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The most recent Big Amazing Thing in Shaumbra-land was the “10 Years with Adamus” event in Santa Fe, New Mexico. In anticipation, it felt like a pretty big deal. In person, it felt epic. In the aftermath, it feels like the dust is still settling in a whole new reality. And, to me anyway, one of the biggest threads weaving it all together was the thread of our stories. During the event we shared some of our face-to-face encounters with Adamus; we heard more about the amazing Rude Awakening film and how beautifully it tells the story; we even used stories to poke fun at Adamus and told some more of our own. There is a depth and treasure in our stories that I’m beginning to see like never before.

Adamus began his very first Shoud after Tobias left with a reminder of our times with him in the Mystery Schools, because those stories are a connecting point nearly all of us can relate to. Then he encouraged us to document our experiences going through this transformation, not only for our own perspective and reassurance, but also to light the way for others. More than anything else, I believe it is this record – our stories – which will inform, reassure and inspire the next wave of awakening humans.

I’ve “known” this for a while, but it really clicked in Santa Fe, because I began to clearly see how every single one of us are experiencing the challenges, doldrums and frustrations ONLY for the stories we’ll be able to tell! Is that a good enough reason? Well, why else would we bother? We’ve all had moments of thinking we missed out, got something wrong, or maybe that the Shaumbra train is rumbling ahead without us. But it’s not true at all! We are simply going through the motions of being stuck, confused, embarrassed, lost, passionless and every other challenge. We already know the way out, but we decided to do it one more time in order to truly and thoroughly blaze the trail.

Adamus has said so many times that we didn’t have to be here, that we could have allowed our Realization one, two, three lifetimes ago. Do we really believe him? Really? If so, maybe it means you’re doing absolutely nothing wrong. Maybe you’re actually not lost, confused, passionless. Maybe you said, “I know this particular path especially well. And, now that I found the way out, I’ll go ‘round one more time and really clear the passage so others can find it too.” Whether your path is lack of abundance, lost love, betrayal, mental imbalance, physical pain, health problems or any other challenge, you’re not stuck in it. You’re actually an expert in getting through it, which is why you’re doing it one last time.

It’s just what we do. We were the first in our angelic families to dive in to the physical realms – “I can do this! I’ll find the answer and bring it back.” We were the ones determined to make it real, and we’re still at it! Now, instead of being stuck, we’re treading down the weeds so the path is clearly marked. At any time, we can look up and remember – “Oh yeah, there’s the exit!”

My 16-year old daughter is a gamer. She plays many different computer games, and sometimes I watch for a while, because they are a fascinating metaphor for life. After selecting the game she wants to play, she creates her character or “avatar,” complete with various attributes and abilities, then jumps into play. Sometimes her character has a mission, other times it simply explores the virtual world. Sometimes the going is easy, sometimes the character gets attacked and killed almost immediately (and then “re-spawns” and keeps going). Sometimes there’s a particularly tough part and it takes quite a few tries before she gets through it. And then what? Once she’s mastered a tough spot, she invites her friends to bring their avatars over and watch her character go through it one more time. It’s still a challenge, her character could still potentially “die” in the process, but now everyone can see how it’s done AND she has the satisfaction of proving it. That’s exactly what we’re doing!

You are the gamer, playing in this virtual reality purely for the experience. Your human self is your avatar, the one running around, bashing into things, defending, exploring, dying and starting over. In its limited awareness, the avatar has no idea it’s already been through this maze a thousand times, but the gamer is collecting experience, wisdom and stories galore.

When my daughter’s character gets stuck or even killed in the game, she doesn’t really care. In fact, sometimes she sets it up on purpose, in order to shift to another place or level, or even change to a different game. Sometimes she rushes right into the enemy lines or the bog of death, just to see what happens. No matter what “disaster” befalls the character, SHE is having fun with the whole experience. Can you imagine what would happen if the character became self-aware, and then the gamer joined consciousness with the character in the game? At that point, they both would realize what’s going on, and everything would go to a whole new level of experience. Sounds kind of familiar, doesn’t it?

