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Crimson Circle – What is it?

Since I have been invited to share my 5 cents worth on this question, I’ll share a few personal remarks and use the Crimson Circle books I’ve worked with as the main sources to answer it.

Crimson Circle is a unique opportunity for

• Personal Growth – realizing one’s own innate spiritual being and heritage

• Spiritual Awakening – understanding energy, consciousness, and just BEING

• Real Living – slowly accessing or quantum leap-jumping into embodied enlightenment

Books. They may seem “old energy” to some, but they serve in a wonderful twofold way: as inspirational reminders for “experienced Shaumbra” and as an easy access point to spiritual seekers not yet familiar with Crimson Circle.

Masters in the New Energy 

This is a wonderfully concise overview of what Crimson Circle is all about, composed of short, easy-to-absorb chapters.

It arrived in the German bookstores after the great “splash” caused by an Adamus channeling in Solothurn, Switzerland, at the end of February 2009. At that event he stated that old masters, old gurus and even channeling cannot give us what we ourselves have to allow: our own personal path into awakening and enlightenment. Here are some pertinent pointers from the book:

  • The New Energy Master understands that mastery is about being human! It is about integrating all energies into the self.
  • All Energy Serves: The Master understands that all energies serve him/her.
  • Trusting, Knowing and Mastery: Trust in Self. This is the single biggest ingredient in becoming a Master and THE ingredient to move into New Energy.
  • Discernment: The Master understands what is theirs and what is not.

Live Your Divinity

This is really a practical “How to” guide, offering answers to the essential question of “How do we live these insights?” Again, a few highlights:

  • Only the Master can be in true service; everyone else is but a servant. When the Master is serving, he or she doesn’t care about the outcome. It just is.
  • It’s a paradox. When you are a Master, you are then truly in service as well as letting everything serve you appropriately. You no longer have to force or wrestle with energy or try to figure it out. It’s just there for you.
  • Mastery is a simple thing. The I Am is simple, “I Am that I Am. I need nothing from anyone, and I have everything to share and to give. I am self-contained. I don’t need to give or take from others, but I do have a joyful passion to express and to share.” That’s Mastery.
  • Are you ready to let energy serve you? Are you ready to be the true Master?

Act of Consciousness

This third book presents the basic foundation of how one creates – and is already creating – their reality. Some of my favorite highlights:

  • As life is already an act, why not act as if one is already awakened and even enlightened?
  • The human has needs, and it is not only okay, but a mark of embodied enlightenment, to take care of the needs of the human.
  • We are not energy beings but consciousness beings.
  • Power is an illusion!

Journey of the Angels

This was the next book to be published, a beautiful story from Tobias. I was and still am very impressed with these three insights:

  • Though we all share the same origin, we are NOT going back into some old cozy oneness.
  • Instead, we are co-creating a new being and a new Wholeness within ourselves.
  • The Future is the Past healed.

Memoirs of a Master

Then we encountered a cutting-edge book full of tales about real awakening and embodiment, the very real road blocks, hesitations and anxieties, and how to eventually overcome them. This book even offers a glimpse into the very personal mind, spirit and life of the Ascended Master Adamus Saint-Germain. It is full of inspiring examples of living in embodied enlightenment. Some topics:

Allow: The human cannot possibly imagine enlightenment. It is beyond the realm of the mind, and a good thing it is. The mind would attempt to take it hostage, to control and limit it. But the human can allow it. They can stop planning, studying, efforting and manipulating their way into enlightenment, and simply allow their divinity to be with them.

Now, the student can simply allow their divinity back into their everyday human life, no matter how little money they have, no matter how many warts and hang-ups, no matter how holy or unholy they are, no matter if they have bad breath or bad posture. The only responsibility of the human is to allow, and then get out of the way.

And: The human perceives themselves as singular. They think they are a human on the path to some spiritual destination, and so they are. But once the human allows themselves to realize they are ‘many’ rather than ‘one,’ that they are the student AND the Master, it frees them from the singularity and restrictions they have come to accept. It means you are never trapped in limitation again, and up to now the entire human journey has been about limitation.


"AND is the key to the prison cell. It frees you to be all things, not just one. AND isn’t a concept or spiritual cliché; it’s actually the way of creation. Wasn’t it somebody like God who said, “I Am the Alpha and the Omega”? Even God understood the concept of AND. “I am here and I am there. It’s so simple,” thought the Master, “and it’s so difficult.” And. Multiple. Free. I Am ALL That I Am.

The Master dozed off in his big comfortable chair, and in his other realm. So simple enlightenment is. So funny how people deliberately attempt to make it so hard. Maybe they think they’ve earned it if they work hard at it. It’s all about Allowing and And. Why write millions of words when it comes down to two? As the Master slipped into the deeper realms of his nocturnal travels, he thought to himself, maybe I’ll just write a little book filled with stories about true experiences with my students. Perhaps I’ll call it Memoirs of a Master."

In conclusion, I am in awe of Linda and Geoffrey Hoppe, the whole Crimson Circle staff, and all the angels and helpers and supporters, in awe and deep respect for their priceless service.

I am equally in awe and respect of all Shaumbra and non-Shaumbra, who are awakening or who are awakened, who bravely continue on this journey, who have the guts, stamina, persistence and LOVE to stay here in this odd miraculous wondrous earthly life incarnation. You continue the journey despite all disruptions, distractions and detriments, and dare to manifest another reality here and now: truly embodied enlightenment.

I am in awe, first because of what this is all about. It is, as Tobias noted in “Journey of the Angels” – and to the disbelief or even dismay of some – NOT about returning to the origins of our journey. It is NOT about returning into a cozy rosy fluffy “original All-Is-One-Ness.” No, it is about having a brave heart, an open mind, and an awakened spirit to explore infinity, dive into eternal life and fly within the limitless Light.

I am also in awe because we are ready to plunge forward even though the mind ultimately does not understand anything of this mystery of awakened, alive consciousness. And in the face of this predicament, so to speak, Awakening and Mastery must “prove” itself, must manifest and be lived!

As I see this, it’s about consciousness beyond causality. Soul/Spirit/Purusha is and remains free and unbound; it only reflects. Imagine a beautiful red rose beside a clear crystal vase. The transparent, translucent crystal will shimmer in red, reflecting the colors of the rose.

God, Spirit, The “I AM” is infinite, eternal, unlimited, endless, unconstrainable. Or, as religions say, God is omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient. From this now, the limited human mind kicks in and concludes that “God, Spirit, the I Am, must be somewhere else – up there, in there – anywhere but here in the limited, constrained body, anywhere but in this finite, time-bound physical existence. Yet, the fact is that what is omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient can be and is here in the limited world. That is the miracle of Spirit, of I Am, of simply being.

To use a metaphor, humans are not the salt puppet of an Indian simile which dissolves in the ocean when the soul awakens. They are not even the proverbial drop which merges back into the ocean. Rather, awakened Spirit is the drop which invites the ocean in, the drop becoming the ocean while remaining a drop and the ocean remaining whole at the same time. Said another way, we are consciousness, we don’t “have” consciousness.

I’ll end with a quote from Tobias: “You’re discovering something brand new about yourself as an angelic being, as a God. You’re discovering it here, in this lifetime.”

Wulfing von Rohr lives in Austria and has authored, co-authored and published dozens of books on spirituality. His newest books are “Schritte ins Erwachen” and “Secrets of Karma and Reincarnation: Kissing Karma Goodbye” His website is

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