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Bubba: “Get me out of this mess, I can’t stand it anymore!!”

Buddha: “There’s the door, let yourself out.”

Bubba: “No, I mean where’s the REAL door?”

Buddha: “Right in front of you like it’s always been.”

Bubba: “Where? I don’t see it!”

Buddha: “Doesn’t mean it’s not there.”

I recently spent a few months digging through more than 100 Shouds to make a video recap of Adamus’ messages (as part of the Santa Fe event). As impossible as it is to cram 10 years of information into an hour, it was nevertheless an amazing trip down Enlightenment Lane. And, in the process, I got reacquainted with a lot of forgotten gems. Here are a couple that really stuck with me, because I heard them in a whole new way:

Come to your senses, your sensuality, what is beyond your eyes and your ears. Come to feeling. That is what frees you, your senses. That is what gets you out of the zoo.
~ Transhuman 6

Realization is simply awareness in multiple realms, and awareness of sensuality.
~ Transhuman 10

Read those quotes again.

Do you realize how groundbreaking they are? When I ran across them a few months ago, I literally had to stop and breathe, because there was suddenly a brief but clear glimpse of what Adamus has been trying to tell us this whole time. After letting it simmer in the background for a while, I’m going to try and put that glimpse into words. It’s actually very simple, but the simplest things can be the hardest to explain.

Every belief, understanding, habit, perception and experience that humans have is based on our experience here in matter. We are solid, the world around us is solid, and it’s all governed by laws of physics, morals, ethics and so on. The common theme in all these laws is that they are based on the certainty of matter. Even religions depend on a materialistic understanding of the world or, more accurately, on the teachings of someone who transcended the material world. Our beliefs about what is good and bad, right and wrong, pleasurable and painful, intimate and separate – everything – are based on the validity of matter. But what is matter, really?

If you focus deep into the material world with a microscope, the deeper you go the less “real” it becomes, until there’s nothing but space and potential. Matter doesn’t actually exist! Of course, if that’s true (which it is), my mind has a million questions like, ‘Why does it hurt when my toe collides with the chair?’ and ‘Why does food matter affect my body matter in such confusing ways?’ etc. According to Adamus, matter is a manifestation of our divine sense of Focus; it exists simply so we can experience it.

All this time we’ve been trying to get “out of” or be “saved from” this limited reality where we feel trapped or even punished. But what we really want is to be free of the constraints of matter. That means we want to perceive and experience beyond Focus, but how?

Remember the Bridge to Theos? Maybe you imagined traveling across some kind of bridge, leaving “here” and going “there.” And DreamWalks, where we “go” somewhere, guiding or being guided along a path. Even in our private explorations, we want to go “out there” to whatever realm. But it’s all just a metaphor for opening our senses and changing our perceptions. The “other side” isn’t anywhere else; it’s right here, as in “I Am Here.”

What does that mean anyway? Aren’t I always “here”? Yes, but it means being aware of how real that is. It means realizing you are here, within the center of your creation, which is not just the physical universe plus whatever realm is after death. You’re at the center of all creation, of All That Is, and you always have been. It’s true for everyone else too. Every souled being is at the center of their own creation, although most are so deep into Focus and experience that they’ve forgotten. But here you are, remembering.

Remembering all the different senses or “filters” through which you can perceive yourself and your creation. It’s like putting on glasses that filter out all but one color, say, blue. The “Land of Blue” isn’t a place somewhere; it’s the “glasses” you’ve been wearing, the filter of “mental.” All the other colors are still here. They are not hidden, but the filter shows them only in shades of blue. Or, it’s like we’ve been wearing noise-canceling headphones, except instead of noise they cancel out every tone outside a 5-note range. All the sounds are still there, we’ve just had selective hearing for a while.

Colors, realms, abundance, love – it all works the same. We’ve been wearing “Earth glasses” or “poor glasses” for so long, we forgot that all the other realms and realities are still right here. To experience them, change your filter. Want to be enlightened? Open your senses beyond the “human self” perception and its accompanying tool, the mind. Of course, it’s easy to say, but how can we experience it? How can we remove the Focus filter? Or, better said, how can we see beyond it while still wearing Focus glasses? That’s the real trick – staying here in Focus while opening up all the other senses.

