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Over the years I have become more and more sensitive, as I am sure many of you have also. As we become more integrated with our Master self and our consciousness expands, the human aspect becomes more aware of everything. I think the human aspect is perhaps going back to its original sensitive state which we have suppressed or dulled down over many lifetimes in order to cope with the density of the energy of Earth. As we are now opening to all that we are and inviting the Master self in, we are allowing our sensitivities to expand in order to enjoy the full experience of life on Earth. For many of us, this is our last lifetime and we want to experience life fully. Allowing our sensitive and sensual nature to open up is a main part of this.

There are times when being very sensitive can certainly be extremely enjoyable; for example, tapping into the love I have for myself or the feeling of love from another. I love the sensation of a hug from a loved one or just holding hands. I also love feeling the energies of nature and, in particular, I love the sensations of being near the ocean. I also love feeling into the consciousness of nature anywhere, such as the mountains that are around me while I type this. For me, these states can become bliss-like and certainly some of the most delightful aspects of being very sensitive. It can be fun to feel into the consciousness of whatever I choose, then take a breath and come back to my own awareness.

Over the years I have come to understand that my sensitivities tend to increase slowly over time in a manner which my human self can cope with. This is something that my human doesn’t need to and indeed cannot control, and I have learned to completely trust my Master self to guide and allow this natural process and unfolding. I think as we open more to our natural sensitivities, we are allowing more of the integration process and ultimately allowing our realisation. I believe that, because we have chosen to stay, our sensitivities unfold gradually and only at a level we can cope with, so that staying on Earth does not become overwhelming. I also trust my human and Master to be able to cope with any situation I place myself in.

I believe that being so sensitive is also protective for us. I use my sensitivity all the time to ensure the best experience for my human self. This may be as simple as feeling into a taxi driver’s energy or a place I was thinking of visiting, to see if I feel safe. No doubt many of you do this automatically now, although I think it’s good to recognise this ability, for by doing so it is strengthened and reinforced. I personally do this with everything now. For instance, when it comes to food and drink, I will feel into my body to see what it would like and whether the food feels of a nice energy or vibration for me to eat it. Being sensitive used to feel like a negative to me, but over time, I have changed my perception to see this in a more positive light, even though there are still challenges.

Through using many of the strategies mentioned below, I am able to manage myself in any situation, whether it be a busy airport, city centre or being close to a person experiencing a strong emotion such as anger. There are still challenging times, but they usually last only for a few minutes or an hour or so now, rather than a whole day. In the past, my sensitivities led me to withdraw from people and situations, whereas now I feel free to experience any situation I want to, trusting and knowing that I’ll be able to cope with it. These strategies have become habits which quickly enable me to return to my ‘I am’ consciousness, and I will use different ones depending on how I feel and the individual situation.

As I am sure many of you can relate to, I have become very sensitive to things in my immediate environment such as technology, electricity, smells and sounds, and also to the broader environment around me and even, on a wider scale, mass consciousness. I am currently in the foothills of the Himalayas in McLeod Ganj, a beautiful scenic area filled with the sweet energy of the monks, nuns and the Dalai Lama. In only a moment, I can feel into this gentle spiritual energy, the energy of the mountains, or the staff at the hotel. I can feel into the high street in an instant, and sense how busy it is and whether I feel like going out there. I can sense into the weather and feel if it might rain, etc. I am learning to use my sensitivities to my advantage by feeling into places ahead of time, if they feel safe or busy, and whether I would like to go there.

I do limit my exposure to mass consciousness, choosing to not watch television or listen to the radio. My human aspect used to believe it had some responsibility to keep up with current affairs, but we are only informed of select and biased news depending on where we live. I also remind myself that the “news” has nothing to do with me. I know the world is going through it’s transition and there are world events happening continually, but I don’t need to know about or be involved in the drama that comes with them. I haven’t watched television for about 12 years now and don’t miss it. I also limit my exposure by unfollowing people and news feeds that engage in this drama. I know – and have experienced – that if I need to know about something, I will be informed.

