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What does being a Spiritual Master mean? Simply stated, it is your own mastery of yourself. Who or what is “yourself”? You are a combination of your spirit/soul/higher self/divinity which is a huge, amazing presence scrunched into a human body that may or may not work well for a lifetime so you can have an adventure on planet Earth.

Most people identify with their human body and think that it is who they are. Spiritual types say no, we are spirit also. I say we need to shift our focus to being that “huge amazing presence scrunched into a human body” that doesn’t fit us so well – kind of like one of those uncomfortable roller coaster cars that we jam ourselves into for a ride. And as we go about our everyday life, we should view the world from the eyes of a “huge, amazing presence scrunched into a human body” as we observe and experience the world around us. This is our ride. We paid our entry fee, got the ticket and this is what we get to do for 100 years or so. But how we do it is up to us.

Back in the Tobias days, something he said triggered a new spiritual practice for me. Every morning as I woke up, I would take a deep breath and fill myself with love – love for myself and my life. As I looked in the bathroom mirror, I would look with love at myself, say hello to my spirit on a wave of love, and invite my spirit to spend the day with me. All day long, I would keep the feeling of love as my main energetic focus. All day long, I would talk to my spirit, telling her about my world. On the way to work – “Oh, look at those trees, how beautiful they are! And they give us clean air.” I would send love and blessings to the trees to honor their work here on the planet. At work an employee would come see me about a problem. As I listened, I would send them love and say to my spirit, “See, this is a typical problem for humans on earth. We are at work and they don’t like what another employee is doing.” And so my day would go. I would do what was needed, but in my heart was the love that I AM, and my spirit was sharing my day. Over time, my spirit and I would have dialogue about everything that I experienced in my day through the energy of love. My observations of everyday life came to be consistently from “behind the short wall” because I was identifying myself more as spirit than human, and I started seeing everything as energy exchanges. My spirit would lovingly point out the energy of situations, I would send love to the situations I witnessed, and so would go every day of my life.

Fast forward ten years, and it has become a deeply engrained habit. I automatically see everything through the lens of love and see the energy behind every situation. What I don’t “know” in my mind, I “sense” through the ‘Ah,’ the ‘And,’ and the other words we use for that which is of our spirit and undefinable by the human mind. So, what does my life look like now? People call me happy. They seek me out. I get lots of hugs everywhere I go. I am at peace. I am content. I am productive. I am creative. Every day is filled with love, because I choose it. And, to me, that is what spiritual mastery is all about. I have mastered how I use energy. I have mastered how I think. I have mastered what I allow myself to feel. I have mastered how I choose to react to every situation in my life. I have mastered putting my mind into the love of my heart so that it doesn’t dictate reactions into my experience. I have mastered letting my spirit’s reaction supersede any reaction from my mind. My spirit comes first. My humanness comes second. And this sometimes plays out in interesting ways.

I live in Fort Simpson, Northwest Territories, Canada. I was driving home after Christmas and, because I live in the north, we had a typical heavy snowfall for about 4 days. Roads were all snowed in, and since I live 5 hours from the nearest town, with no cell service for most of the 5-hour journey, I chose to spend another day in visiting relatives. I could have gotten into drama about having to wait another day to get home; I could have complained about spending another night in a hotel, but I am the master of myself, and I chose to experience the extra day as free time for myself and an opportunity to visit family. Because of this choice, it was a day filled with love and joy and adventure.

The heavy snow finally stopped, and road clearing began. It was packed ice and slippery, and I wanted to make the drive during daylight hours for safety reasons. So, I hit the road with love in my heart, and excitement for the experience of driving in the north of Canada that few people get to experience. Well, somewhere along the way, I hit black ice, slid sideways down the highway, did a 360 degree turn and ended up with my car backwards in the snow-filled ditch. Sliding sideways down the highway my only human thought was “Oh Sh*t.” With a big ‘poof’ of powdery snow, my car was buried deep in the ditch and pointing toward on-coming traffic. Spirit and I were one in that moment, laughing out loud.

My human self really wanted to get into panic and fear. However, being the master of myself, I chose differently. I couldn’t get out of the car unless I crawled through the window. I couldn’t leave the car running because the tailpipe was buried in snow and the carbon monoxide would kill me. Did I mention there isn’t much traffic on this highway? Well, I grabbed my blankets from the back seat, wrapped myself well and made sure all my clothing was completely zipped up to retain as much heat as possible. The entire time, I was communicating with my spirit, but not through my mind – my mind wanted to panic, so I by-passed it. Instead, I communicated through what Tobias called the “Ah,” and what Adamus calls the “And.” I took a few deep breaths and settled in to wait for a vehicle to come by. My mind still wanted very much to freak out, so I pulled out my phone to play a game to settle it down. I was also aware of my “huge, amazing presence scrunched into a human body” laughing at myself playing a game to sooth my mind.

