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Everybody wants to know how to create the reality they want. One of my very first steps into awakening was exploring the Silva Mind Control method, which is advertised as “The revolutionary program that teaches you how to use meditation and visualization to change your life.” I was interested in anything that gave me even a little bit of authority in my world instead of always feeling at the mercy of the devil’s persecution and God’s lessons or, later on, karma and fate. We’ve been exploring creation for a long time now, and even the vast majority of the Crimson Circle material is about understand how we use energy to create our experiences. Who doesn’t want to create a better life for themselves?

In fact, that’s exactly why we’re here on Earth – to really, truly, viscerally figure out how creation works. In doing so, we’ve tried a lot of stuff that doesn’t work, most of which I believe boils down to control issues. In other words, if I control what I eat, I can get the body I want. If I control my kids, they’ll grow into proper adults. If I control my emotions, I won’t be rejected. If I control other people, they won’t cause me problems. If I control all aspects of my life, it’ll turn out the way I want. And if I control myself in every way, I’ll be an acceptable human being.

The downside is that control always stems from resistance to what is, whether the natural chaos of life, the exuberant curiosity of childhood, the unpredictability of others or simply life in all its messy glory. What I’ve learned is that the best creations happen when I let go of control and just get clear on what I want – without resisting what I already have. Life gets a lot more fun that way too!

Many years ago, I came to understand that there were some very helpful and supportive beings around me. Tobias called them “Runners,” unique angelic beings in service to each of us, and particularly in support of our choices. I’ve since learned a lot more about them, but 20 or so years ago I just knew there were unseen energies that responded to me whenever I managed to find a certain level of clarity. If I needed or wanted something, all I had to do was realize my desire, set it free and then pay attention to life. I would always get what I needed.

For example, one day I came across a particular type of skirt that I thought would be nice to have. I realized my desire – “I want one of those!” – sent it out, and went on about my life. A couple weeks later, having forgotten all about it, I had a little free time and decided to check out the little thrift store down the street. Oops – I arrived 5 minutes after they closed. Dejected, I turned to leave and saw someone walking towards me, bringing an article of clothing to donate. “They’re closed,” I said. “Oh no, I just had this one thing to donate!” she replied, holding up exactly the skirt I’d “asked for.”

“Well, I’d be happy to take your donation!” I said, and we were both delighted.

This sort of thing happened many times, but a favorite stands out in my memory. One evening in late 2004 I was in the kitchen making bread. Getting flour all over my clothes I suddenly said out loud, “I want an apron!” The moment I realized that desire and “sent it out,” I felt an unusual burst of glee from my nonphysical friends. “Really?” I thought. “What’s so exciting about finding me an apron?” Well, it was Friday afternoon, and the next day was the December Shoud. Oblivious to the energies afoot, I was surprised to be handed a small “Thank you” package for some volunteer work I’d done for Crimson Circle. Imagine my absolute delight to discover it contained an apron – complete with my name and the Shaumbra butterfly decorating it!! I never again doubted that we all have a lot of support simply waiting to be received.

However, perhaps the best way to describe how creation works is an example from my previous life as a ceramic artist. About 25 years ago, I had a pottery studio and supplied local art galleries with unique creations. I had devised my own porcelain recipe that enabled me to create dinnerware and other items that appeared to be made from natural stone. (It was so convincing that I once baffled a geologist, but that’s another story.) The recipe involved hand mixing several different minerals into a large lump of clay, but I had to be careful and aware while doing so. Not enough mixing meant it would fall apart. Too much mixing and the unique natural stone appearance would be lost.

No matter how many batches I made, it was always an exciting moment to roll out the mixture and see the result, for it was always different. Many times, I whispered “This must be how God felt when he created the world!” as I viewed the “landscape” that unfurled beneath my wooden roller. It was really a moment of pure creation – put the ingredients together, mix it up, then dive in and see what happened! It turns out that this way of creating works in every area of life. Realize a desire, put the ingredients together, hold it all loosely and with joy, then watch what happens.

Exerting little or no control on my creation allows the space for a whole lot of magic and synchronicity to happen. A critical ingredient is awareness, which means showing up to receive and experience everything that’s already happening without resistance. In fact, that’s a very important factor of creation – experience without conflict. If everything is happening in service to me, letting go of the resistance will streamline my process of creation. Here’s another example.

I have hard-to-fit feet and finding shoes is always a challenge. I managed to find some great hiking boots that fit well, but a few weeks ago disaster struck. My son needed to take a few things to Goodwill, so I loaned him my car, forgetting it also held a bag with my boots, waiting for their next adventure. When the kids unloaded the car, nobody realized that little bag should NOT be left at Goodwill, and it soon became clear that my precious boots were long gone. Grumbling and fuming, unable to find that kind again, I ordered some different ones from an online shoe store. But nothing was quite right, and the ones I finally decided to keep caused more problems than they solved. Why couldn’t I create the right hiking boots into my life? Well, it dawned on me that I was completely resisting the experience of losing the old boots I’d had for years! Finally, my hiking buddy said, “Don’t worry, you’re going to find the perfect hiking boots and you’re going to LOVE them!!” Something about his confidence helped me accept the situation, and literally the next boots I ordered were exactly perfect. And yes, I love them!

When I experience exactly what is, without conflict, I free up the energies to serve me in perfection and grace. I don’t have to resist what is in order to desire something else, and those desires can still be realized. In fact, creation is so much easier when I’m not in conflict with my experience or trying to control my creation. As I’ve written before (here), the “Easy Button” is acceptance and allowing. Do I want to change my body, my finances, my surroundings, my life? All I need to do is accept my current experience, realize my desires, let them go (into my energy), and fully receive whatever comes. It really IS that easy.

3 comments on "Creation vs. Control"

  • Rocco on August 30, 2022 11:24 PM said:
    Thanks Jean ☺️ 🙏 When I experience exactly what is, without conflict, I free up the energies to serve me in perfection and grace.
  • Joha on August 29, 2022 1:33 PM said:
    I so love reading your articles, and it's funny because I was a ceramist for 20 years or so. made a living of it. Thank you dear Jean. Joha
  • Audrey on August 29, 2022 9:20 AM said:
    Absolutely magnificent, Jean! This came through at the most- opportune time. Thank you thank you thank you for sharing!

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