Dear Shaumbra, what’s your story? What are the tough spots and joys you have chosen to illustrate? Wherever you’ve felt anything else less than masterful is exactly where your treasure is, because there lies your story, your wisdom, your contribution to our incredible library of consciousness. It’s the part of the game you have actually mastered. So, let yourself remember what’s really going on, sit back, allow, and enjoy the experience for what it is.

Can you see what’s really going on? In a way, we’re writing the “cheat codes” for other characters and players to use whenever they are ready to finish up the game. Will they have it easier than us? Probably. Does it matter? Not really, because we wanted to do it first, to be the pioneers, the beta testers. And here we are, having finally gotten through it and ready to share our wisdom.

Remember this: You are living your own story for the experience – for the fun of it, to be alive within your creation – and you can remember this at any time. We “won” the game already, now we’re going back through the parts we learned the best and marking the path for everyone else. Why? Because we can. That’s the only reason. So, live your story, tell your story, be your story and yes, rewrite your story whenever, however you wish.

Oh, one more thing. The first person who hears your story is yourself, so pay attention to what you’re telling, because that’s how you make it real. To paraphrase the quote from Henry Ford, whether you say you can, or say you can’t – you’re right. Because your voice, the magical combination of your physical self and your consciousness, is your expression into this reality. It is your personal manifestation of non-physical into physical, the part of you that bridges heaven and earth. Use it with wisdom.

We’re coming into a time of embodied magic, of true creation and conscious experience. Until now, we’ve been experiencing the in-breath – turning within, breathing ourselves back to life, bringing our aspects home. But after the in-breath must come the out-breath – the expression, the creation, the story. Now comes the time of telling your choices into reality, of telling others how you did it, of speaking your history into existence.

So, what’s your story? How’s your game? Where’s your wisdom? Because those are your legacy, the treasure you’ll leave behind. And the best stories, of course, are the ones about overcoming the biggest challenges and solving the murkiest puzzles. You’ve written the script and played the part. Now bring it to life and remember what you’re really doing.

I see you, dear Shaumbra. Each of you that I’ve encountered online or in person, each who has struggled and fallen, remembered and triumphed – I see you. No matter what part of the story you’re in, I wish that you will see you too.

4 comments on "The Wisdom of the Game"

  • Patty Tarrach on July 19, 2019 11:44 AM said:
    Our Dearest Jean. Once again your article speaks to my "stuck" parts and always finds the wisdom in them to help me see where I find myself now. Not really stuck, just forgetful. I can now actually sense "me" inside in a way I have never sensed before. The realization is there and now I know it. Thank you once again for just being you and sharing your wisdom with us.
  • Leonora Radchukova on July 19, 2019 4:58 AM said:
    Thank you very much!🙏💖🌹
  • Adori Gonzalez IzarraHola Jean on July 16, 2019 12:07 PM said:
    Hola Jean. Cuando la experiencia la veo y vivo con los ojos de la Sabiduría, todo es tan hermoso, las historia, las percepciones, la Vida y las Creaciones. ¡¡¡Ufff!!! Totalmente de acuerdo en que seremos unos maravillosos estándares de los futuros Shaumbras y nuestras historias les servirán con gracia y facilidad. Un abrazo. Te ví en Santa Fe y te sentí tan cerca. Me encantó tu exposición Adori
  • Claire on July 14, 2019 3:24 AM said:
    Dearest Jean. What a joy to "see you". I love your articles and I've enjoyed watching them and you evolve. This one shows a subtle shift into, I think, a sense of certainty - answers rather than questions. I've always felt that my development is on similar lines and I suppose as part of Lady Shaumbra it should be, along with everyone else. Thank you. It makes the journey a little more comfortable! Hope you're on the Santa Fe video. 🤗🤗

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