Within 20 minutes, I saw a truck in the distance coming in my direction. I opened the window and waved. He stopped. I was fine. The car was fine. I didn’t have cell service. He said he would call a tow truck as soon as he got into cell range. Spirit works in amazing ways. The fellow who stopped lived in my village, was the brother of one of my clients, and I know his wife quite well. It was just what my mind needed to stay calm – a familiar face. And, as I waited the hour or so for the tow truck to arrive, a few other people stopped and offered to have me wait in their warm vehicles. In a short time, I was out of the ditch, back on the highway and on my way home.

My human self was very calm throughout the experience. I took pictures in order to share the adventure with my friends (who think I am brave and a little crazy), and remember laughing with my spirit about the situation because I got a dash cam for Christmas and got the whole experience digitally recorded. “Of course,” I chuckled to myself. “I got a dash cam and just HAD to have an experience to try it out!”

A few days later, I woke up and said to my spirit, “I wonder what today will bring? I wonder what the temperature is, so I know how to dress? I hope my car starts. I want a cup of tea.” Checking the temperature it was -47C (-52.6 F) with wind chill. I laughed and looked outside. It was still dark out, but I could see a foggy haze around the street lights. I was excited, because I’d never experienced -47C in Fort Simpson before. What will it be like? Cold, yes, but there are many different kinds of cold! Damp cold. Dry cold. Freezing cold. Icy cold. Biting cold. Frigid cold. Just the thought of all the different kinds of cold made me chuckle to myself as I got ready for work.

Of course, my car wouldn’t start. I didn’t blame it, poor thing. It had just gone into the ditch a few days before and now it was frozen solid. So, I added another layer of clothing and set out walking to work.

I was still excited, for I had never walked to work in -47C before. I was dressed well and not cold. The sun was just rising – a pale pink glow in the sky behind me. Walking along, I was amazed at all the ice crystals hanging in the air. “Wow! The air is frozen!” I thought. “I’m breathing frozen air!” Laughing with my spirit about it all, I was filled with love for the whole experience. I pulled out my cell phone and started taking pictures of the frozen air, smiling and laughing like a tourist visiting planet Earth for an amazing experience. As the sun hit the floating ice crystals, each one glowed with soft pinks and purples. The air was alive with color. I was so filled with love and joy for the experience that I was grinning and laughing out loud with happiness.

Of course, I could have complained about my car. I could have complained about the weather. I could have chosen to not see the beauty around me. I could have approached the day whining about my difficult life. I could have chosen to stay home (a lot of people did that day). The point is that I consciously chose how to react to the situation, and in every moment my experience is my choice.

Are there bumps in the road of Spiritual Mastery? Yes. Sometimes my physical body still can dictate my experience, but I am approaching that mastery more easily now than ever before. I can truly say, “I AM the master of my energy. I AM the master of my experience. I AM the master of my mind. I AM the master of my emotions. I CHOOSE how I will experience my life.”

My spirit leads. My human follows. This is what it means to be a Spiritual Master.

Angela Fiebelkorn presently lives in Fort Simpson, NT, Canada and is semi-retired. She started teaching abundance classes in 1992, and uses her life as a continuing experiment in creating consciously with many interesting and sometimes amusing results. She has been a hotel manager, health care manager, a project manager, website designer, e-commerce entrepreneur, a studio musician, a songwriter/performer, a spiritual/personal development teacher, real estate investor, bookkeeper, and fearless pirate of change. Angela discovered the Crimson Circle teachings in October 2000 and has attended many Crimson Circle events.

3 comments on "The Life of a Spirit Master"

  • ROSANA VEIGA GUIMARAES on May 26, 2018 8:37 AM said:
    Obrigada por compartilhar suas experiencias e a forma como você as vivencia! abs
  • Sonia on May 17, 2018 12:15 PM said:
    Love your story , sounds familiar.
  • Wendie on May 16, 2018 9:28 AM said:
    Love your story...thank you for sharing funny how our experiences from simple mundane tasks turn somewhat magical when our human allows...💜

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