One of my main challenges has been being out in public and dealing with other people’s energy, and in the past I would simply avoid going out. However, one of my passions is to see the world, so I have developed strategies for managing this, though they will no doubt continue to evolve. I have also drawn on my studies and experience with psychology to develop these tools. I believe there is a science behind some of the methods I use, although I don’t need to understand exactly how they work. I trust my intuition and if something assists me, even though my human mind would like to know how it works, this is not required.

Here are the strategies I have developed to help myself manage these sensitivities:

Being increasingly sensitive to noise, the more sounds I am exposed to, the more stressed I can feel. However, spending time in silence usually helps balance this out. If you are exposed to a lot of intermittent sounds, hearing a louder and constant sound over top of the noise can assist. An example of this would be having the air conditioning on to drown out other sounds in a noisy hotel. A constant background sound can sometimes assist you in performing familiar tasks more quickly. However, if you are completing new or complex tasks, background sound may make it more difficult. I find it assists me to be aware of the quantity and volume of all sounds in my environment and reduce unnecessary ones as much as possible. If I really need to concentrate and am not able to reduce external sounds, I will use ear plugs. It is also good to remember that our human self can actually desensitise to sounds we are continually exposed to.

As I am sure many of you do instinctively, I have learned the importance of balancing my time alone against my time with others. I personally prefer at least one hour of silence in the morning before I speak to anyone. This is my time for connecting to my Master Self and for self-care. I often wake around 4:00 a.m., so usually have several hours before my partner wakes. Without this time, I can feel the difference in myself and my stress level. I also like to have a walk or run alone in silence every morning and have found this vital to retaining my sense of balance and calmness.

Before leaving the house, I spend a few minutes consciously inviting in my Master Self. This feels better if I am completely alone, looking out the window at the beauty of the day. I spend a few moments feeling my ‘I am’ and that I exist, and taking a few deep breaths. I also remind myself that I am grounded, just by saying this to myself. It is a technique that can be used any time throughout the day if my energy feels unbalanced, and I immediately feel much better.

I usually don’t go out to a busy place if I have just listened to uplifting music or a Shoud, for example. These make me feel very ‘open’ and more susceptible to feeling other people’s energy. If I need to go somewhere, I will have a quick sleep to ‘close’ my energy again. Similarly, after being out in public, I have found that a brief sleep, perhaps only 10 minutes, will completely rejuvenate me. If you lay in bed and count slowly to 10 in your mind while scanning the body for tense muscles and relaxing them, it is an effective technique to relax the mind and body, and to help you fall asleep quickly. Allow thoughts to come and go, resisting the tendency to ‘grab’ onto them or follow them with another thought. This is from the mindfulness school of psychology where we allow all thoughts and be the observer of them rather than analysing. Remembering your dreams from the night before and allowing these images to come back to your mind will also make it easier to fall asleep.

If I have several places to go, I will sleep or relax in my car for a few minutes between appointments, using some of the techniques mentioned above. I am also learning to do this out in public with my eyes open. I count to 10 slowly, while allowing my attention to focus in the centre of my forehead and allow dream imagery to rise in my consciousness. This seems to ‘close’ my energy down quickly if needed.

Having a shower or just splashing water on my face also assists greatly after being out in public. This seems to ‘cleanse’ the energies of being out around mass consciousness. I will also repeat the brief exercise where I stand near a window and take a few deep breaths, connect to my ‘I am’ and consciously remind myself to release that which is not mine. I believe my resilience is increasing as my self-care and self-love increases.

Listening to my body and keeping track of my own needs is important. Approximately every two weeks I need about a whole day to myself with limited human interaction, including social media and email. This always re-energises me and helps me feel centred. I have learned to value my needs over others and prioritise this time alone if required. This has been a large part of my journey towards self-love.

If someone is standing close to me, I can choose to feel into their consciousness or not. If I feel into someone’s energy, it doesn’t ‘stick’ as I know it isn’t mine. As soon as I move away from the person, take a few breaths and give myself space, the feeling of their energy lifts quickly and I return to me. This is essential in discerning what is mine and what is not. If I suddenly feel sad or angry for no apparent reason, it may be because I have picked up on someone else’s emotional state who has been near me or is thinking of me. I can clear this quickly by taking a few breaths and simply stating “I clear that which is not mine.” It helps my energy re-balance quickly, but I do have to be vigilant with this. In the past I have experienced a ‘bad mood’ for a length of time before realising it wasn’t my emotional state but another’s.

