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Do you ever stop and remember what this journey is all about? What it is, exactly, that we’re all doing? The other day I caught a glimpse, thanks to Adamus, and I’d like to share. None of this is new, but somehow, I’m seeing it clearer than ever.

Imagine there’s a Point of Light, a brilliant sparkle of self-awareness with the ability to be any place at any time in any way it can imagine. Flitting through the realms, shifting at the speed of curiosity, this Light is fresh, pure, innocent, naïve. Eventually it desires more – more depth, color, stability, memory, wisdom – and so a new adventure begins.

Skimming toward a whole new realm, it catches just a glimpse of unusual color and density before bouncing out again. Called by curiosity and desire to know more, the Light returns, coming a little closer, feeling the pull a little stronger, eager to explore a little deeper. The Attendants of this realm explain what must be done, and the Point of Light goes off to ponder for a while (barely a breath in light-time). Eager for a new adventure, for something called ‘real and tangible experience,’ Light dives in.

However, in order to keep from bouncing away again, Light must cover itself in layers of heaviness. Starting with gossamer threads of time, then stronger bands of space, more and more weight is added until, heavy and dense enough at last, the Point of Light is immersed in this new place. It was quite an accomplishment that required all of its attention, and now Light stops to rest a moment. By reflex, it twitches back toward where it used to be, but nothing happens. With rising panic, it tries again and yet again, but now it’s trapped within the density; purest Light condensed now into quarks and electrons, squished together into something solid. Our brilliant Point of Light is buried now, lost within atoms and molecules and neurons and bones and blood and skin. Yes, with great effort it can still go from here to there, but only slowly, only a little. Everything feels compressed, limited, constrained, wrong.

Trapped by countless dense and weighted layers, for Light made into matter, everything now matters. For Light slowed down by time, there’s no way out except eternity. And yet, at the core still made of light, it always senses something more from whence it came. So, Light makes up stories of Gods and power and religions and falls from grace – anything to help explain its presence here, why it’s stuck, and at least a glimmer of hope for escape.

Over eons of time, Light takes on more layers of density and heaviness. The initial panic of being trapped has muffled to an ever-present ache of guilt, externalized as judgment and contempt, internalized as sin and guilt, often both. Deeds are done, love is discovered, beliefs embraced, all adding to the density and weight. And then one dark and lonely night, the deepest sigh escapes and Light says simply, “That’s enough.” A new adventure begins, for now comes the process of removing, piece by smelly piece, the layers in which dear Light had wrapped itself.

It’s not easy, for the roles, beliefs, and karma are interwoven all together. Some of them, like physics and religions and theories of life, have intricate patterns that make perfect sense – until they start fraying around the edges. Some of them are ugly, desperately hidden away from view. Some are sticky, clinging on so tight they seem like part of self. But in order to be free again, Light must release them all.

This is where Tobias and Adamus came in to help. In the beginning of Crimson Circle, it was important to validate our sense of a forgotten “something more,” and that no, we weren’t crazy for feeling it. Woven into every precious message were hints and clues and straight-up revelations, and with every word our Light remembered and uncovered a little more of itself. Such a sweet relief to wash our dirty, tangled layers in the love bath offered by Tobias, each time loosening the knots a little more and feeling home a little clearer. But eventually, one must take charge of their own freedom.

After countless beautiful reminders from Tobias – You are God also, the darkness is your divinity, the future is the past healed, energy always seeks resolution – Adamus was ready to help us make it real. After taking over from Tobias, the very first thing (other than the monthly Shouds) that Adamus made available is called The Alchemy of Light & Dark, recorded in France, October 2009. After eons of believing we had got it wrong and constantly trying to get back to the light, it was a visceral reminder that we never needed redemption. Our journey into “dark” has added so much wisdom to our “light,” creating colors never possible before.

Soon after, in April 2010, he got down to business with Interdimensional Living, reminding us of the many senses we’ve covered over and forgotten, and that the unlimited dimensions through which our light used to flit are still quite real and accessible. In addition to many live events and Mystery Schools, this was soon followed by freebies called Chemia, the ancient word for alchemy, and Chaos, the easiest way to allow the tangled layers to unravel.

