In a world where there's 30 plus food delivery companies and an army of 'Uber for X' clones, startups working on high impact and daring ideas can be overlooked. But that doesn't mean they're not out there.

The 21 most innovative startups in tech

Eager to impress our editor's five-year-old son who wants to be wowed by the tech world, Business Insider assembled a list of crazy and unique ways startups want to change the world.

We polled investors and entrepreneurs to hear what audacious ideas companies are working. Here are 21 companies will go big, or go broke trying.

We limited the list to private companies who have raised money in the last five years, so this excludes big projects like Google's Loon or Tesla's world takeover. Think we missed some? Leave your nominations in the comments.

The 21 most innovative startups in tech

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