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Walter Russell (1870-1962) introduced the concept of a universe of motion rather than matter. We have all heard the universe is an illusion or you create your own reality, but if you’re like me, you didn’t REALLY believe it.

What we really want is a way to create the events in our life for what our human consciousness desires. Adamus is working with us on a different level to connect to our knowingness beyond our human consciousness. What role could understanding a universe of motion possibly have to do with multi-dimensionality? A universe in motion is one of multi-dimensionality. A change in our awareness actually changes the motion (events) in our lives – an escape from our unlocked prison cells – a common metaphor with Adamus. A universe of motion takes freedom to a new level.

As I listened to Adamus in October 2015 tell us we do not move through Timespace, but that Timespace moves through us, I felt the objective rug disappear from under my feet. As Adamus was speaking, I remembered a book I read (or tried to read) by Walter Russell called “A New Concept of the Universe” (1953), so I picked it up again with “new” eyes. With the words Adamus had spoken, I was able to understand Russell’s concept on a clearer level. Opportunities for living in a world of motion rather than objects started coming to me.

Adamus as Mark Twain knew Walter Russell. Twain had even invited Walter Russell to join the Twilight Club where the group met at each other’s homes to discuss the events of the day. In that lifetime, Twain thought Russell was crazy. While most people laughed at Russell, with hindsight he is now being called the Leonardo da Vinci of the twentieth century because he became notably proficient in many areas: music, illustration, science, painting, poetry, and sculpture. He was born in Boston and before he could walk or speak, he could play any tune he heard on the piano with one finger. He received no formal education after the age of eight.

According to Russell, “The cardinal error of science is shutting the creator out of his creation. This one basic error topples the whole structure for out of it all of the other misconceptions of light, matter, energy, electricity, magnetism and atomic structure have grown.” Adamus has told us that soon science will take consciousness into account, or at least some scientists will.

In a nutshell, our universe is one of balanced stillness (bon?). The creator (Consciousness, God, You) divides the balanced ether into a state of imbalance. Once an imbalance occurs, the universe seeks to re-balance into balanced stillness again. A series of actions/reaction are set into motion.

Consciousness creates the imbalance, and objects are only one part of the creative/destructive cycle of our universe. Russell encourages scientists to think cyclically instead of objectively. “Objectivity is but one stage of the cycle which is forever moving between many stages between appearance and disappearance of what our senses interpret as objective.” Today we would use the term multi-dimensional. The objective part of the cycle occurs at the apex connection of the two cones and re-creation occurs at the bases of the cones.

Both Adamus and Russell used the term gravity as a condensation rather than an attraction. Adamus said, “So everybody has a perception of reality that there is a single Timespace, and a movement of an object through that timespace creates gravity. And that is not true. It is actually the object – you, your consciousness now solidified in a human body – with Timespace moving through it [that creates gravity]. … Timespace is moving through you right now, and as it does, it is creating a gravitational effect. … Gravity in this case is a suction. It condenses. It creates density.”

Russell defines gravity as the implosive condition that compresses waves into small volumes by winding them up in a spiral centripetal (inward) motion. Gravity condenses and holds in. Yet this is only half of the picture. There is an equal and balancing motion he calls radiation, but it could also be called anti-gravity, a term that Adamus has also used. The explosive condition expands small volumes of waves into a large volume by an unwinding spiral in a centrifugal (outward) motion.

Adamus would agree, saying that bon (ether) is “moving, in a way, like a psychedelic light pattern… coming forth in waves or in cycles or bursts of radiant light, almost like it’s coming from the source and expanding out. And at the same time these waves are also going inward. It’s happening inward and outward all at the same time… This movement of Timespace is absolutely patterned and responding to consciousness, to you.” (Keahak V)

Russell would agree that the universe is patterned. Our science is based on force, pushing, explosions, decay, entropy, chaos, burning, and destroying. We are starting with the objective part of the cycle and looking only at the radiating explosive portion of it. The science we have built up has enabled us to explain how things disappear, but it has not explained the unseen creative part of the cycle that is based on pulling instead of pushing. Could this have been the part of the cycle that Adamus was referring to when we said we could move a vase in the center of the room effortlessly?

I will use an example of vortexes on earth to get a glimpse of the implosive side; however, this is already a special case of what Russell is saying. I initially made the mistake of trying to understand these rotations in terms of clockwise and counter-clockwise (right-hand, left-hand) because our science uses these terms, but the rotation of the earth and the location of the vortex affect the direction a vortex spins. Some of the most dramatic earth vortexes are tornados, which do spin in different directions in the northern and southern hemispheres. Every tornado has its story of impossible occurrences. For example, in the November 2015 tornados in the southern United States, one can see photographs of a corn shuck embedded in a truck radiator. In our view of the world this can’t happen. Also in these tornados an SUV (sport utility vehicle) was lifted into the air, hitting a water tower half a mile away and landing three-quarters of a mile from where it had been parked. Was this SUV pushed through the air or was it pulled? Could there be a deeper meaning behind “this isn’t Kansas anymore” when Dorothy and Toto were swept away by a tornado in the Wizard of Oz?