It is useful to remember that taking on someone else’s sadness or anger doesn’t help them at all. This can be challenging when it is someone you care about. However, I remind myself that ultimate compassion is allowing people to experience whatever they are choosing. If you feel drawn to listen, offer advice or refer them to an appropriate agency, I suggest doing it once only. If your energy is well balanced and you have cleared a lot of your own issues, your energy will feel very pleasant to be around and can be uplifting for others. However, listening to people repeat negative self-defeating stories assists neither them nor you.

When you change a pattern and start to value your needs over others, people don’t tend to like this. I remind myself it’s nothing to do with me and a person may stay in a certain pattern if they choose. However, it is not honouring myself or them by continuing to participate. When people are stuck in these patterns, they don’t tend to hear direct challenges because it is a leap in consciousness for which they are not ready, and they usually become defensive. It is much more effective to change your behaviour. For example, I would reduce contact with a person if they are always repeating negative self-defeating stories when you speak to them. It is more effective to send a message through your behaviour that you are not going to listen to that story again, rather than stating it directly. They will usually move on to someone else who will tolerate their pattern. This can be challenging as people drift away, even though you are helping them by no longer tolerating that kind of relationship. They may or may not move back into your life when changes are made. The important thing is releasing them and caring for yourself.

Another good technique can be visualisations to rebalance your energy. The brain doesn’t differentiate between imagination and reality in its’s processing, so visualising something can give you the same feeling as if you are actually engaged in the task. For example, ideally, I would walk in nature to rebalance my energy, preferably by the ocean, but this is not always possible. However, I can imagine I am walking by the ocean with nearly the same benefit. You can do this with your eyes open or closed. Simply imagine what all your basic physical human senses would experience in this situation, spending a few moments on each sense. For example, imagine the feeling of the sunlight on your face, the smell of the fresh salty air of the ocean, see the colours of the ocean, hear the sound of the waves, etc. Imagining the cool sensation of the water on your bare feet can help you feel grounded.

If you are feeling unbalanced, you can recall a positive or happy memory. Choose a favourite memory and allow yourself to go fully into it and spend time feeling into all the physical sensations that were present. ‘Playing’ this memory over in your mind will stimulate the same positive emotional state in you today as it did in the past and lift your mood.

If you are feeling anxious you can use a labelling technique where you slowly go through all your physical human senses one by one, ‘labelling’ what you are feeling/seeing/hearing, etc., in the present moment. State to yourself, out loud or in your mind, several items for each sense. For example, if you are sitting at home you could state, “I see the furniture, the walls, the floor, I feel the seat, my feet on the floor,’ etc. (For this exercise, focus on what you perceive outside your body). As this is a labelling technique, don’t infer anything is positive or negative, just notice exactly where you are and what you are doing. This is essentially a distraction technique and will slow your breathing down and calm anxiety.

I also use music to assist in rebalancing my energy. Music can completely change your emotional state. If you have been around someone who is sad, for instance, and have picked their emotion, you can listen to your favourite uplifting song and this will help you rebalance your own energy.

I hope you will find some of these strategies and tools useful to you, for they have assisted me over the years to embrace my sensitives and enjoy being here fully in the experience of life on Earth as an awakened being.

Rebecca lives in South Australia, Adelaide, having moved from the UK at 21 years of age. She loves to travel; it is one of her passions in life and reasons to stay on Earth. Rebecca has worked in many areas in this life, from fast food restaurants to garden centers to child care and for the last 13 years as a clinical psychologist. She loves to dance and has also worked as a semi-professional dancer. Currently travelling across India and Europe with her husband Steve, Rebecca offers online coaching and information downloads at She can be contacted here.

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  • Julia on March 6, 2019 8:19 PM said:
    Rebecca, thank you! From one sensitive Master to another.
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