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“The universe conspires to fulfill your desires.”

This declaration was made by Adamus exactly 10 years ago (May 6, 2006). And now, looking back, what a difference a decade of consciousness makes!

In my personal life lot of things were quite difficult back then and I remember telling myself, “Just hang in there; five years from now everything will be different.” I didn’t know what would change or even how, but I just knew that it would. Funny enough, several years later during a moment of expanded consciousness, I became aware of my current self going back to reassure my struggling self that, “Yes, everything gets so much better, and in ways you can’t even imagine right now!” You could say that two expressions of my Self converged, linking up for a moment to reassure the linear human that all was well.

But which event happened first? Maybe I experienced the struggle, called out for help, finally got to the future and received the call, then went back in time to remind that older (younger?) version of myself that all was well. Or maybe the current me decided to play with time travel, so she created a version of myself in the past that would be in deep enough trouble to have a strong enough desire to call me in from the present. (Huh?) Or maybe it’s all happening simultaneously with all my various timelines interwoven and bumping into each other, and when they touch and spark, the convergence feels like time traveling.

The me in 2006 wasn’t yet consciously aware of the “and”; but she was aware of the ability to encourage herself, even when it meant “grasping at straws” in the face of apparently unsolvable situations. With so much yet to be discovered, she was still connected to my full Self, a Self that has always radiated one consistent message to every single expression in every single experience: “Trust me. All is well.” Somewhere deep inside, no matter how challenging the struggle, she was still able to pick up on it.

I could tell so many stories of how the different parts of my Self have connected and influenced each other, converging at the most perfect moments, crossing time and space in an instant of knowingness, like an electrical circuit shorting and sparking and rewiring itself. I know you have countless stories like this as well. They aren’t usually mind-blowing and dramatic; they might be the little moments of picking yourself up yet again, reminding yourself one more time “I can do this.” They might be moments of looking back at your journey and realizing that, even though it’s been tough, you never stopped taking care of yourself and you never will; a moment of realizing that no matter what life has in store, you’ll be okay.

Those are the moments of connection, where wandering rays of your consciousness converge, connect with each other and synchronicity happens. According to the dictionary, convergence is the meeting of two or more non-parallel lines. What magic happens when this part connects with that part, when this timeline touches that one, or when this lifetime comes in contact with the soul? With countless expressions of your consciousness, the possibilities are endless.

Convergence is how life happens.

Your body is the most obvious. For many Shaumbra, this is the lifetime of integration and realization. And no matter how many challenges this body has to deal with, it is still the point of convergence for all of You – your other lifetimes and their aspects, your soul, your masculine/feminine, your divine. Any part or definition of you that can be imagined, it all comes together here and now in the body, your point of personal convergence. No wonder it’s tired sometimes!

Relationships are another amazing point of convergence, especially the ones that you consciously chose, such as friends and partners. Think about it! Of all the billions of people in the world, it’s amazing how you find your way to each other, your paths converge, and life is never the same!

In fact, every single experience is a point of convergence, a connection of energies, a flow of events that all come together in this particular moment. Seeing the most perfect sunrise, getting stuck behind the neighborhood slowpoke, missing an appointment, unexpectedly meeting a friend, stubbing a toe – it’s all about energies and patterns converging and conspiring to manifest reality.

Many years ago I had a pottery studio. As the designs and clay and glazes began to take shape in a particular piece of artwork, I would think about how it was all coming together for one particular person, as yet unknown, who would finally give it a home. To me it felt like magic, as if this other person and myself were somehow already connected across time and space, collaborating on the finished piece. Whether an idea manifesting into reality or life itself – it all happens at the point of convergence. Consciousness and energy, light and dark, masculine and feminine, sperm and egg, desire and idea, motivation and fuel, fingers and keyboard, eyeballs and screen. It’s in the moment of meeting and interacting that things happen.

As you go through life a lot of the connections are obvious, but the intersecting beyond time and space is what fascinates me. For example, while preparing this article I had two very clear and so far unexplainable instances of déjà vu, of experiencing something brand new… again. In the Keahak V forum someone shared an interesting idea and query. But reading the post and even parts of the resulting conversation, I remembered it word for word from something, somewhere, several years ago. It was too much for my mind to deal with and I reported feeling quite “unhinged,” although I still couldn’t erase the knowing of having read the identical ponderings “before.” The next day, skimming through Facebook, I had to pause. Someone had shared a photo of themselves, taken in their garden that morning, but I suddenly remembered seeing an identical image when I was a child! What was happening??

This is when we start doubting our sanity – but only because it lets our mind off the hook of trying to explain something completely beyond its realm. If I’m just “losing it” then I can shrug it off and get on with life. But what if I did read that Keahak post “years ago”? What if I did see that photo as a child? What does that mean about reality? Maybe it means that I am here, and life itself is constantly converging at my point of consciousness; and the more my awareness expands, the more formable reality becomes. Maybe it means that it all really does come to me, and I only need to choose which of the converging “lines” to pay attention to. If I happened to notice tomorrow’s event a couple years ago, maybe it simply means that awareness is finally including the “and.”

This is where I find the words becoming difficult to string together. They’re so linear! They have to come one after the other in a logical sequence while trying to relate a comprehensive, non-linear knowing.

Imagine yourself at the center of a vast sphere, like a 3D version of the circumpunct that Adamus likes to draw. You, your conscious awareness, is at the center of that sphere. Now imagine countless light lines converging right there at the edge of your awareness, like a million fiber optic cables radiating out from that center point. Each line is its own story, its own linear timeline of experience; each is only aware of itself. Sometimes they bump into each other, sparking across realities but never quite aware of what just happened. And here You are, at the center, able to “look into” each and every line at any moment, know all about it and even affect it. You can look into “this” line and see where it touches “that” one, and suddenly there is a moment of synchronicity and realization; an “aha” that affects experience. Now multiply this by millions and you begin to realize the vastness of “and.” You are at the center, and as each line becomes aware of its source – You – it might also become aware of other lines. It all comes together, not in a tangle of individual stories, but at the clear point of your awareness.

That’s when time becomes irrelevant. “Past” and “future” become meaningless to You, the point of convergence. That’s where the universe of You conspires to fulfill the “reality” that you desire, the one that you’ve chosen from the billions of available options. How do you choose “this” line over “that” one? Just turn a little and give it your attention.

It comes to you. Indeed, everything has already come to you. Now to choose which of the many options to play with today…

3 comments on "Convergence"

  • Julia on June 1, 2016 2:40 AM said:
    Thank you! Amazing what's happened with me when I read it fully! instantaneous transformation - in one second I started to smile and feel so FREE and Happy, remembering "AND" ! (just forgot for a bad moment) and now I SEE the And and resally feel it! Brilliant feelings! Thank you!!! <3
  • Kathy Ness on May 31, 2016 11:14 AM said:
    Wow!! I am star struck Jean..,. Fabulous..,, that you put all that magic we are experiencing into words is mind blowing ha ha ha thank you so very much❤️❤️❤️
  • Claire on May 8, 2016 3:24 AM said:
    Oh good, I thought. A Jean missive. I always love what you have to say. But wow! Where did that come from? I was glad I was lying in bed as it just "blew me away, man"! My poor little brain fizzled but I could just FEEL it all. Thank you once again Jean. X

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