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After sharing last month about choosing a moment from the “future” or “past” to experience right now, I received a number of questions. The common theme had to do with wondering if this “time hopping” is any different than setting a goal or intention. In fact, it is VERY different, because rather than trying to determine the future or fix the past, it’s about transcending those concepts entirely. But most of us (me included) are still in the habit of trying to fix or change stuff we don’t like instead of simply choosing to experience what we DO like. This is because we’re still hard-wired into a dynamic inherent to the human condition: resistance.

Our physical reality is literally built on resistance. In the non-physical realms, everything is ethereal, flowy and undefined. But we wanted to explore energy in a more tangible and slowed-down state, which meant it had to be condensed into matter. In other words, we had to create enough resistance to make it slow down and coalesce into something solid. As I recall, it took a tremendous amount of work and focus. But here we are, living by the physics we built into this reality, one of which is particularly effective: What you resist, persists.

It’s actually quite helpful, because without resistance between the ground and your feet, you wouldn’t be able to go for a walk. Without your body’s resistance to light, no one could see you. Without the resistance of geological layers, water and air, we wouldn’t have the incredible beauty of the natural world. Resistance is useful, but its true purpose is keeping things in place, solid and unchanging.

Humans, being creatures of habit, have perfected the art of resistance. It seems we often resist life itself, but particularly things like not having enough money, being overweight, the annoying people next door, the weather, our own shortcomings, the unknown – just about everything, really. Trouble is, all this resistance keeps these things firmly embedded in our reality. The more passionately I don’t want something, the more likely it is to be present. The more I wish it would change, the more it remains the same. Perhaps this is why “reality” is so hard to change and, by the same token, it points to how easily things could change. Humans are generally motivated most by discomfort, waiting until something is unbearable before finally struggling to change it. An easier solution would be to simply select what we want to experience and dive in – without declaring all the reasons we think it won’t work.

Time is another important part of the physics we built into this ‘resistant’ reality. But here’s a clue to going beyond: the less resistance you’re in, the more flexible time becomes. The more I dislike my current reality, the harder it is to change (which is why setting a goal or agenda is not at all like time hopping). Resisting ‘what is’ ties me into it, whereas dropping the resistance to ‘what is’ sets me free. In other words, if there’s a persistent dynamic in your life, take a look at the resistance that’s keeping it there.

Now, I don’t mean to imply that resistance is wrong. It’s an inherent part of this creation and a big part of what makes reality so persistent. Without it, everything would disperse back to neutral energy, making real tangible experiences basically impossible. But now that it’s time to release ourselves, let’s remember what resistance really does.

The mind, of course, is designed specifically for this reality. It is programmed for resistance, which it does by questioning and doubting everything. The mind will try to convince you that all its churning is about the Very Important Job of collecting enough data to make an informed decision. Trouble is, that’s impossible. There will always be one more question to ask, one more data point to collect, one more “what if?” to bring up. Even now, wanting to figure out the Next Important Thing, I’ll bet your mind is already coming up with ideas on how to resist its own resistance. It can’t help itself, but its constant spinning doesn’t require your attention. All you need to do is drop the resistance. Or, to say it in a less resistant way, welcome every single experience. This is literally the key to playing beyond time and changing your life.

Here’s how I see it. My reality landscape of infinite potentials is like a vast amusement park. I can be high above in a hot air balloon and take in the whole thing all at once, but that means the actual experience is vague and distant. Or I can climb aboard the Time Train that’s rolling around the park and let it take me through the various attractions. The experiences here “on the ground” are far more intense and visceral, and time parcels them out in manageable chunks. On the Time Train, I can look forward to the “future” and backward to the “past” from my “Now” car as it rolls along, perceiving only the linear experiences right along the tracks. However, just because my perception is limited, it doesn’t change the fact that everything is still right here in my very own amusement park. I’m just experiencing my potentials within the sequence of time.

Generally, being a time-bound human means I must change something “now” in order to create a desired “future.” If I don’t like (am resisting) my current experience, I can try to change it but that means waiting for a junction and steering the train onto a new track. It takes time, patience, and effort, and isn’t always successful. On the other hand, with time hopping, or choosing something to experience right now, I’m hopping off the train “here” and hopping back on “there,” which then becomes my “here,” because it’s no longer limited to the Time Track.

