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Adamus has been talking recently about the human and Master co-existing, living together here in real life on Earth. It’s a wonderful idea – heck, it’s why we’re here! – but it cannot be done without a deep foundation of true Allowing, which is a pretty confusing concept for the human. Of course we want to allow, but it’s tricky, because it doesn’t equate to anything the human currently understands.

Who or what exactly are we supposed to allow? There are a lot of people, even some Shaumbra, who “allow” others to mistreat or neglect them, who “allow” life to toss them around like a ship in a storm and try to make the best of it. They “allow” the whims of fate or their higher self or their angels or whoever/whatever they think is calling the shots, trying very hard to allow a very hard life, but not really having a very good time at it. (Maybe it’s enough to get some kind of inner kudos for nobly putting up with the difficulties...) Unfortunately, I know the pattern well, because it was my life for an exceedingly long time. I truly thought that being passive, adaptable and (mostly) uncomplaining was the highest form of realistic spiritual practice. But that’s not Allowing.

The mind is relational. It tries to relate and connect every new concept to something it already understands. So, when we want to “allow,” the mind says, “Oh, I understand. It’s not that much fun, but I can be passive; maybe that’s the trick to getting what I want. So I’ll just ‘allow’ things to happen and trust they’ll work out” (believe me, I’m an expert in this). Then we wonder why life sucks when we’re so determinedly “allowing.” But Allowing isn’t passivity.

So, we try another angle. “I’ll allow whatever’s going on ‘out there.’ Adamus says that all is well, so that must mean I should allow people, circumstances, events, Mercury retrograde, Donald Trump, ancestral entanglements, obnoxious neighbors, and everything and everyone else to have their fun. Then maybe things will finally work out.” I guess you could call that compassion, but working so hard to “allow” all that is really just trying to endure something I don’t like. But Allowing isn’t tolerance.

The Master with whom we want to co-exist doesn’t plan or scheme, isn’t passive, and is definitely not very tolerant. The Master isn’t here to make the human life better (although that’s supposed to be a by-product of this co-existence), so what the heck IS she good for? How does she make her presence known? How do we allow something we don’t understand? How do we even know she’s here? A fair synonym for “Allowing” could be “Trust,” but then the mind wants to know what to trust, who to trust, why it should trust something it doesn’t understand, and anyway, “How do you know it’s even trustworthy?

Well, let’s try a bit of logic. The Master isn’t some other creature, some outside entity that’s trying to possess me. The Master is ME, but in a way I haven’t necessarily allowed myself to experience yet. A clumsy (and somewhat inaccurate) comparison would be “single woman,” “wife,” “mother” and “grandmother”; they are all me, but different expressions and experiences. The Master is me too, in an expression I’m eager to experience. But this means that allowing the Master is allowing myselfmy desires, my preferences, my truth, my knowings – whether or not any of it makes sense. It means trusting my Self, whether or not my human thinks it perceives the Master in any given moment. The funny thing is, when you choose a reality – such as ‘the Master is here’ – it becomes so. I’d like to share some recent experiences that might illustrate this.

As I’ve mentioned before, the past several months have been a time of letting go, taking things apart, releasing old ties and discovering a new, if solitary, equilibrium in my personal life. It’s been a time of recreating myself in some very tangible ways and building a new foundation that’s solely my own. There have been some moments of fear, grief, overwhelm and confusion, and many more moments of relief, peace, confidence and discovery. And in the process, I found out that my Master self usually communicates in gentle, joyful nudges.

