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I’m a dreamer. A melody, a piece of art or a few lines of text are all it takes to push open my door of perception, and a short passage in Shoud 6 of the Passion 2020 Series pushed the door wide open. Upon revisiting this Shoud, almost two years after it was recorded, the following phrase sang out, “The architecture for it, on our side, is done and it’ll eventually manifest on your planet.

Architecture manifests on this side as a physical structure, a safe space, and a meeting place. The Crimson Circle is an example of living architecture, a reference library in an unfamiliar landscape that says “You Are Here.” The library helps me discover the skills required to unlock the material at deeper levels. Skil, an old Norse word, suggests that learning is keeping what serves and releasing the junk. I’m better at letting go and I may be skilled, but there are moments when I’m not sure what I’m making or if I’m making it up.

Architecture, when Adamas speaks of it, leads me straight into a dream of the Light Body. Going into the Light Body involves massive change of the human aspect. I like the computer analogy of going from server A to server B with no interruption of service. The energy continues to flow, but through a less dense version of me. The key to all of this is consciousness, so I have to be aware of the process as it unfolds. The reasons for The Temple of Rejuvenation are to practice staying aware within the dream of one’s energy, to share the experience, and ultimately to contribute to the living library that is the Crimson Circle.

I use language to tell a story, not so much for others but for myself, to make sense of a life without time. Etymology shows that language was once linked closer to experience than to mind thought, as it is today. Words should lead the reader or listener into a dream, as the word architecture does for me. Architecture is from the Latin architectus or master builder. The Master knows that creation begins in the formless, with a dream. Don your dreamer’s cap now and read the passage from Shoud 6:

“There’s going to come a point where we’re going to have a temple, and it’s not the temple that creates the healing, but it’s a safe space for people to come for their healing. And ‘healing’ is not a good word, Cauldre. It’s a rejuvenation. It’s entering into the new body. Literally, the architecture for it, on our side, is done and it’ll eventually manifest on your planet. I want to emphasize that it’s not the temple that creates it, it’s the individual. But we’re going to create such a sacred and safe space in the temple. And it’ll be something – yes, you can do it at home, you don’t have to go to this particular place – but it’ll be a place where you go and simply go to the deepest levels of allowing into the body and the mind. It’s going to accelerate the changeover from your current anayatron and your current hierarchy of your physical body into a different type of healthier biology but also integrated with your Free Energy Body, what you call the light body. So that’s coming, and I know it’s going to raise a lot of questions and Cauldre didn’t want to talk about it, but we did.”

Early in my human story, two things were obvious. First, I was a daydreamer and second, I was outnumbered. I was a dreamer born into a thinker world and I had to adapt the best way I could. Daydreaming was how I stayed connected. Connected to what I wasn’t sure, but as a six-year-old I quickly discovered that dreaming isn’t taught at school. Schools were for thinkers, and thinkers believed in the world out there, a world of objects made from other objects; a world of data.

My grades confirmed that I wasn’t into data. Daydreaming took me down a different path, one that led directly to the world in here, inside of me. What I didn’t realize until much later, is that the dream isn’t a shared dream—there is no out there, out there. It’s all in here, inside of me. There’s a boundary between the dreamer world and the thinker world, and if you’ve ever been caught daydreaming in class, then you’ve crossed the boundary. Walk the line and you can play on both sides. Stray a little too far and classroom re-entry is a bumpy ride. I got used to the bumps, I had to. I like crossing boundaries. Along the way I learned to trust my perceptions, even though I didn’t always follow them. I was skilled at navigating the non-physical realms but so what? I was looking for a practical application.

Dreamers and thinkers desire the same thing—an upgrade to the body. The thinkers are building their version, including greater mental capacity, with the help of artificial intelligence. Dreamers take a different path and both are unfolding in the Time of Machines. The dilemma for a dreamer is where to begin with the Light Body. Do I search for the building blocks? Or should I try to reverse engineer the thing? It’s only human to look for a template, a secret process or even a kit. The answer came from Kuthumi’s Making Light Body Cloud Class.

Initially, I didn’t hear Kuthumi admit that he can only speak about his Light Body and not someone else’s. His statement underscored the fact that making the Light Body is deeply personal, there is no one size fits all. The same is true for my Light Body and I have to trust that my version outshines anything A.I. comes up with.

I like to call it the Light Body, even though Free Energy Body might be a more accurate term, because Light Body sounds like something I could make. If only there was a kit. Imagine a Light Body Kit showing up at my door. Of course, I would answer the skill testing questions and agree to the condition that I stay embodied. There’s more fine print but I’ll read that later. I’m anxious to get started.

