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Journey of The Angels
A Personal Study Course

"The story of creation that’s
never been told...
now told by a real angel"

Tobias reminds us of what it was like to leave the angelic realms to come to earth. The listener re-experiences many things – what it was like to be birthed into biological form for the first time; remembrances of our Lemurian lifetimes; the pleasures and pains of Atlantis; and finally, into our more modern times and the deeper understanding of why we are here in this lifetime.

This is the story of creation that’s never been told before, shared with us now by a real angel. It explains how and why we became separated from Spirit, helps us to understand what transpires in the angelic realms, and it paints a new and refreshing picture of why earth was created and why we chose to come here.

The Journey of the Angels is a spiritual epic. It’s the explanation and understanding of Creation from A – Z. More than anything, the listener can actually re-experience their personal journey while in the energy of this masterpiece story. More than just words in an audio recording, Journey of the Angels is an experience of awakening and remembrance.

Journey of the Angels is now available in a 12 CD Personal Study Course that includes 11 audio CDs and 1 data disk. It includes a comprehensive Study Guide (PDF format) that facilitates the listener in a step-by-step process of reflecting on and observing their personal journey from Home to Now. (The course will also be taught by certified Shaumbra Institute teachers in late 2009 with enhanced original videos.)

This is the essential Tobias course for any Shaumbra – or anyone else – who wants to understand their angelic history. At times it will challenge you, at times it will give you great comfort and remembrance. You might be moved to tears or laughter, but one way or the other Journey of the Angels WILL touch you deeply.

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August 2009 Newsletter

Shaumbra Heartbeat
 - by Jean Tinder

When the wind blows, you can’t exactly see it, but you can certainly see and feel its effect. And when energy moves, you may not be able to perceive it right away, but you can definitely feel the effects.

Every single Shaumbra I’ve talked to lately, whether they participated in the Midsummer Conference or not, has reported that these last few weeks since Tobias’ departure have been strange and unusual. Common themes of what we’re feeling are exhaustion, allergies and sniffles, chest colds, lethargy, emptiness, and a general “taking stock” of self.

What’s going on? How could something as simple as an angel returning to Earth have such an effect on so many people? After all, it happens 1000’s of times each day – every time a baby is born. What is this strange mixture of loss, confusion, hope and excitement that we feel? We can tell something is different; that something big happened, because we can still feel it. But where are the words to explain it? What energy has moved that we are now feeling the effects of?

For myself, the completion that happened when Tobias said farewell caused an internal shake-up within me that I truly wasn’t expecting. I felt the fulfillment of the mission I have been on for eons, that of helping get humanity and consciousness to this moment. And with such a deep completion at so many levels, there was nothing left to pull me forward. I felt all my commitments fading away and old promises to other souls becoming null and void. The passion that had always driven me forward was fizzling out like a runner collapsing at the finish line of a marathon. What do you do when you’re really truly DONE with what you came to do?

During his channel at the conference, Kuthumi invited us to bring back our own part of Tobias, to reintegrate the energy we had contributed to our best friend. That experience of homecoming and reunion, facilitated by the profound musical expression of Anders Holte, took many who were there into their deepest Self. When you’ve been searching for yourself for eons of time, what happens when you find you?

Well, one option is to choose life on Earth! Before he said goodbye, Tobias told us how there are other ascended masters who are also returning to Earth because of the work we have done.

At the end of Tobias’ final message, I could feel how this moment in history was what I had been working towards for eons of time. I had set up all sorts of things to keep me here, keep me focused, and keep me committed to the end – as I’m sure many of us did. So, now that that dedication and commitment is no longer needed, what’s next? With the universe as our playground, we can choose anything.

But as amazing and wonderful as that sounds, in reality it can be confusing and depressing to our human self. Like a boat on the open sea, you can feel lost and alone even though you’re surrounded by absolute freedom, and I think this is a taste of what we experienced after the Wall of Fire. We were set free to create, but outside the safety of Home, away from the familiar sense of love that had surrounded us.

Of course we actually brought Home with us, just as we now carry a piece of what was Tobias in our hearts. We are free now, no longer bound by vows, commitments or duty. We’re not even bound by love. We are free to create whatever we choose, but this time full of the wisdom and compassion we have gained. Perhaps at the most basic level, we are once again at the point of choosing life – a life without purpose, mission or responsibility for anyone else, but also a life of joy, creativity and expression.

For myself, this void has felt both confusing and tender, full of a lot of mixed feelings and emotions. I have felt the absence of Tobias in ways I never expected, and yet I also feel a new fullness and emptiness inside that I’m not sure what to do with. So, rather than trying to rush the process and get back to “normal,” I’m allowing myself the time and space to feel the many things that come up, trusting that the passion will return.

I invite each of you, dear Shaumbra, to be gentle with yourself right now. It can be challenging to feel stillness of the Void, and there is a tendency to distract oneself with busyness or drama. It is a place full with potential, yet empty of purpose, and that can be disconcerting. But as you allow the energies to move and allow the winds of change to blow through your heart, you will find a new peace and balance, a new wholeness and passion. You are more YOU right now than you have ever been before. Let the depth of this truth really sink in, and give yourself the space to discover your newness.

We are at a new beginning, like a newborn baby but grown up as well; what a gift to simply BE with yourself and rediscover life. Things will keep evolving, life will keep changing, you will never stop growing; but this moment of reunion and rebirth is unbelievably special. I invite you to allow yourself to experience it deeply.

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