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I would like to share my thoughts, feelings, observations and experiences from this and other lifetimes concerning love. There is so much talk about love. We can experience it on this planet already as babies, see it in the eyes of our relatives, pets and other beings. We all want it, look for it and miss it on a very deep level. Adamus says love was created here on Earth, so we are experts in this field.

Love is my passion, a true passion of my Soul. It shines with its pure Light in all directions, permeating worlds and dimensions. The possibility of experiencing and expressing love is a wonderful gift that makes our souls more lively and colorful. Here on this planet we can exchange it with people, animals, plants and stones, feeling it in so many ways at every step of our journey.

I grew up in the middle of the nature with a beautiful forest, green meadows and a charming little lake nearby. I used to swim there every summer and loved it so much! This love and admiration for nature remained deep within me, even when I lived in a big city. It is so magical! Look to the sky and watch the clouds, how beautiful and unique they are. Enjoy the sunshine on your face, the presence of trees and flowers, the soil under your feet. They all react to your feelings and respond with the same love and admiration. What a beautiful exchange!

However, most people look for love in relationships with other humans, especially if there is lack of self-love and self-acceptance within themselves. I know this because I did the same thing. I had many relationships in my life. I needed them to fill the emptiness I felt, but in fact they never could. I found a simple truth: If you are not happy single, you won’t experience happiness in a relationship. Maybe it will work for a while, but not for long.

In my childhood I used to live in an old palace surrounded by a beautiful park. We had the flat on the first floor and were the only residents in this building. It was a charming place, especially in spring and summer, when leaves were green and birds sang cheerfully. The whole landscape was magical, but it changed with the coming of night. I and my sister were often alone at home, because my parents were busy with their many activities. On weekends they used to visit their friends and always returned very late. My sister fell asleep very quickly, but I watched TV or laid in bed with my eyes wide open. I was so scared! I felt spooks and ghosts hanging around, feeding on my fear. It was so terrible. It was a very difficult time for me, but I see it today from a different perspective. It was a preparation for my sovereignty, learning to be alone and feel absolutely safe and complete. I know this state today, and the foundation for achieving it was my childhood. Now I thank my dear parents for everything they gave to me.

What I learned is this: Don’t expect other beings to make you happy. Do it for yourself, then you can enjoy their presence, while remaining free. And freedom is what we are really looking for. (An interesting thing is that in Polish DOM means HOME, so it would be FREE-HOME.) It is not so easy to be free in this world, partly because of the influence of the mass consciousness. Have you ever considered what is really yours in your life? It is a good practice to have, rather than doing things only because most other people do them. In Poland, we have the name day custom and I, being named Anna, should celebrate on July 26th. But I don’t do it any more. I remember the first year when I refused to follow the crowd and felt people’s confusion and anxiety. I did not fit into their puzzle any more. I also don’t send Christmas or birthday cards any more. Why is one day more special than another? I know what is important for me and they simply don’t.

I’ve always been a rebel. In kindergarten all children had to drink warm milk daily and I hated it. One day I felt, it was too much for me.

“Anna, drink the milk.”


“Anna, drink the milk.”


“Anna, please drink the milk.”

This time I answered with my hand and mug with the cow’s gift landing on the floor. Until now I drink only black coffee. Did the teacher want to hurt me? Not at all, she was just doing her job, with all its rules and restrictions.

True love knows no fear and is absolutely free. I accept and love you just as you are. Be as you want to be, even though it may not be my cup of tea (or coffee …)! You have the right to experience and enjoy everything you have chosen for yourself, even if it may mean you are not part of my world. When you are someone I can really feel, I will enjoy and appreciate your presence and your sharing. However, if the time comes for you to go away, just do it without looking back. I will respect your freedom, because I know how important it is.

If we truly love someone, we want all the best for this person and believe he/she makes the best choices for him/herself. Even if his/her decisions make us sad, we should be aware that it happens for our good as well. If we can’t see it in the moment, it will become apparent in the coming months, years or even lifetimes. Relationships are our mirror, showing us the way we treat ourselves. If you don’t respect yourself, neither will others respect you. It is always difficult when a relationship ends, especially a love relationship. But then you have two possibilities – either play the role of a victim or see it from a different perspective. Ask yourself, “What was this relationship for me? What did I learn about myself?” Be brave and do it in full openness and honesty. It will be difficult, because you will touch many hurtful places (especially if it was a karmic relationship). However, after a few months you can rise like phoenix from the ashes, cleansed by fire, ready to move on in gratitude.

Yes, it is possible to be grateful for everything. Feel deeply into this and let go; you will experience an incredible amount of freedom. You will love it more and more, this state of being free like a bird in the sky, always ready to leave behind everything that doesn’t serve you any more. Without excuse, remorse or hesitation, always following the inner call, the Light that you truly are.

Encounters and relationships with other beings are beautiful and meaningful when they are based on freedom. I can be with you, but I’m also fine without your presence in my life. We can be in relationship without fear and expectations, just in joy and fun. So let’s sing and dance together, if it truly comes from your heart. Otherwise go your own way and be happy!

This knowingness is deep within. I FEEL the path I’m on. Even in the darkest moments of my life I have sensed it. I have always known what step I should take, even when it seemed so irrational to others. I met different people, had so many experiences and everything has always been perfect for me, even with the ups and downs, for it led me to the place I am right now. Here I must mention the influence of the amazing material of the Crimson Circle. I remember the day when I opened the website a few years ago and it was a big WOW! The wisdom of my Soul led me to this, as with everything else in my life, for She/He, always in love and compassion, knows the best ways for me. That is why it is so important to trust yourself, fully and completely. Then you can be sure you will find what you’ve been looking for. Happiness, love and freedom are right here for You.

As for love, when you are with me, whether for hours, months, years or eons, please don’t expect me to behave, think, feel or speak a certain way. You see, I’m not the person I was three years or even ten minutes ago. I’m perfect just as I AM, always in love-ly freedom. And I will give the same to you.

Anna lives in Poland and works as sworn translator of German. She likes walking in the woods or on the beach at the Baltic Sea, and adores British humor, listening to good music, traveling, watching interesting films and tennis. Sometimes she plays guitar. Her motto in life is “I regret nothing.” Anna can be contacted here.

3 comments on "What is Love?"

  • ROSA GOMES on April 2, 2017 1:12 PM said:
    Amei esse texto, tem muito a ver comigo, me fortaleceu muito!!! Minha gratidão!! Amor e Compaixão!!! Rosa
  • Steve on March 30, 2017 5:18 PM said:
    I love your writing Anna it was so refreshing to hear you speak from the heart not giving a damn about what other people think. Whoever falls in love with you will be a very lucky guy.
  • patricia reed on March 13, 2017 9:39 PM said:
    Por favor tradúcelo al español GRACIAS ANTICIPADAS

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