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Today’s special: Exclusive interview with Isis*

Multidimensional journalist Penny Pencraft reports in now-time from Theos, where she had the privilege of conducting an exclusive interview with local celebrity, Isis. The interview took place in Isis’ exquisite rose garden.

PP: Some of our new readers are perplexed by your name. How do you feel about your name being used by a terrorist organization on Old Earth?

Isis: It’s an intriguing example of the irony of life. In their fierce but subconscious attempt to ignore their own feminine essence, these fundamentalists have chosen a name that highlights the one aspect they are most afraid of in themselves – me. It is both funny and sad. Of course, I prefer to be associated with the Egyptian goddess of life and magic.

PP: Understandable. Isis, you have taken time off your usual work to “cocoon” on Theos. What prompted you to take a retreat by yourself?

Isis: As your readers are aware of, Earth is awakening now and going through the most intense transformation since the downfall of Atlantis. With this, also the relationship between me and Adam** is evolving and expanding. It was time for me to retreat within myself and explore the depths of self-love.

If you observe Earth closely, you’ll notice that the real change isn’t about technology, economy, politics or Covid-19. These are merely mirroring the shifts in consciousness. The real transformation taking place is the emergence of a new human species. This also means that I, the Feminine Essence, am being redefined and recreated. Isis 2.0, as you humans might say. I am now ready to emerge from my cocoon in full radiance and rejoicing.

PP: What is different about this new human species?

Isis Goes to Theos - by Jessica SimanowskiIsis: I am referring to the emerging species of divine humans; embodied humans who are aware of their divinity. In practical terms, one of the distinct features in these realized women and men is the absence of guilt, shame and fear. You see, when these elements are removed, one has a completely different experience of being human. The human still has desires and needs for shelter, connection, food and so forth, yet the experience is no longer tainted by self-deprecating tendencies that cause so much suffering.

PP: How does this transformation affect you?

Isis: Just think about the feminine archetype: What do you associate with femininity? And what do you associate with being a woman on Earth? Childbirth, monthly bleeding, being treated like a second-class citizen. And, for the most part, these are painful experiences. For millennia, the experience of the feminine has been closely associated with suffering, oppression and imbalance. The feminine and the masculine have been caught in power games.

Think of the ‘Me Too’ movement that shook the Earth three years ago, when countless women finally voiced the pain that had been repressed because of shame and fear. This is an example of the imbalances between Isis and Adam being lifted into the light of awareness; an essential phase in the process of integration. Many women and men have consciously stepped onto a path of healing these imbalances. At the same time, many women still find themselves trapped in the identity of the victim.

Think of the material that Tobias has shared with the Crimson Circle called The Wound of Isis. Not ‘The Joy of Isis’ or ‘The Freedom of Isis.’ Why this focus on the wound of Isis? Well, because that is what so many humans associate with the feminine. This is not to say that Adam hasn’t suffered, too. I am merely pointing out that, until now, humans have embodied the wound of Isis. Yet my essence is not victimhood and suffering. My essence is love, beauty, joy, creativity, sensuality, expansion. Imagine the feminine embodied on Earth without shame, guilt and fear. That is a completely new reality! Who is Isis in freedom? This is what the new realized masters humans on Earth are exploring right now. (Can we please replace the word ‘master’ with a term that is not so distinctly masculine?)

PP: What about Adam’s transformation?

Isis: I’d rather not speak for him. We have a sovereign relationship these days.

PP: Speaking of which, our readers are always curious about celestial gossip; what is happening with you and Adam?

Isis: Like the souled beings whose consciousness I reflect, I have been seeking myself. In my quest to return home and to know myself, I found contrast. Adam was my faithful mirror and my contrast. After a lengthy time of experimentation and exploration, I discovered that it is not contrast that leads to “finding home,” but rather the acceptance of self as whole, sovereign and free. You see, for eons my identity was defined (and limited) through my relationship to Adam. When each of us chose to release this attachment, we were able to explore sovereignty and wholeness within. Adam and I share a deep and complex history: We have experienced unity together, but an innocent unity that lacked sovereignty; we have experienced karma, battles and abuse; we have experienced healing and a profound release of old attachments (I believe humans call this a ‘break up’). Most recently, we have experienced sovereignty. How can two sovereign archetypes co-exist and dance with each other? That remains to be seen. We are exploring new territory here.

PP: Sounds exciting! With all these changes going on, how will this affect the dualistic nature of gender and sex in future generations?

Isis: Already now, and even more so in the future, there will be many strata or dimensions of Earth for humans to tap into. Each human has the freedom to tune into Old Earth, Awakening Earth or one of the New Earths. Already we see that gender is becoming more fluid as more humans are awakening. Perhaps gender will become irrelevant in some of the New Earths. It is really up to what experiences humans choose for themselves. Of course, the advancement of technology and medicine will reflect this shift into a more gender-fluid species; it will become easier for humans to choose their biological sex and/or their gender in the near future. What’s more significant, however, is the balance of the masculine and feminine within humans, whether male or female. Releasing these inner imbalances is a prerequisite to inner freedom and self-realization. When a human becomes ‘realized,’ gender is no longer a cornerstone of identity but simply a creative and freely chosen expression.

PP: What advice would you give to humans who are ready to integrate and heal the wounds of Isis within?

Isis: It all comes down to self-love. Each being will discover the true nature of self-love in their own way. However, as a practical starting point, I suggest conscious breathing and Aliyah.

PP: Thank you for this insightful interview.

Isis: My pleasure.

*Isis refers to the essence of the feminine archetype (for more information, see Crimson Circle’s Sexual Energy School, or the Wound of Isis materials)

**Adam refers to the essence of the masculine archetype (see the Wound of Adam material for more information).

Kim Seppälä (who moonlights as Penny Pencraft) is a writer, psychologist and admittedly still a feminist. To contact Kim, please visit her website:

This article was inspired by Jessica Simanowski’s artwork: “Modern Mary Magdalene – Isis goes Theos.”

2 comments on "Timeless Times"

  • Sonja Kunstek Pantar on October 19, 2020 7:36 AM said:
    Thank you for this beautiful article. It's fun, playful,free, just like new Isis😉 Love the energy behind it 🌺
  • Laura Kühn on October 14, 2020 10:03 AM said:
    I loved this thing about two sovereign archetypes coexisting and dancing with each other! I think this planetary awakening will make possible for humans to really discover what love is!

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