now able to allow all the energies of the world to move through me, how will I then be able to express my own energies/passions back into the world? In all that chaos, won't I have to push and struggle to obtain that which I need to express myself and my passion?"

Silly humans. Do you see? You are still perceiving that wall as something OUTSIDE of you. Something you either stand behind or stand in front of. You are the CREATOR of that wall. It is an ASPECT of you! Did you think that aspects were only past life personas or personalities? Aspects are also the symbolic tools you created to assist you on your journey.

It is time to integrate the short wall, Shaumbra. The short wall is nothing more than the symbol of your I AM presence. It has no boundaries, no bricks, no mortar, no form whatsoever. It is completely permeable. When you BECOME the short wall, you are experiencing life FROM your I AM presence. What is missing in your life? YOU! YOU standing PRESENT as an ACTIVE PARTICIPANT in life! And from this space, there is nothing that can move through you that can affect You. And there is nothing that can prevent You from expressing everything that You choose. It is the embodiment of freedom.

And while we are at it, let's integrate those other tools too. Dancing with what comes to your front door. This does not mean you sit in your closed house on a couch waiting for someone to knock. Take a deep breath now and INTEGRATE that door. It is ALWAYS open and it is YOU. YOU standing fully present in life open and willing to dance with anything and everything that comes into your presence.

The oven of Grace. Breathe that one in Shaumbra. BECOME that oven. Take all things in your life that trouble you and lay them gently within that warm space in your heart that holds boundless compassion. YOU are that Grace!

I think you get the point Shaumbra. It is You. Standing Present and participating fully in Life, no boundaries to guard you from things coming in and no limits to prevent you from expressing any and everything that you choose. No force is needed and no "waiting" for it to arrive is necessary. It is all there Now.

I AM......

Dang those crows are smart, eh?



Inspiring My Own Consciousness

I had an experience recently that I would like to share.

A few days ago, I was eating my lunch that was generously given to me at a local hostel. While I was in Joy eating my meal, I was experiencing a beautiful love of myself. A short way into my meal, a lady approached me and we started a conversation. She introduced herself and told me that she was a prostitute. While talking, I realised that the love I had for myself was unconditionally felt for this lovely lady. As our conversation unfolded, I was talking from my heart and I saw and felt that at a certain point in time, she changed. Something I said resonated with her and I saw that she considered herself and her life in a way she hadn’t considered before. After our conversation had naturally come to an end, I realised the Joy I had in being able to inspire someone else.

More than that, though, the beautiful experience I had given myself also inspired me. I had experienced for myself the notion that what I love and accept in myself also extends itself to the love and acceptance I can unconditionally allow and feel for others.

I also realised from this that one of the biggest deceptions I can give myself is the belief that I love myself too much to allow something (or someone) to ‘happen’ in my life. This is hiding from or avoiding the very things that are serving and inspiring me in the moment. If the experience I am having (and the energies, people or events that are involved in it) at any moment in time is available to me because I have either consciously chosen it or allowed it to happen - a notion not new to Shaumbra – then it is not only serving me in some way but also a gift of inspiration if I choose to accept it.

It seems to me that we, as Shaumbra, are not only inspirers of consciousness in others, but also for ourselves.

Whenever I am not feeling the self-love for myself, whatever is present in my life at that moment can inspire me to let go of the very things that are preventing me from loving myself – if I so choose.

What a Joy to know that irrespective of what I have consciously chosen for myself, the next step towards having the chosen experience is present here and in the Now.

So it doesn’t really matter if I’m hungrily eating at a soup kitchen or exquisitely dining in the palaces of the mighty, all I need to experience my self-love and conscious choices is right in front of me all of the time.

This message is not really new to Shaumbra, I know. But I’m enjoying sharing this with you while also letting go of whatever is not self-loving in this moment.




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