One of the things that happens in the deconstruction of a partnership is the uncoupling of legal and financial obligations, the biggest of these being the mortgage. In the past (and no doubt due to some ancestral issues), things like bookkeeping and financial matters would cause my brain to freeze, my eyes to glaze over and my body to be overcome with a desire for sleep. I was quite happy to pass such responsibilities on to someone much more capable, except that he’s elsewhere now, so they are back on my shoulders. Ugh (and look, here’s the aspect called Overwhelm). But the good news is that, with the Master in the house, everything can be different – if I allow it to be. Master happens to be quite adept at integrating stuck old aspects and creating vibrant new ones that have whatever skills happen to be needed. So, I took some deep breaths, gathered my wits (and paperwork) and got a new mortgage process going. It was time to put things in my name and (hopefully) repay what dear ex had invested.

The appraiser arrived to determine the all-important value of the house, and a few days later I got word that the amount was lower than expected. This meant more financial juggling to get things disentangled, and certainly nothing left over for me. Bummer. But then came a little nudge, “Check the paperwork.” I opened the appraisal file – pages and pages of microscopic legalese and information that no doubt makes perfect sense to realtors and bankers – and my brain started to go numb. “Oh gawd, I can’t do this! I’ll just trust the guy did a good job and make do as best I can.” But the nudge was persistent. Okay, more deep breaths, another hesitant venture into the document, and suddenly it started coalescing into facts and information I could actually comprehend. Hallelujah! And then I started finding errors, things like appliances gone missing, square footage omitted, plus data and photos from someone else’s house! Not exactly minor issues on an appraisal that cost several hundred dollars! I talked to the mortgage guy, and he suggested we “Don’t worry about it and move ahead.” Hmm...

Would it matter? Was it worth the trouble to raise a red flag? Maybe I just didn’t understand things… the “I can’t deal with this” aspect sighed, resigning herself to the old familiar “coping with whatever life brings” approach and I agreed to accept it. But that nudgy (Masterly?) part refused to let it go – “You deserve to have it right! Don’t settle for something less than perfect just to be ‘nice.’ Insist on a correct document.” The next day I swallowed my “nice” self, allowed my worthy self to step forward, and insisted on the corrections. No doubt the mortgage guy would’ve liked this deal on his month-end report, but I am worth having it done accurately!

A few days later he got back to me. The corrections had made such a vast difference in the final figures that not only am I able to repay the full amount, I will also be able to remodel the kitchen!!

You might remember that a few months ago I wrote about choosing a new kitchen, even with no idea how it would happen, and that I’d share how it unfolded. Well, now you know! I call it allowing the Master to have what she wants! She doesn’t push or force or plan or try. She just nudges me, gently and insistently, toward what I want. And when I allow that – when I allow myself – the magic starts happening! Not so long ago I never would have spoken up, accepting that I’d figure out how to make things work anyway and congratulating myself on “allowing” instead of controlling the process. But, in reality, it would have been nothing more than denying myself and my desires. Allowing isn’t tolerating what life brings, but actively engaging with it!

Now, that’s a big fat (and completely true) story which hopefully illustrates that Allowing is not passive. How about some more?

Story 2: Winter usually brings several feet of snow, and now that my resident snow shoveler is gone, I decided to look into a snowplowing service. The day before the contract arrived for me to sign, I felt a sudden nudge to go to Facebook. Right there at the top of the page was a neighbor’s post offering a snow blower for an unbelievable price. I called, he said “Yes, it’s still available,” and I was soon the happy owner of a very useful piece of equipment! No more backbreaking shoveling and no getting stuck with a plowing contract. I watched as several other people expressed interest in the long-gone snow blower and marveled at how, in the past, that was always me – just missing out, minutes too late, almost but not quite getting what I wanted.

Story 3: I’m hiring my brother (who lives 1,200 miles away) to come work on the kitchen, and he needs a way to bring his tools. I told him I’d come up with a plan, and set the issue aside for when I had more time to figure it out. Suddenly, in the middle of some urgent project, I felt a nudge to check truck rentals… now. I paused my work and dutifully investigated a couple rental companies, both of which would charge more than $1,200 for the trip. Ouch! That’s as much as a new kitchen floor. Master nudged and said, “Hey, let’s check this other one.” My eyes popped when I saw the price of $49! No zeros missing, it really was about 4% of the others! I only needed to reserve it for a particular day of the week, and presto! A very affordable solution. Ahmyo life indeed!!