In 2011 came Body of Consciousness and Re-Order Your Reality, reminding of the singular light still at our core, and that separating ourselves into physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, chakras, meridians, and all the other parts and pieces is simply no longer necessary. Those parts helped anchor us in this reality, but we can be free again at any time. That’s also the year Kuthumi began sharing the stories of his own return to self, mostly so we’d know it could be done.

After a busy year of events around the world, in 2013 Adamus began offering single DreamWalk experiences, helping us actually perceive and experience other realms for ourselves. Then, in January 2014, the ProGnost series began, initiating the whole “live webcast event” still used today. And what a kickoff it was! I still remember Adamus’ admonition to “Just add C (for consciousness) to everything!” It was also the year of the first Threshold event, bringing in the dragon to help pry loose some of the deepest, oldest and heaviest layers we still were holding onto. It was heavy-duty stuff, so in 2015 he brought in a lot of Knowingness and Quantum Allowing and Ancestral Freedom to help us along. After working so hard to cement ourselves into this reality, some pretty strong solvents were needed to help with the disconnection.

That same year, Adamus updated the Sexual Energies and Aspectology schools, very important materials that help provide the strength, clarity and practical tools to extricate ourselves – and stay balanced through the process. It was needed because instead of doing this over several lifetimes as expected, a lot of determined Shaumbra were plowing full steam ahead to complete it all in this lifetime. And it was working! In November 2015, Adamus began a most important legacy, the Master’s Life series, starting with Transfiguration. To me, it was a glimpse into new possibilities. The idea that transfiguration wasn’t only for people like Jesus and Enoch and Elijah and isolated Tibetan monks, well, it made my heart sing.

Then things really started picking up. In 2016 there were more Master’s Life recordings, seven Threshold events, more deep dives and an unexpected, heart touching check-in from dear Tobias during 4 Masters in Munich. The next year saw so much unfolding, with more Master’s Life installments like Sensuality, Ahmyo and No More! and the 3rd Magic of Merlin event. Merlin... what could that be about? Also offered was the very important Simple Master – Allowing & And about existing as a transfigured Master on Earth. And all these woven in among the Transhuman and Wings Shoud series, almost as if we were transcending human limitations and finally getting our wings!

It was exciting, intense and sometimes exhausting, and 2018 saw the launch of the Master’s Pause series, gentle invitations to catch our breath and rebalance before jumping back into the messy business of excavating our light. And it was working, as kindly noted by Beloved St. Germain in Fundamental Realizations of Emergence.

2019 blasted in with ProGnost – The Dragon Enters. No longer a Shaumbra phenomenon, the dragon now raced around the world, digging up ugliness that had sometimes been hidden for centuries. Not easy to watch, but for Shaumbra it was an epic year, marked by 10 Years with Adamus. That celebration included the first worldwide message from Merlin Ambrosius, a recap of the last 10 years and an invitation to simply “Be it.” The Shaumbra Pavilion was dedicated in November, opening a new venue for us all, and then... it was 2020.

While there are plenty of reasons for that year to live in infamy, it was quite impressive for Shaumbra. ProGnost – Planetary Awakening was soon followed by an epic event to overshadow all others: the disbanding of the Order of the Arc and our Angelic Families. It felt like the Attendants of this ‘destination realm’ went into retirement, and I personally still feel the repercussions. Then came Breath of the I Am reminding us to be it, and Sandcastles on the Edge remind us to keep letting go. The Merlin I Am series began, as if – gasp – we really are Merlins now and really should start acting like it. DreamWalker Death was updated to reflect a new destination for those departing; Threshold was made available to all as an annual Cloud Class, letting the dragon do its work on a global scale; the annual celebration once again brought the voice of Merlin; and the latest Master’s Pause was I Am Free. Almost as if it was a declaration that our Point of Light had finally wriggled free of all the crud in which it had been buried. Could it get any better? Yes, of course it could!

In ProGnost 2021 – the Ænd Times, not only did we look beyond time, that first gossamer thread we’d used to slow down our light, we also deeply felt the Tears of Humanity. It’s not easy knowing millions around the world now must to go through their own dark nights of the soul, but we are here to call across the chasm, “C’mon, you can do it!” And then, funny enough, we learned in Soul Encounters that all those other people are really just shadows in our own reality. For every Point of Light passing through the prism of Earth, all those other colors we see are simply the light of our own rainbow.

