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One of the Very Important Projects that we’ve been working on is something called “Content Presentation Reorganization,” or CPR. In essence, it’s the process of looking at, updating and standardizing every part of every item in the Crimson Circle store. For instance, in the past, sometimes we’ve written things like “This is the newest amazing information that Adamus just recorded last month with 95 people in Egypt!” While great for sharing the excitement, information like that doesn’t mean much 10 years later! In the CPR process we reexamine the material in detail, create outlines, keyword lists, meta descriptions, highlights, excerpts and samples, and eventually rewrite the entire description using very specific guidelines to make it clear what one can expect from that particular recording.

Needless to say, it’s a comprehensive process that takes a great deal of focus and time. And I’m happy to report that as of this writing, 198 of the 202 items in the CC store have been completed. It’s quite an achievement, to be sure, but it’s also part of a much bigger picture. While this project has been going on for more than two years, its genesis was even earlier.

Back in 2014-15, we had several all-day staff meetings to take a new look at the vast library of material that’s been generated over the last two decades. While every minute of audio/video and every page of text is full of wisdom, the whole collection was starting to feel like a huge department store without departments! In other words, how could anyone find what they needed? Things had been somewhat categorized by format and length, but that’s not very helpful when your hottest issue is “Am I going crazy?” or “I don’t want to be here anymore.” The puzzle was how to sort it when everything is wonderful, without resorting to a bunch of Shaumbra jargon, and tackle the challenge of defining the whole thing. What are we doing here at Crimson Circle anyway? It’s not New Age, it’s definitely not religion, it’s barely spiritual.

There was lots of circular discussion until at some point, Alain Bolea, CC Operations Manager, illuminated the issue by pointing out that, after the initial awakening, there are really four distinct phases to this journey. That realization has since clarified and deepened, and an important part of the CPR project has been determining which phase each Cloud Class or download best fits into. Of course, there’s a tremendous amount of overlap, just as in real life, but it helps with distilling and organizing the massive catalog.

Four Phases of Post-Awakening

Does any of this sound familiar?

Before becoming all that you are, you must first release all that you are not. The pain and anguish of this naturally destructive phase are directly proportional to one’s level of resistance. Human identities and stories, attachments, goals, hopes and expectations, they all must go. Keep breathing, this too shall pass.

The emptiness of loss opens space for your divine essence. Aspects, stuck energies, and old patterns dissolve back into pure essence. Glimmers of light, wholeness, and wisdom emerge and meld into the radiance of your true Self. Every day you are a little stronger, a little clearer, a little wiser, a little more You.

As you choose again and again to live, trust, and allow, all the energies support your choices and life finds an easy flow. Perceiving the world through the eyes of compassion, you experience the truth that “All is Well,” no matter what’s going on around you.

The Master becomes an established part of everyday reality, and you enjoy the multidimensional flow of life. Synchronistic, magical events become commonplace, creation comes easy, and life is a radiant act of consciousness. This is why you’re here!

(By the way, if these names look familiar, you may have seen them in the new store as the titles of four of the sliders. Each and every item in the store is tagged to one of them.)

It’s important to understand that these phases are not linear in any way. While there can be a sense of progression, they all overlap, intermingle, and cycle through your experience countless times. One day you may glow with the joy of a cosmic experience where everything makes sense and angel dust is all around; and the next day you’re curled up in the corner, acutely aware of all the ways your life is a failure. These fluctuations are natural; the key is to allow them. All of them. Holding tight to the fun stuff will disrupt the flow just as surely as resisting the tough stuff. The Easy Button is allowing all of it to flow as it will, trusting your own river of life.

A sobering thought is that these phases now seem to be happening on a global scale, now that most of humanity has gone through a massive “awakening trigger” in the last couple years. While the journey isn’t linear, it often starts with a lot of “release & clearing,” and I see a ton of that happening everywhere. A timely example is the recent Colorado fire. It took all our attention for most of 24 hours as we watched the devastation unfold, not knowing if the CC studio had been affected and aching for those who were losing everything. On a personal level, one of my sons had to evacuate but was unable to get his kitty, and it was a very long night not knowing if he had lost everything too. I sat with him, wondering if this would be part of his “releasing and clearing” phase or just another difficult human experience.

Fortunately, his home and pet emerged unharmed, but I realized a lot of us might be doing something similar in the coming months and years – sitting in compassion as humanity goes through that initial phase of “releasing and clearing.” An important part of the light we bring is the understanding that there are other phases beyond the destruction.

In his recent message to the Crimson Circle Angels, Adamus noted that not all Shaumbra are actually benching yet, although we’re getting better at it. Here’s my theory about that: Some days we’re in the “Magic” phase and benching is the most satisfying option; other days we’re not quite sure where the Master is, or we’re having a messy aspect day, or we just plain forgot about benching. The thing is, once we really know that this IS a natural process and all is well even on the worst days, there’s no need to wait until we have our sh*t together before joining in the art of benching.

What I’m trying to say is that you can’t get it wrong. No matter what phase you’re currently experiencing, the other phases are part of your reality too. This has become exceedingly clear to me over these years of revisiting the incredible messages from Tobias and Adamus. The “Content Presentation Reorganization” project has not only made the CC materials more accessible, but also provides a sort of energetic “cpr” – as in the more typical acronym of “cardiopulmonary resuscitation” – when we need it the most. Cardio = heart; pulmonary = breath; resuscitation = rejuvenation. Yep, that’s what happens to me every time.

I have a personal milestone to celebrate this month as well: the 14th anniversary of being employed by Crimson Circle. It feels like I’ve lived a few lifetimes in those 14 years, with moments of pain, joy and magic, but never drudgery! I can’t imagine a more satisfying way to spend my time than serving Shaumbra while going through my own four phases of post awakening, again and again and again. In any given moment I can point to which part – or parts – of the scramble I’m currently … ‘enjoying.’ But now that I know all of them are part of the swirl, it’s a lot easier to trust the flow.

Happy New Year, keep breathing and enjoy the ride!

3 comments on "Four Phases"

  • Adays Rodríguez on January 29, 2022 1:53 PM said:
    Dear Jean, Thank You so much for Sharing this precious information! I believe this CPR has included the Crimson Circle videos in the YouTube channel... And I just LOOOVE listening to several Adamus and Tobias' recordings in a single-themed video. Cathegorizing by subject definitely saves time and provides an expanded and comprehensive explanation to the viewer. Well done!
  • Kelly Sampson on January 29, 2022 12:48 PM said:
    What a brilliant arty .. Totally enjoyed reading it .Thank you
  • Anamaría Aguilar on January 10, 2022 6:25 AM said:
    Saludos Jean! Gracias a ti y a todo el Equipo del CC por el CPR. Las cuatro fases del despertar me parecen Iluminadoras del Proceso en el que estamos involucrados, y una gran guía para seleccionar la o las lectura que escojamos. Para ti, tu familia y todo el Equipo del CC, un Radiante 2022. Bendiciones.

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