Story 4: Allowing is hard to explain and define, but a big part of it is listening to yourself, your intuition, your inner nudges. Have I mentioned yet that it’s allowing yourself? I’ve spoken to other Shaumbra lately who are also beginning to experience the amazing synchronicity of a Master’s life. Someone discovered a company that would be their dream employer, but there were no available job listings. Then one day, the inspiration was suddenly there to send an email anyway, introduce themselves, and ask for a job. Come to find out, just hours before, the person responsible for hiring had realized they needed someone with certain qualifications, exactly the ones held by this person who followed the nudge, allowed the desire and asked outside the box. Energies moved, interviews happened, minds were boggled, and within days a job offer was on the table.

Story 5: Allowing is about letting it come to you, no matter how it happens. A friend needed access to a very specifically qualified health professional, but it would be several months before the only one they found would have room in the schedule. Then a brief but perfectly timed hospital visit revealed access to not one but three highly qualified specialists of the exact kind needed.

Story 6: Allowing is about your choice, your desire, your clarity. Someone else was going through some big life changes, had no place to live and no idea how or where to look. After feeling into all the options, they got clear on where they wanted to be (still no idea how) and within hours an invitation arrived for a living arrangement that was immediately available and practically perfect!

I could go on and on with these stories, but I feel the bottom line in Allowing is this: Get clear on what you want, get out of the way, and watch life unfold. That thing – or (more likely) something better – will show up!

Allowing is NOT about accepting what you think your higher self thinks is good for you. It’s NOT about tolerating yet another “lesson” of hardship and struggle. It’s also NOT about pushing and planning and efforting to make the ‘right’ things happen. It’s NOT about judging yourself when the unexpected happens. It’s NOT about comparing your creations with anyone else’s. It’s NOT hoping that next year you’ll finally “get it” and things will fall into place. It’s NOT about dismissing a desire because it isn’t “spiritual” or doesn’t meet some other arbitrary requirement. Allowing is living life, following your dreams, letting go and watching it unfold. Allowing is right now, right here, inside you.

No doubt you have your own big fat stories as well (remember, stories are how we define/create reality), because these synchronicities are becoming a way of life for Masters all over the world. There isn’t a formula for creating the synchronistic life, but there are a lot of little things we’ve learned along the way that help you experience it. You could say it’s about clearing the debris out of the (internal) river, jumping in your boat and simply enjoying the ride. Human wants to paddle and steer and plan and have exit strategies and life boats and … and … But what if it’s as easy as seeing that adventure over there, or the beautiful fruit tree over here, or the lovely trail on the side, feeling the pure desire, and having your boat magically go right to it? Do you think the human could tolerate life being that easy?

Rather than pushing and working hard, the Master is a magnet, simply drawing in whatever delights her, unconcerned with the human’s howls of “But that’s not possible!” The Master doesn’t judge what is desired; it is only the human’s resistance – their precious belief in impossibility – that blocks the way.

Now, a word of caution. Please don’t go trying to do magic tricks by “allowing the Master.” Yes, human life does become magical, but it is based solely on your passion, desire and love for YOU. Don’t try to prove something to yourself (which means you don’t really believe it anyway); instead, live your life! Have fun! Find out what you really want – not something vague like “abundance” but real tangible things like a new snow blower or kitchen – and then do whatever you feel like doing in the moment.

Allowing is an inside job.

2 comments on "Allowing the Master"

  • Susan Young on April 27, 2018 9:31 PM said:
    Jean I absolutely ADORE this! You put into perfect expression the kinds of things I'm recently coming to sense and to notice. Thanks :)
  • Bonnie L Capelle on January 8, 2018 10:17 AM said:
    Great article Jean!!!

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