Even our breath echoes of this universal pulsing as it pulls in and pushes out air. Our breath is the re-balancing mechanism for humans. We are taught to take a deep breath, especially when we need to re-balance.

The re-balancing mechanism for objects is magnetism, according to Russell; however, he is using the term as the balancing and counterbalancing of polarizations. In my research I found magnetism described in terms of the force it applies to other objects or in terms of how it reacts with electricity or what happens to objects in a magnetic field. According to Walter Russell, electro-magnetism is a term that will go away: “Electro-magnetism is a non-existent force in nature; nor are there electro-magnetic fields or magnetic fields.” (I believe that Tobias and Adamus have said that free energy has to do with magnetics.)

“The rebalancing is done by two sets of two opposing magnetic poles (a total of four): the north/south (rotational) axis and the east/west (equatorial) axis.” (Russell) Our science has only recognized the rotating north/south polarization. Russell is adding an entire new perspective to magnetism with a balancing east/west axis of another magnetic polarization. These four polarizations are enough to define a sphere or, in our 3-D reality, an ellipse when the north/south polarizations are not equal to the east/west polarizations.

This use of polarizations applies to any type of matter: electrons, atoms, planets or suns. Most scientists agree that it is impossible to have a perfect sphere in our 3-D reality. Let’s take another look at a less than perfect sphere, earth. Earth rotates on the shorter north/south axis and is bulged at the elongated equatorial east/west axis. Based on this flattening, the north/south magnetic poles can move away from the axis of rotation by as much as 23 degrees. The east/west poles are critical in keeping the rotational and equatorial axes balanced. This polarization, along with consciousness, is enough to keep the earth and its solar system in motion without additional effort.

What keeps the cycle repeating? You, the creator. As long as consciousness remains, Timespace moving through you will repeat the cycles. The senses will perceive something as either static or as moving, depending on what they have been conditioned to perceive. There is no difference in Timespace effort between an object that moves and one that remains static. Objects do disappear from our human consciousness, but usually there is a “logical” explanation of how they no longer exist, although there are exceptions such as stories of the spontaneous disappearance of a tumor.

The science Russell describes is not limited to objects, but can also be applied to concepts and beliefs. We live in a world configured by a mass consciousness. As mass consciousness changes, so does our world and so do we. As our consciousness changes, mass consciousness also changes. Consciousness is starting to move beyond merely survival awareness. This may sound a bit esoteric, but there are many unexplored possibilities for practical use.

For example, we transport our water in pipes usually made from concrete or metal. We use our current understanding of gravity to move the water, but when gravity is not an option we need to apply some force to push the water through the pipe. This frequently results in water sitting in pipes where it has time to leach chemicals, or sit in pools where bacteria can grow. If water could be brought directly from its source, the water would not need to be processed and cleaned nearly as much. I recently saw an information about a company that is working with different types of spiraling pipes to keep the vortex push/pull action, enabling the water to keep moving without an outside force.

Walter Russell was accused of trying to destroy 300 years of science, but they did not know about Adamus’ AND. Our science has built up a beautiful and intricate view of the objective world that has enabled us to not only survive but to thrive on some levels. Russell is helping us expand our view by showing that our current science only takes into account part of the universe. All of our engineering can remain intact and will also add endless possibilities for more engineering as we begin to understand the implosive side of the universe. Common terms may take on new meanings or new terms may need to be introduced as Adamus did with Bon (ether). Radiation, magnetism, energy, and electricity already have many conations built up around them. Some of the scientific theories such as the big bang, string theory and dark matter may not stand the test of time, but the new possibilities will expand exponentially.

I will end with a quote from Walter Russell: “New ideas and new knowledge that have heretofore been unknown come from the creative minds of those who have the power to reach out into the Universal Consciousness and bring new concepts into material form for man’s use. These new ideas do not come from books, for such books have never been printed. They do not come from teachers, for such new ideas are unknown to teachers.” Adamus is encouraging each of us to reach into our multi-dimensional knowingness. It will be consciousness changing. AND…

Editor’s note: Mary Sue Dickerson spoke with Adamus about Walter Russell during the January 2, 2016 Shoud.

Mary Sue Dickerson grew up on a small, rather isolated farm in rural Illinois, USA. After completing Master of Science degrees in both mathematics and computer science, consciousness offered an interesting and challenging career for a female in the blossoming computer industry. She specialized in analytic modeling and computer performance and is now ready to move from “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it” to “I am managing it and allowing on the human level.” She is retired and enjoys outdoor activities and travel.

2 comments on "The Universe in Motion"

  • Shaimaa on June 11, 2024 10:54 PM said:
    Thanks Mary Sue
  • Ronke Rwagaju on March 13, 2016 7:08 AM said:
    G'day Sue, so sorry that I took so long to reply to your response about animating the Walter Russell concepts and about electricity. I posted my response on the CC blog site but I now understand that that is no longer being use (although it is still accessible). I have tried to post the response here but keep getting an error message. Could you kindly access the blog site to take a look at my response. Sincerely, Ronke Rwagaju

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