In the non-time of æterna, the Master Code took us back to the beginning in Atlantis and forward to the final departure of Ascension, unraveling the code we used to get here and leaving a new one for those who follow. In Time of the Merlin, the facets of Zebael known as Adamus, Beloved St. Germain and Mark Twain all invited us beyond the limits of space and time, and dear FM reminded of that precious connection to our own Light. Shining now, it was the perfect time to begin The Art of Benching, opening up to true and deep communication.

I’ve only scratched the surface of these years, but can you feel the story arc of what we’ve done? It’s boggling to my human self, and yet there’s more. The tough stuff is done and now, finally free of all those stinky old layers, this Point of Light is ready to zip around the omniverse again, yet with the curious experience of keeping the human layer while doing so. How is this even possible? With Metaphysics for Masters, of course! There’s enough written elsewhere about the grand potentials presented in ProGnost 2022, but now I want to share that glimpse I mentioned.

Ever since attending Masters in Communication last November, I’ve been communicating with my Self – body, mind, soul, light body, everything – a lot. The other night, sometime after ProGnost, I was breathing and pondering the practical applications of things like light and dark dancing together, energy communicating instantly through time and space, and the fact that everything is all right here. And suddenly, for just an instant, I felt it. I felt myself with immediate access to every realm, every event in æterna, and the ever-present option to be anywhere at any time while still Here. It lasted only a moment, and I’m still unwrapping the implications, feelings, potentials...

Dear Shaumbra, dear Points of Wise Light, there's so much more to say about all this. But I see now why Adamus says we don’t have any more problems, and why he gets so frustrated when we distract ourselves with petty human issues and conspiracies. Those things truly, truly do not matter – well, unless we’re only matter. They are just another band of the heavy layers we’ve been carrying around for eons; the longer we play in them, the longer we are needlessly unfree.

Take a breath, dear Wise Lights of the world. This is real. We are here. You can be free the moment you choose.

The items noted above are easily available through a quick search, but here's a list to make it easy.

The Alchemy of Light and DarkInterdimensional Living 
Chemia Chaos 
Body of Consciousness Re-Order Your Reality 
Kuthumi messages DreamWalks 
ProGnost Series Threshold 
Into Knowingness Quantum Allowing
Ancestral FreedomSexual Energies School 
Aspectology SchoolMaster's Life 1 - Transfiguration 
4 Masters in Munich Master's Life 4 - Sensuality 
Master's Life 5 - Ahmyo Master's Life 6 - No More! 
Simple Master - Allowing & AndTranshuman - Shoud Series 
Wings - Shoud Series Master's Pause Series 
Fundamental Realizations of Emergence ProGnost 2019 - The Dragon Enters 
10 Years with Adamus ProGnost 2020 - Planetary Awakening 
Breath of the I Am Sandcastles on the Edge 
Merlin I Am - Shoud Series DreamWalker Death 2020
I Am Free ProGnost 2021 - The Ænd Times
Tears of HumanityMaster's Life 14 - Soul Encounters 
The Master Code Time of the Merlin 
The Art of Benching - Shoud Series ProGnost 2022 - Metaphysics for Masters 

8 comments on "Wise Light"

  • Elena on March 15, 2022 5:19 PM said:
    Thank you dear Jean!!Like usually a great article -summary of Shaumbra Jouney .When I took a look))at th e image ...I sense the EFFECT OF BUTTERFLY
  • Zsuzsanna Hartyanyi on February 20, 2022 10:20 AM said:
    Thank you so much for this great article and for the list at the end. Helps me a lot....
  • Jean on February 18, 2022 11:08 AM said:
    Delia, we review and publish comments every Friday. :)
  • Delia Daniela Patroc on February 16, 2022 9:54 AM said:
    Sorry to tell you but you are not able to read anf to publish one commentt that are ar sent to yiu..
  • Denise Crispino on February 15, 2022 2:57 PM said:
    Dear Jean!!!!! Thank very much!!!!!!
  • Delia Daniela Patroc on February 14, 2022 1:54 PM said:
    It is called omipresence. My mother died 2 weeks ago, one day after her death I was praying for my son and I felt her right there praying together with me. Her presence was so profound and sweet. We can shine our light everywhere even if we are still in our body.
  • pamela r johnson on February 14, 2022 10:14 AM said:
    Thank you. :)
  • Boguslawa on February 12, 2022 11:24 PM said:
    Dziękuję ❤️

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