The instructions for the Light Body Kit are clear: I have to be at home to receive the package. When it arrives, I take it into my house and place it on the kitchen table. I see that the package is a multi-faceted box. Something is written on the outside but it’s so small I have to reach for my glasses. I read the words:

Contents: Energy
Skill Level: Master
Some assembly required.

I stand back and gaze at the box, which seems larger than it was when I brought it in. I pick up the scissors and am about to make a cut when I notice that the wrapping is translucent. I can almost see inside the box. I look closer; something is taking shape. I have a strange sensation that I’m inside of the box. I close my eyes and take a deep breath.

Daydreaming brought me into energy, but I wasn’t skilled at working with energy. I still grapple with the fact that the energy is mine. I should shut up and just allow. The problem is, allowing isn’t an innate skill, at least not for me. I had to learn to allow, which is a way of saying that it took a while to be aware of what energy in motion feels like.

If you’ve wondered what to teach when the time of channeling ends, I suggest that the skills you’re learning and using now are the answer. Skills are abstract concepts that involve feeling rather than thinking, which makes explaining them tricky. Try explaining balance to someone who’s never been on a bicycle. You can’t. The energy belongs to them and to engage it, they have to be moving. When the bike is in motion, you either fall or find your balance. There’s no in-between.

As I said, I was on the lookout for a practical application, and I found it in Reconnective Healing. I no longer practice healing but when I was involved, I saw how clients related to energy. It became obvious that there was a gap between what clients expected and what I could deliver. The gap turned into a chasm when they believed energy came from the outside. Something was missing and that’s when I realized that the facilitator and the client bring very different skills to the healing/rejuvenation equation.

What stands out about Reconnective Healing is the way a client is encouraged to have the experience appropriate for them, without interference from the outside. In effect, the client is told that the energy is theirs and it’s up to them to dive in or not. The facilitator is present to create the safe space and to set the table, in a manner of speaking.

Imagine you’re about to enter your favorite restaurant and I have agreed to be your waiter for the evening. I greet you at the door and show you to the table that I’ve carefully set. I bring you the menu, which is a list of all the experiences you’ve had or could ever have. You place your order and I go off to the kitchen. When the meal is over, I ask about your dining experience. The answer depends on who you believe owns the restaurant, stocks the kitchen, and prepares the food. I get paid regardless. You on the other hand, may go away hungry.

In Reconnective Healing, I encouraged clients to talk about their energy experience. When we use language to describe our journeys in the non-physical realms, what we’re really doing is making meaning of experience. When a client tells me the experience was relaxing, I know that the kitchen shelves are bare, and the cook is away. When a client takes several minutes to re-orient themselves or struggles to find the words, then I know that they dined well.

I stumbled upon Crimson Circle and the Tobias channels in early 2001. Not long after, I discovered Reconnective Healing. You might be familiar with this modality associated with Eric Pearl. It’s significant that Tobias speaks of Eric Pearl and The Reconnection in at least two of the early Crimson Circle channels.

Here is a quote from the New Energy Series, Shoud 4, November 1, 2003:

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA: Hi, Tobias. Could you comment on Dr. Eric Pearl’s work, “The Reconnection” (the title of one of Dr. Pearl’s books), and Reconnective Healing and the twelve strands of DNA? Thank you.

TOBIAS: Indeed, and – how to say – we, the Crimson Council work closely with this one that you call Dr. Eric Pearl. Now, he also understands that those who practice this technique of “reconnection” need to understand they are just a facilitator of the process. They have to recognize they are not healers. There are no healers. There are facilitators, and there are those who choose to be healed. But we work very closely with those energies, and we see – how to say – these two, the Crimson Circle and the work of Dr. Pearl, coming back together again in the very near time. Thank you. Very effective work also.

And here is a quotation from the Clarity Series, Shoud 2, September 3, 2005:

TOBIAS: When we said that the work of Shaumbra and that of the Reconnective Healing would be coming together, it indeed has. There are a tremendous number of Reconnective healers that are now part of Shaumbra, many Shaumbra who have learned the Reconnective techniques and are using that, integrating them together.

The Tobias channels had a huge impact on me. They helped make meaning from my experience and they encouraged me to explain to clients that the healing didn’t come from me. When Tobias speaks of integration, he recognizes two people in the rejuvenation dynamic – one to create the safe space and the other to dive into energy. The compassionate presence of a facilitator is an essential part of the equation.

Adamus is clear that The Temple of Rejuvenation is complete in the non-physical realms. When I feel into the energy, I don’t see images, but I do sense that some assembly is required. There’ll be bumps along the way but not to worry, they are a sign of coming into a finer form of architecture.

Dale Presly is assembling a lighter version of himself within the bounds of Vancouver Island, B. C. He can be contacted via email.

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