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Creation of the human language is said to have started roughly 200,000 years ago and gotten perfected about 100,000 years ago. Of course, it’s all speculation because the act of speaking leaves no physical trace! So, in reality, no one really knows why we speak the way we do or when it actually started.

This 100,000 years date strangely coincides with the beginning of the Atlantean time, which is when humans started using the mind as the main tool to process reality. This led to the perfecting of language and speech as ‘speaking’ became the standard way of communication. Unfortunately, this focus into the mind made intuition and knowingness fade away over time, which, in turn, led to a language structure that is limited and not intuitive at all. That is a big contrast with the previous period, the time of Mu, where, according to Adamus, people used basic sounds, signing and a lot of knowingness as the standard way of communicating with each other.

Today, one thing we know for sure is that the formulation of spoken languages is globally standard, and their complexity is not tied to evolution. For example, some regions in Africa speak using 141 distinct sounds or phonemes, while in south America some people speak with only 11 sounds or phonemes. As a reference, the English language has 44 sounds or phonemes. But almost all speaking languages are formulated using a similar syntax, which is a sequence of words representing the subject, the object and the verb.

Strangely, no scientist has ever questioned or explored the reasons why humans speak using a sequence of words! One could argue that it is because no other alternative exists. Or it could be simply because we only have one tube (mouth) out of which sounds come!

Independent of any potential reasons, there is one constant that is present in all human languages: the unconscious understanding that words are not satisfying enough to convey complete meanings and intentions. This can be seen in the plethora of parallel modes of communications we created over time, on top of the natural spoken language. These additional level of languages ranges from concrete things like intonation and body language to abstract things like subliminal cues. Overall, these additions enrich the discourse and convey much more information than by simply using the mouth with a little bit of sound.

An example of the presence of many of these levels can be seen when Adamus speaks. If you watch and listen closely, you’ll hear the words first. But they are accompanied by the song (the intonation), the pause pattern (the beat), the body movements (elbow, arms, hand and head), the facial expressions (winces and cringes), and the eye direction and movements. Then, if you look deeper, you’ll perceive more abstract things like mental percolation and subliminal cues. And ultimately, there will be the energetic level which only the ‘I am’ can grasp. These last three levels are the ones I find the most fascinating.

There is the mental percolation. This is when a couple of loosely related sentences will make one realize an unforeseen concept. It is the art of talking about something while subtly saying something else, and it is one of the ways Adamus uses to “distract the mind.” He will say 2-3 sentences followed by a pause to let the information “percolate” into the mind. Sometimes it takes a more physical form, like when he stops, changes the subject, has a comedic moment and then comes back to the main topic and continues on. He is a master at teaching and using mental percolation!

Then there is the subliminal (or imbedded, if you are into marketing) communication. It is the art of placing a subtle message inside another more obvious one, without the receiver consciously knowing about it. It is succinct and generally takes the form of a repeated word or group of words during a long discourse. An example would be the word “Allow” repeated 10 times per Shoud. Or “It comes to you...,” “One will accept...,” “Would you receive...,” “Breath and allow...,” etc., repeated many times per Shoud.

And at the top, there is the energetic level. This could be compared to the subconscious mind that picks up information the conscious mind does not, but from the ‘I am’ perspective. It is, to me, the soul and all the aspects listening and understanding, in their own ways, what is being perceived by the ‘I Am’ in the present moment. It is the most important level, so I won’t mentalize it here.

So... all this complexity simply because we only have one mouth! From my perspective this is much too limiting. We Shaumbra are, now, in a new era of expanded consciousness. Using one string of words coupled to other levels of communication is simply not enough to express equally expanded thoughts and feelings. For example, how could one clearly express a multi-level (AND) realization in English, in a succinct manner, without getting lost in mental explanations?

One answer could be: Do it like Adamus! I admire him for being able to convey so much using this very limited language that we call English. Obviously, the bulk of the information he conveys is at the energetic level; the mental only picks it up later on, sometimes days after the delivery. It is kind of magical and really amazing! And it begs the question then, why do we waste time and energy talking in this complicated manner while we could do it through another level of consciousness with much more ease and grace? If Adamus does it, we can do it! (Note to self: Make a T-shirt with this quote on it)

Can you imagine what it would be like to communicate not using the limited linguistic way? To consciously use this energetic level of communication within ourselves and with others? How rich, colorful and truly sensual it would be. One breath, one sound, one feeling... then many images, emotions, sounds, colors, odors and more! And also, how it would impact human life? Suddenly art, science and life in general could be much more expanded and beautiful.

But how, one would ask? It’s simple. Just be aware of this energetic level at any moment. We all developed this awareness for verbal speech, for the intonation, the words and even for the body language. It has become normal because ‘focus’ was put on it for hundreds of thousands of years. Now, why not put this amazing sense of focus on this energetic level of communication? Fundamentally, it’s only a question of choice because we are all naturally geared up to understand this language anyway. It should be easy peasy; just put it in your day-to-day awareness. Et voila!

By the way, Adamus refers to this energetic level as the “angelic language.” To me this term ‘angelic’ sounds and feels like an old energy concept. We’re not baby angels anymore! We are enlightened masters with a fulfilled soul! The name of this energetic language should reflect this new state of consciousness. It could be something like “The language of light” or “The language of THEO,” which I like. Since Theo is the new definition of god, or the ‘I am’ realized, it is then very appropriate as the main term for this expanded energetic level of communication.

The language of THEO: The underlying non-verbal form of communication that encompasses all languages, used by any soul’s expression, in accordance to its level of consciousness.

So, I call upon every willing Shaumbra to make the conscious choice of bringing the language of THEO here on earth as a new way of consciously communicating with oneself and with each other.

Author’s Note: This article was first created, using the language of THEO, in the time of one breath (literally). The body of this article then took one hour to write, and many more hours were needed to fix the grammar and make it mentally clear! I can see that one day, soon I hope, we will be able to convey this kind of information only using a breath, completely bypassing the needs of the mind to translate everything into mental concepts.

Stark is a very active DreamWalker, a casual consciousness traveler and a new-energy explorer. He’s been around the omniverse for a very long time exploring, experiencing and creating all that can be. One of his more recent creations, together with other masters, is Theos, the place of Love. He was also deeply involved in the New Earths project for most of his earlier life. He now enjoys pre-retirement and his main activity is simply allowing what comes. He can be contacted here.

4 comments on "The Language of THEO"

  • Wendie Baugh on April 18, 2019 8:51 PM said:
    Magnificent Stark I hv felt this way for a long time..Thank you for sharing :)
  • Simone Gouveia on June 2, 2018 3:10 AM said:
    Wow, yes I do realize this to be the new normal for us who choose to be embodied Enlightenment. I just recently participate in live workshop and realized how much was into my energy body. Adamus entering our energy space, the amount of communication without words. He mentioned that our group was already able to directly feel and less words were needed. All happened for me the Keahak house.Thank you for such a interesting article. Blessings
  • Shaumbra Guru Raja on May 21, 2018 8:27 PM said:
    Wonderful WOW!!! Language Of THEO Beloved Tobias Called Language Of AH!!! Yes Thank you Namaste.
  • Shirley Loh on May 21, 2018 5:15 PM said:
    Thank you for explaining what I have been feeling ...

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