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White moved merrily and freely in the land of Light. At a certain moment, when the days were not being counted, she saw a shadow. “Oof,” thought White. “What on light is this?” She was curious. But the closer she got to the shadow, the smaller it became until it disappeared and White turned around disappointed. She did not understand why that had happened. It preoccupied her so much that she decided to ask the Light what that shadow was.

The bright Light listened to White’s tale. “Well,” said the Light, after White finished her story, “what you saw was the shadow of Black, which lives in the land of the Darkness.” White was impressed by this story, and she asked permission to travel to the Darkness. The Light agreed and said: “It can be a long journey, for where Darkness is, I do not know. You will recognize his domain by the shadows that will appear when you approach Darkness.” A wave of excitement went through White at the prospect of such an adventure and encounter, and soon she left on her journey.

White travelled through the boundless realms where time did not exist. Then she met Wind. She felt a soft breeze pass through her, and their interaction began. She asked Wind if it knew where the land of Darkness was. Wind puffed a few moment’s and then replied, “As I turn, that is my direction. Climb into my hollow cheek, I will blow you there.”

White crawled into the Wind’s opened mouth and nestled herself in the hollow cheek. Wind turned around and with a single powerful gust, White was blown into the land of the Darkness.

It was dark, warm and quiet in Darkness, and Black slept peacefully. However, the powerful blast of the entering Wind caused him to stir. When the gust died down, he saw White approaching. His sleep vanished immediately as he felt how the cheerful White moved closer, for she was feeling attracted to Black, who was so peaceful and warm.

Black welcomed her and said, “On one of my trips through the boundless realms, I entered the land of the Light, and when I saw you I became shy and left. Still, I could not forget you and I am glad to see you here now.” Because of their mutual attraction, a heartfelt connection formed.

Since White could give light and Black carried around darkness, powerful vibrations emerged from their interactions, and these vibrations produced sounds. The sounds, through their energies, set in motion a beautiful display of colors and patterns. Black and White were delighted with their creation and felt blissful with one another.

The Wind, witnessing this magnificent ensemble during one of his travels, held the gust of his breath-wind, so moved he was by so much beauty.

White and Black welcomed the Wind, because it had brought them together. Wind told them about his voyages through the boundless realms, and how he had recently been to an area where many forms of plants, animals, and people lived a dreary uninspiring existence. “Those forms could use some of your colors and sounds,” he told them.

This gave White a luminous idea and she said, “Why don’t we travel there with you and bring some fun into that atmosphere?”

“Hmm,” said the Wind, and sank into silence. At last, he breathed a deep gust and spoke. “That is possible, but it also poses some danger,” he said. “You could get tangled up in those forms, and the display of sound and color will be lost.”

Black loved White’s idea and said, “But couldn’t you then liberate us with your blast of wind?”

“Ah, of course,” said Wind. “That is a great idea! With your display and my gust there will be no problem if you get caught up in the forms.” And so, they came to an agreement. Black and White climbed into the hollow cheeks of Wind and together they travelled to the land of forms.

Upon arriving, they were stopped by a large gate. In front of it sat a sleeping gatekeeper. He was jolted awake by the wind, rubbed the sleep from his eyes and yelled, “What brings you here?”

Wind opened his mouth and White and Black appeared. For a moment, the gatekeeper thought he was dreaming when he saw this strange group before him. But White greeted him with a friendly smile and explained their intentions. The gatekeeper was confused at first, unsure what to do.

However, his overseer quickly appeared and said in a strict voice, “That will not stand. This is the realm of Father Time and no one shall pass without his permission.”

“Hmm,” Wind blew softly in his face, “could you ask Father Time for permission?” The gatekeeper complied and ordered them to wait by the gate until his return. Soon the gatekeeper returned and announced that they had been summoned to the castle of Father Time.

Entering the gate, they saw that everything and everyone was strictly organized, but also shrouded in a veil of grey light. They felt heavy, as if being pulled down somewhat. They entered the imposing castle of Father Time and found many hallways and corridors to pass through. On every wall was a large clock, which, in rhythmic unison with every other clock, told time.

At last they entered a large hall, which displayed an even larger clock. At that very moment it struck the half hour. Two keepers stood before a majestic door adorned with copper. They opened the heavy door and let the visitors in. There they saw Father Time sitting at a long table with some other beings. He was shrouded in a dark cloak and had a long beard, and on his head was a crown with, don’t you know it, a small clock in the middle.

Father Time looked at his visitors with a cool and inquisitive gaze. At last, he ordered them to approach, and with a deep voice inquired about their intensions. After Wind, White and Black explained the purpose their journey, Father Time was silent for a while as he thoughtfully stroked his beard. Then with a deep voice, he announced that he could not grant them permission.

He was the ruler of Space and Time, but not of the content of all things, and his job was to bind and maintain this as long as it was necessary. If they wanted carry out their plan, they would have to ask the Sun, the ruler of life.

This was quite a letdown for the three travelers. What now? The Sun was too hot to visit and they were losing hope. But Wind, who refused to be blown away, came with a brilliant plan. “I can get closer to Sun and ask my friend the Solar Wind if he can convey the message.”

Father Time deemed this a good idea and told White and Black that they were welcome to stay in the castle until Wind returned.

After some time, Wind came rushing in with an excited breeze. “Yay!” he blew, “the Sun gave his permission! But,” he added, “only on one condition: you cannot always be together, or Time will get into trouble.”

This also had consequences for the space that Father Time ruled. Sun had decided that time would be divided into a 24-hour period and distributed between White and Black. They would rule day and night. Therefore, White and Black would be temporarily separated by time. However, before this could happen, they must first be carried into the realm of form by the Wind.

White and Black said farewell to Father Time and climbed into Wind’s cheeks. They embraced intimately, and Wind blew the colors and sounds, produced by the love of White and Black, into the realms of Space and Time. The grey veil disappeared, and suddenly life became colorful. Everyone sang their own song – stone, plant, animal and man. Even the cloak of Father Time turned azure with gold and silver stars.

White and Black, so deeply in love, could still meet each other in the twilight of morning and evening. Then they would kiss, and in that heartfelt embrace, sounds and colors appeared like never before. And the Wind, well, it comes and goes wherever it turns; warm or cold, hard gale or soft breeze. Sometimes it is a hurricane, which makes forms shiver or fall, for if the sounds and colors get stuck and the play stiffens, he liberates them. However, in the twilight of morning and evening, Wind always quiets down so that White and Black can have their moment. Then he smiles and blows away the bothersome clouds, rejoicing in the dance of life.

Diana is a writer, publicist, astrologer, numerologist and tarot-reader. After awakening 40 years ago, she joined the Theosophical Society for about 10 years. It was during this time that she wrote most of her fairytales and stories, White and Black being one of the first (1982), which are now published in book form. She has written a lot, gone through many spiritual experiences, and has been with Crimson Circle since 2000. Diana now lives a secluded life in the Netherlands. She may be contacted by email.

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