Here’s a very simple example (because the bigger ones are still too hard to explain). The other day I was hit by a bad case of afternoon drowsiness, wanting nothing more than a nice long nap. But there was a meeting coming up and deadlines were looming. What to do? At first, I resisted the drowsiness, made another cup of coffee, put on some lively music, and tried to will myself into alertness. It didn’t work. So, dropping the resistance, I gave myself permission to take 10 minutes off and curled up with a pillow. Trouble is, my dear mind was still racing, trying to keep track of all the waiting tasks and fussing that this temporary down time was counterproductive. That wasn’t working either.

Okay, how about dropping the resistance AND time hopping? I decided to imagine – i.e. give myself the inner experience – of deep rest and rejuvenation. In this case, I asked myself “How would I feel if I were sound asleep?” and then “hopped” into that experience. About 45 seconds later, I “woke up” refreshed, alert, and ready to get back to work, even surprising myself with the swiftness of the change. The key? I stopped resisting the tiredness. Instead of trying to change it, I welcomed it and dived in. Because of that, it no longer had to persist in my reality, and energy could flow to serve me in a new way.

What I resist persists, whether it’s sleepiness, aches and pains, stupid politicians, annoying people, even the high-speed Time Train inside my head lurching through its bazillion stops and detours. But when I drop the resistance – even to resistance itself – the entire park is my playground! If I am no longer resisting ‘what is,’ I no longer need to try to change the future, which frees me to imagine and be in whatever experience I want right now. It works fabulously well, as long as there is zero resistance to what I’ve already imagined into my experience. Which, of course, is everything.

As easy as it can be, there are still challenges. What might leave your life if you stopped resisting? It might feel safer to complain about a partner, for instance, because without the resistance they might stop “persisting” in your life. But in truth, you are only resisting yourself. Welcoming ‘what is’ allows the energy to move and realign in a more suitable way. Judging myself for having difficult emotions actually keeps them churning, until I hop to the experience of total self-acceptance. Then I no longer need those internal challenges. There are so many practical applications of this, but they all begin with wholehearted welcome and complete acceptance of what is. I’m learning that it’s only from this point of profound trust that I can hop to a new experience of æterna and play with a different potential in this vast adventure park.

The best thing is that this actually makes life beautiful and fun! I mentioned last month meeting a “future” version of me, and over the last few weeks we’ve become very good friends. She’s beautiful, compassionate, fun-loving, and very wise. She will offer input on most anything I ask about, but only when I meet her as an equal here and now, NOT as some fabulous unattainable future being. There are actually many versions of me I could interact with, but this is the one I’m choosing for now, and I don’t have to wait 20 years for her to be in my reality. In fact, if I look for her in the future, I won’t find her. She’s here right now, just half a breath – or a little hop – away.

She’s in a slightly different dimension, if you will, and all I need do is tune in, because even the dimensions are all right here. Imagine them like frequencies. All the signals for different radio stations, shortwave communications, microwaves, WiFi networks, mobile signals, and everything else are intersecting each other all the time, passing through your reality and your very being. You don’t have to go somewhere else to find them, you just have to tune in. It’s the same with dimensions. It’s the same with potentials. It’s the same with time. Don’t waste energy resisting the radio station you’re already listening to; that just dials it in more clearly. Instead, hop over to the station/experience you actually want, and enjoy it fully!

In Quantum Allowing, one of my all-time favorites, Adamus has this to say about time:

"Very few understand that you can transcend time. There’s nothing keeping you back from being timeless. The interesting, beautiful thing about being a human is that you can experience both simultaneously. You can be in time and timeless, all at the same time. And it’s truly one of the biggest limitations, one of the biggest prisons, because you believe in the past – that it’s already occurred – and the future has yet to come. But it’s not true whatsoever.

You can allow what you would call the future to be here right now. You can allow the future experiences to be in the present. You can allow the future to come before the past, which is one of Merlin’s favorites."

Merlin, having released all resistance, simply flows in time wherever he or she wishes. With nothing more to fix or change, you have set yourself free.

4 comments on "Resistance is Futile"

  • Rawya on February 15, 2022 1:14 AM said:
    This article is amazing, eye opening and deep. I read it many times and translated into Arabic. Thank you it just came on time.
  • Zosha on September 8, 2021 1:56 PM said:
    You are a genius ! Thank you ! 🥰
  • Denise Crispino on June 28, 2021 5:43 PM said:
    Grata Jean Querida! Amei!
  • Светлана on June 28, 2021 3:16 AM said:
    Благодарю ВАС, Жан. Мне понравилось читать Ваше размышление- все очень ясно, понятно и так очевидно и Вам удалось так красиво передать это словами. Легкая улыбка на моем лице сказала мне, что да, все было так просто всегда, но я почему-то долго этого не могла постичь. С любовью.

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