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Inspiration is such a wonderful experience; suddenly out of nowhere arises a creative thought, melody or poem and there is an inner excitement, a kind of feeling spirit at work. The story of URFAN came to me in a truly special way and in one of my most beloved places.

My family in Austria owns a beautiful cabin in the mountains, a place of solitude and pure nature that is very dear to me. I spent a lot of time up there since my early childhood and my wife, Einat, and me spent seven summers living in that cabin. The simplicity of the life – making fire, cooking on the wood stove and benching in front of the old wooden house – brings with it a relaxed rhythm of life and space for pure being and inspiration. With the years I realized something truly special; whenever I came back to the mountain cabin, especially after having been away for a while, I experienced a very open and different channel of inspiration, mostly through receiving poems. In a way, this was quite astonishing. On the other hand it also felt very natural, especially considering that my grandmother, who had lived most of her life up there, had been a poet. Over the years I received quite a number of poems in that place and some of them eventually became songs.

A few years ago, spending a couple of days alone in the cabin, one evening I sat at the fire, content with the day and satisfied from a delicious meal cooked on the wood stove. While quietly gazing at the flames and enjoying the peacefulness of the moment, I suddenly received some very clear inner pictures. It was a stream of different scenes, characters, landscapes… and the more I submerged into that stream the more it all crystallized. It went on and on and I slowly realized that all those inner pictures were related and part of a story. I grabbed a pen and paper and tried to capture each scene with a few words or a little drawing and did so for hours until I had a first schema of what later became URFAN. The whole process felt like downloading an ancient memory or scenes from a past lifetime.

Over the next few month I wrote the first script by hand with the storyboard with the different characters, scenes and descriptions, and the story became alive, painted with my own memories and experiences, inner pictures from my childhood, travels and life. After that initial process the script rested for a few years and I nearly forgot about it. I was focused on our musical journey and it was only during the last one and a half years that I got back into it and completed the creation process, which truly made me happy.

As Urfan, the main character of the book, is a musician and bard on a journey to a secret Mystery School in the Middle Ages, it is of course tempting to identify with him, and to an extent I do. Still, I don’t see the book as an autobiography or description of a past life, but more as a living story about the timeless quest for enlightenment.

About the book:

“The story of Urfan concerns the timeless quest to discover the deepest secrets of life: the source of true happiness and spiritual realisation. The book is about the ‘journey’ back home to ourselves, about going beyond cultural and religious conditionings and finding true inspiration, freedom and ultimately enlightenment. All three companions have to leave their old lives behind to find a deeper and authentic identification with themselves and open up for the unknown. Music obviously plays an important role in the story as Urfan is a musician searching for the music of the soul. Apart from the magic of music, the beauty of nature and the exquisity of art, philosophy and mysticism, the decisive factor on the journey is Love. The experiences of true love, sexuality and friendship are the most significant events during their travels and a key to finally open the gates to the Mystery School and to meet the Master. The story came to me like a memory of another lifetime and writing the book was a fulfilling and revealing experience”

~ GF

Excerpt from URFAN:

Within the interior of the Temple there was utter silence and a sacred and devotional atmosphere prevailed. In the dim light from just a few torches they were gradually able to discern the details of this room, the sanctum sanctorum of the School. Its shape was octagonal, with a balanced inner symmetry, and in the center a rounded rock rose was a jewel, and was clearly the center of the Temple. On it stood a chalice, seemingly rooted in the rock, and above it hung a lamp suspended from the middle of the cupola on a very long chain. The geometric patterns and shapes radiating concentrically outwards from the rock. The eight walls featured tall, narrow windows which let in the magical light of the early dawn. The seats for the scholars were attached to the walls, being an integral part of the Temple’s exquisite wooden paneling. The entire room resembled a Gothic building with its upward reaching character and its colored mosaic windows, and the high cupola was reminiscent of the nave of a cathedral.

The three companions in robes sat down in their allotted places and thus found themselves within the most secret circle of this community to which they had been called…

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1 comments on "URFAN"

  • Claudia Delame on March 8, 2017 1:18 PM said:
    Thank you Gerhard, .... I remember.... Claudia.

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