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Shaumbra have truly done a lot of internal work to integrate trauma, drama, aspects and viruses by experiencing many wonderful workshops such as the Sexual Energies School (SES), Aspectology, and listening to DreamWalks like Journey to the Crystal Caves, Releasing Emotional Wounds and many more. But even with all this work, it seems that money and abundance is still the #1 topic for most. People are literally still victimized by money despite the release of being a victim on so many other levels. Why is that so?

What aspect or story is still able to press this hot button when it comes to money? We are literally swimming in oceans of abundance, so much that it is almost difficult to NOT be abundant. But wait! Maybe it has something to do with the fact that most people still live through an aspect that thinks it has to survive. And yet, with all the knowledge, with all they have done, why do they still believe and even trust this voice? Why do they still think that this aspect is right?

So here is my humble opinion on that – and by the way, if it pushes some buttons, I’m really happy about that! This is all about deactivating all our buttons, so discovering, accepting and integrating them is one of the most valuable things we can do. Therefore it is the biggest growth someone can make by thanking the people who push their buttons. In fact, I recently had the absolutely fantastic experience of attending a 4-day event where people were smiling, laughing and congratulating each other when someone said, “Oh, I guess I pushed some buttons during lunchtime.” They would say, “That’s awesome! Good job, what a blessing for the other person!” And I thought, “Wow, what an extraordinary group of new energy people” for that’s exactly when magic and growth and abundance can happen! It was so very different from what I knew before, where people almost apologize for pushing someone else’s buttons or holding back in order to NOT push anyone’s buttons or even apologize when their own buttons got pushed. Now, all of a sudden there was absolutely no room for whining or complaining anymore because the others wouldn’t buy into your story.

And now, back to my humble opinion about the money thing: It is just a story! It’s a story people keep telling of lack of self-worth, of commitment, of excuses, of not taking responsibility, of “why” and “why not”; it’s a story of staying in the zoo – no more, no less. Most people still buy into their own stories of lack, of not enough, of whatever, but the story is just not important anymore. If you buy into that story, it keeps you small and dense and you start to believe it is true.

I learned a really important lesson when it comes to money and abundance: Money itself is only a (man made!) symbol for abundance, designed to keep people small, busy, unsatisfied, always searching for something, always in need of something. Most of all, it keeps them struggling in the story of “having to get money to fulfill the needs of the stories.” And it can only work with those who still don’t really feel and own the true “I Am,” who still really don’t know the true, deep and literally mind-blowing meaning of “I Exist.” They still listen and act according to whatever story their various aspects are telling them. It is the typical “Yes, but …” when the mind jumps in to prevent Spirit from taking over. And yet, if they would allow their own Self to step in, the story would become meaningless and the abundance would truly take care of itself. It’s something the aspects will never figure out, but that’s a good thing.

If someone experiences this profound shift in consciousness, there will never, ever be a question or a struggle anymore. Why? Because once you truly feel and own and embody the multidimensional meaning of “I Exist” you will automatically and instantly feel and know that you are abundance, that you are swimming in oceans of abundance, that it cannot be any different and that it has very little to do with money itself. And in that moment – because you can now feel it in every atom of your being – you are so overwhelmed with true and deep joy that you will radiate this joy, and it will attract all the abundance you truly are. And it will happen in many magical ways, because you don’t care anymore and because it is not artificially made up by thoughts.

When you finally realize and feel your true beingness, now it is difficult to NOT be abundant because you see and feel things so very different to what you thought you felt before, back when some annoying aspects were trying to give you artificial feelings and constructs about all their mind concepts of lack. Now it is real and you will immediately know the difference, for this is when your Master Sense is opening up! This precious sense cannot be manipulated by words, pictures, thoughts, opinions, belief systems and, most of all, your aspects and stories!

If people hang on to stories – “I don’t know how to change” or “It’s their fault” or “This is just how it is” – they stay in the zoo, trusting their stories (aspects) and their limited 3D human senses rather than their true Self. That’s why it is so very important to simply choose and allow. Money is only a story, a beautiful game. It is absolutely great to play and to have fun with it, and it automatically will come to you in so many different ways the moment you truly radiate your true Self. It simply cannot be any other way! But along as one is living a false or artificial self, a construct made up by stories and aspects, you will be limited and therefore attract in limited ways.

The Master Sense knows exactly when it is artificial or real because it can sense beyond the spoken word and the given picture. It is the “I Know That I Know” sense which cannot be tricked or manipulated. Once you allow it, you will never buy into your own or anyone else’s stories of lack anymore, and that’s when you will be truly overwhelmed with abundance in any and every possible way – because it just can’t help it. It has to be there.

True abundance is the vastness of colors we own, caused by the essences of all the experiences we made. The story itself was never important, it was simply the wrapping of the essence. No need to get stuck with the wrapping, but rather taste, allow and integrate its essence, just like when you eat a bar of chocolate. You throw away the wrapping and enjoy the chocolate itself. That essence is what we finally bring along with us when crossing over to the other side – not the money, not the success, not the failure, not the house, nothing material whatsoever, but the many, many colors of our various experiences. This is what it’s all about. This is true abundance, the true nature of the I Am, the I Exist, the Consciousness we are – and so much more …

Birgit Junker, Consciousness Coach, Realization Coaching,

8 comments on "Victimized by Money?"

  • Jennifer Levine on March 25, 2020 10:51 AM said:
    Loved this! Being that I teach 5th grade, I could really relate to the "staying in the zoo" bit!
  • William Rivas on March 26, 2016 3:00 AM said:
    Excellent, Birgit... You do push buttons. Certainly it is perfect that way. Much gratitude for you...
  • Dave on March 26, 2016 1:43 AM said:
    Thank you for this.
  • Catarina on March 25, 2016 1:27 PM said:
    Wonderful article! Pure and Simple. Thank You and Greetings!
  • Natalya Prygun on March 25, 2016 4:30 AM said:
    Thank you so much, dear Birgit Junker ! It is just my time to play with money wrapping of the essence ))), so ....
  • Joseph on March 22, 2016 11:14 PM said:
    "Great & brilliant article..." Thank you Birgit Joseph
  • Jose on March 22, 2016 10:48 PM said:
    Thanks! I loved the chocolate part >:o) The other day all of a sudden while coming to work I said: I am rich! But it tasted different because I felt rich as in the sense of Full ! Honestly I can't describe the experience, I will only distorted in the intent, but you know, I know hehehe. Anyway, thanks again. And even if I do not attain abundance in this lifetime {{{ Realm }}} I still Am What's the hurry? >:O)
  • Nancy Khaleel on March 22, 2016 7:18 PM said:
    Your very last paragraph. This is the glimmer I am finally feeling sinking in. Our experiences we came to experience and bring with us when we cross back. That's it. Thanks for this article.

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