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– Rumi

“Gotta get it right!”

“Don’t make a mistake!”

“No, you should do it this way.”

As humans, we’re usually brought up with lots of rules and expectation from parents, teachers, and society, therefore nearly every decision is bounded by what we think is most “appropriate.” If we bring kids into the world, we want to do parenting right – or at least less wrong than our own parents. And for Shaumbra, even though our innate “otherness” often prevents us from “getting it right” in the eyes of others, the innate desire to at least be on the right path is still there. Essentially, most every decision we make is a subtle or obvious response to the notion that we need to get it right. Whether we accept that belief or rebel against it, either way it colors every choice.

Of course, the very effort to get it right increases the likelihood of getting it wrong, for one cannot exist without the other. The right path is only possible when the wrong one is right there beckoning. In my own lifelong effort to not get it wrong, the definitions of “right” seemed to get tighter and tighter until the guardrails bounding my choices created such a narrow path there was little room left for exploration, creativity, and – most of all – the simple enjoyment of life. Veer just a little out of that limited zone and I’d be lost in the vast wrongness of being.

Fortunately, the insatiable desire for freedom has kept me busting through the guardrails (hello guilt), but even with the non-conformist heart of Shaumbra, I still end up trying to get it right, often comparing myself to the rightness or wrongness of those around me. The problem is, with so many external and internalized rules and regulations, it’s impossible to live as a free being. Trying to create my desired reality within the boundaries of my own or others’ expectations – which, of course, are always in conflict – drastically limits the potentials I can work with. But what does that have to do with everyone else? A lot, actually.

After growing up in a strict home and then surrounding myself with people who always had different ideas of what I should and shouldn’t be doing, I internalized the belief that “I’m probably not getting it right.” I made incredible progress in letting all that go, fully dedicated to my own freedom, but it’s hard to see the limitations one has always taken for granted.

What if I really truly had no more inner rules? What if anything I wanted to do was okay, maybe even grand? What if I loved myself so much that I created this freedom being reflected back to me? Well, funny I should ask. As a matter of fact, I did bring this reflection to myself, and it’s been the key to a whole new level of freedom! Not because I needed anyone’s permission to let go and be myself, but because having a tangible and constant green light of okay-ness has a profound effect on my human self. The result isn’t anarchy (like some expected), but rather the feeling that I can literally do anything! Turns out there’s quite a difference between forging ahead despite the buffeting winds of resistance… and following my passion with the warm breeze of support filling my sails. Either way I’ll eventually get where I want to go, but the journey is completely different. And that, my friends, is one big reason that we’re staying!

After experiencing the actual tangible effects of being around someone who believes in my own wisdom and knows I’ve got this, whatever it is, I really get – in everyday practical terms – the difference our light can make for others.

Whether we provide individual assistance to people around us or just the warm unseen breeze to sail them home, the supportive, empowering effect of our unconditional trust and compassion is profound. People don’t need to be told which path to take; every heart already contains that inherent wisdom. What humans most need is to be reminded that they already know the best path for themselves. It’s not about finding the “right” path (which doesn’t exist), nor should they fear being on the “wrong” one (which also doesn’t exist). The beauty is that without the resistance of right vs wrong, life opens up and flows with the simple joy of experience.

The recent Dream of the Merlin event was profound in many ways, but perhaps the most important message was that the long-standing barriers to the other realms are dissolving away. This means the awareness of our existence in all realms is becoming available, and I think it also means that the illumination we bring is also perceivable in all realms. In other words, if someone is crying out to their concept of God for help, the loving energy that comes back to them – our light – is brighter, closer, and more supportive than ever. It matters not how they perceive it or what label they affix, only that they feel the illuminating warmth that reveals new potentials and fills their sails towards home.

As strong, persistent, and creative as I’ve always been, the effect of unconditional loving support has still made a huge difference in my life. Imagine what it will do for those who want new solutions but don’t know where to start. Suddenly, they will just know; they’ll feel empowered, and it will be so much easier to choose what’s best for themselves, regardless of what looks right or wrong. The more we shine, the more they see, and the closer humanity comes to “waking up on the right side of the bed” where things flow, energy serves, and grace abounds.

Even you, Shaumbra, can both add to and tap into this beautiful consciousness of unconditional acceptance and compassion that’s now swirling around the globe. We already know it works out. We know you can’t get it wrong. We know that your own wisdom is enough. We know you already have all the answers you need. After all, we are you, and you’ve got this!

In the closing channel of the Merlin event, St. Germain said that “Earth is a heavenly realm on its own.” In other words, heaven is no longer something we might hopefully attain “someday” by getting it right in this life. Instead, let yourself feel the heavens coming together, the magic unfolding, and “right” and “wrong” slipping into oblivion. Then fill your life with whatever experiences delight you.

See you in the Garden!

4 comments on "Don't Get it Right"

  • Vera on October 24, 2022 7:19 AM said:
    Dear Jean: I usually read Your Posts with great interest and gratitude. Know that they lovingly help me to better understand the lessons of our beloved Adamus. This one touched my heart deeply and was like that little tap that Adamus gives his own forehead, like EUREKA! Thanks! Vera
  • Claire on October 23, 2022 2:39 AM said:
    Thank you once again, Jean, for your timely words of wisdom. I've just had a heart attack and really trying to understand why. It's been a tortuous journey, perhaps a massive dragon attack really. Not sure I'm quite there but feeling comfort from Shaumbra light.
  • Conny Borsboom on October 22, 2022 1:54 PM said:
    Yes, I agree, an recognized it, i loved reading, and I see you in the garden. With love
  • Viviana Colman on October 22, 2022 10:39 AM said:
    Jean, Como siempre, genial tu artículo. Gracias.

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