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I looked out at the hundreds and hundreds of faces, all turned towards me with an expectant look… well, I say “faces,” since it seems to express best what I saw, though there were only a few human-like faces to be seen. All sorts of “characters” were in the audience, in all kinds of shapes and forms. They all existed – in their own unique way, in their own unique expression – and their attention was on me. I cleared my throat:

“Dear friends, my very dear friends” – I spread my arms wide. I just had to, as if wanting to embrace them all.

“We are gathered here today, to celebrate our Re-Union. Finally! We have all made it here. And, though I no longer own it, I act the role of ‘The Boss,’ as I have for such a long time. That is why I stand here, with your consent, and maybe for the very last time, to express our United Knowingness of the following:

“That I took on the responsibility for all and everything, because that’s what seemed to be an essential part of the role. However, many of you felt that I did not accept you as equals, and you did not like it at all.”

“You can say that again!” a voice boomed out. Many in the audience chuckled.

“Yes, I know. You were probably the one who resented it the most, my dear Willpower,” I smiled. “But I had gotten so exhausted, so very, very tired, that I felt I could not go on much longer, and I wondered what went wrong. I wondered why so many of you stayed away, or fought against me. I had called out and invited you. I had chanted and said mantras. I had done breathing, again, and again. I had done the allowing, as best as I could. And then it dawned on me: I was just one of us all. It was about accepting only my very own responsibility, and leaving yours to you, my friends, whatever you represented, be it aspects, past life-memories, perspectives, or anything else.

“And, as I let go of all that was not my very own, the burden fell away. It was the burden I had carried lifetime after lifetime, ever increasing in weight with each new experience, all the aspects created through it and all the additional responsibility which seemingly came with it.

Then I saw that there was no inside or outside, there was no Threshold to step over. We were all in the same space, and it was ever only the perspective, the illusion that separated us from each other. And now we are together, as All-That-We-Are.

“So, dear friends, I have surrendered my role and stepped down from my office. I am now part of all of us. And if any of you should have the slightest fear of vanishing, of losing your identity in All-We-Are, if you should doubt that this is what you want, then take this as proof: You can still act out your particular role, like I acted out mine just now, if you should wish to – for your own joy and for our entertainment. I, the human, am now integrated along with all of you.”

There was a moment of silence. And then, a tumultuous applause broke out, with laughter and great cheering. All-of-Us started to move, to swirl and dance – each one an individual facet yet moving as one, like a huge swarm of fish in the ocean – as if directed by a grand invisible choreographer.

Our individual voices, united in a huge choir, joyfully echoed in the deep silence of ALL-THAT-I-AM.

In this incarnation, Judy worked in many different jobs and positions, travelling all over the planet in between employments before starting her own coaching business in 1994. Since realizing that she already is enlightened, and that this is to be her last lifetime on Old Earth, she’s letting go of it all now, to live life as a full-time Master.

Photo taken right after Awakening, when facing all her aspects (nowadays her halo looks much less crumpled). She chose it explicitly to show some other facet of herself than what may shine through in the story (you know, the AND). Judy can be contacted here.

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