Try it with something simple first. Close your eyes, the human visual filters, and open your Imagination. Another level of reality is that you are floating free in space, “out” among the stars. You actually are when you remove the perception of your usual surroundings.

Now, imagine yourself (Imagination is a sense too) in the Crystalline Realms. Said another way, open up the filter or sense that can perceive the Crystalline Realms of creation. If it helps, imagine yourself putting on “crystalline colored glasses,” take a breath and just see what happens. This realm is not somewhere else, it’s a different layer that’s right here. Your perception is all that’s needed for it to be real, and your senses are the filters through which you perceive.

How about a more practical human level. Love is also a sense, a way to perceive. Usually, we hope love will happen to us, but it’s actually a filter we can choose. It’s easy enough to perceive, say, a kitten or a sweetheart through the sense of Love. But here’s an idea: imagine your least favorite political figure for a moment. Can you perceive that person through the sense of Love? Maybe you don’t like them as a human being, but what happens, how does reality shift when you see them through that filter?

Unity is a sense. It’s what allows us to see a whole image, for instance, rather than a random collection of pixels. I have a hunch it’s also what helps us perceive matter as solid. But now, take a look at yourself through the filter of Unity. No longer separate from the divine self or the Master self, no longer any lost parts and pieces, no longer forgetful. You are a unit, whole and complete, when perceived with the sense of Unity. The human may still have its experiences of separation and forgetfulness, but with the sense of Unity you can remind your human of the bigger picture.

I’ve mentioned before how I love the idea of the holodeck as it’s portrayed on Star Trek. The person enters a room, selects the reality they want to experience – mountain climbing on a foreign planet, sitting in a crowded bar, walking along a desolate beach – and they are there. Yet they never leave the holodeck, the “here” where they actually exist. What a great illustration of reality!

Everything – everything – is based on the filters / perceptions / senses we have chosen.

Focus is the filter we’ve been using for a long time, a sense that builds upon itself and gets tighter and tighter. It like working at a microscope in a research lab. We’re able to perceive incredible and intimate detail, but we’ve forgotten about the rest of the lab, let alone the building and everything outside. The microscope lens is akin to the mind; it’s our tool of understanding. There was a time when we had all sorts of lenses, but it made comparing research notes pretty difficult. So, in Atlantis, we all got the same lens, the same filter. It’s much easier to communicate and learn when we looking at the same stuff. But now we’re remembering there are other lenses. There is life away from the lens, outside the lab, and that life is right here, whether we perceive it or not. Now it’s about bringing the microscope with us, but only as a tool, no longer the only means of perception.

Bubba: “I still can’t see the exit.”

Buddha: “Take off your glasses.”

Bubba: “Oh… wow… hey, who needs a door? It’s all right here!”

Master’s Life 2 – I Am Here
Master’s Life 3 - Embodiment
Master’s Life 4 – Sensuality
ProGnost 2017 – Bridge to Theos
Theos DreamWalk

5 comments on "The Open Door"

  • ROSANA VEIGA GUIMAÃES on January 27, 2020 8:12 AM said:
    Obrigada! Não me contive nas lagrimas!
  • Mabel Russo on August 27, 2019 12:09 PM said:
    Maravillosamente claro! Muchas, muchas gracias!
  • Fabi Garzón on August 21, 2019 7:43 AM said:
    Excelente artículo Jean, leerlo me permitió recordar cómo funciona el sistema. Es un artículo muy claro para mi. Gracias por compartir. Quisiera expresar tanto, pero las palabras son insuficientes, entonces prefiero SENTIR. Saludos desde Bogotá. Fabi.
  • Gillian on August 21, 2019 7:03 AM said:
    Thank you Jean, a conversation with you always feels like a visit from a big sister: Easy and reassuring, we're allbon the same page because you're using plain English.
  • Adori Gonzalez IzarraMu on August 7, 2019 3:30 PM said:
    ¡ Qué artículo tan bueno querida Jean, te superas cada vez y me ayudas a profundizar y sentir lo que ya está en mí. Yeshua habló de que el Reino de los Cielos cabía en un grano de mostaza. Buena parábola para expresar lo mismo, "todo está aquí" nada es afuera de mi creación Gracias Adori.

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