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In a recent Keahak session, Adamus led us through a major loosening and releasing of our thousands-of-years-old DNA. The DNA, which holds all the information of our ancestors regarding the body, mind, social behavior and patterns of living. It was a wonderful session where he showed us the old DNA changing into the knowingness of wisdom, a huge step toward the Free Energy Body.

*Sage-Femme: French for midwife, literally means “Wise Woman”

As wonderful the session was, the reaction of my body was not so pleasant. Until now, my physical experiences with embodied realization have been quite smooth. Of course, I had days with back pains and other physical issues, but I always knew they would pass. This time it was different. My heart was racing, I felt tired, and it was difficult just to get up the stairs. I felt a slight headache, but the most frightening was my blood pressure.

I still had a blood pressure meter from my days of working as midwife and did what I shouldn’t have done: I put the meter on and was surprised to see my blood pressure was very high, a very unusual situation for me. I went into great fear and my mind began racing with all the things that could happen, such as stroke, heart attack and more. (It is not always an advantage to be educated in medical matters!) I could already see myself at the hospital, which of course made my blood pressure even higher. The heart is essential to being alive, and something going on with it is a little more frightening than back pain. But then I remembered the words of Adamus when he mentioned that this process could get uncomfortable, and I reminded myself to feel my knowingness and wisdom, calmly whispering to myself “Everything is fine, this will pass.”

The discomfort continued the next day with periods of high blood pressure and racing heart. At one point I called on Kuthumi to just sit beside me on the sofa for a while. That was good and I calmed down. The following days I decided not to measure my blood pressure any more. I could handle the peaks by myself through breathing, allowing and the presence of my wisdom. About a week went by before I felt that my body had fully calmed down, which I confirmed with one final encounter with the blood pressure meter. I was still alive!

During those days some interesting thoughts came up. I realized what a disappointment it would be for many of my friends, clients and relatives if I had died from a heart attack. I became aware that many of my ancestors are observing me and what I am allowing myself to go through, something I was not conscious of before. Of course, I am doing this for myself, but there are many around me who really want to see that embodied realization is possible.

My experiences reminded me of what women go through during childbirth. I’ve had profound experiences in supporting the birthing process and never forget what Adamus mentioned in his magical DreamWalker Birth School (DWB) where he compares the process of birthing a child with the process of birthing ourselves. He literally said that DWB is his favorite school because it is about the miracle of birthing a child, as well as the greater miracle of birthing ourselves while staying in the physical body. My recent experience had me pondering the similarities of these two processes and how closely they relate to each other.

It is a natural process. How often have we heard these words? The less interference and resistance we bring, the easier it will be – which is exactly what I tell my clients.

There is a natural rhythm to the birth process, and it was because of this knowingness that I began working as an independent midwife, for birth had gotten so controlled by doctors (and even midwives) that it was often forced or induced. Home births could be done with no interference and totally allowing the women their natural rhythm. Even Adamus said that childbirth has gotten very clinical, with all its magic removed, almost no connection with the incoming being, and leaving out the incredible beautiful, nourishing, soft energy of Eesa, the aspect of Isis who is able to go into the “celestial womb” to bring support and balance to the whole process of birthing. I remember so many magical moments at the parents’ home, both during and after the delivery process. It’s a time when the air is filled with magic!

We Shaumbra are choosing the rebirthing of ourselves and we know it is a natural process. We are allowing the birth of the Homo Christos within rather than using all the technology and AI to augment our bodies.

Of course, we needed some preparation, and the very first thing is to release our wounds. I would tell the women, “You would be very wise to let go your victim energy even before conception and to release your wounds. You are the creator of your reality. The more cleansing and releasing you allow, the more joyfully you will experience the whole birthing process.” It was interesting that a lot of women came to me with their second child, after having traumatic experiences with their first. In a way, they woke up after their first baby was born and came to me for a more joyful birth with their second one. They gained wisdom with the difficult experiences of their first birth. I remember assisting a woman who had a caesarean with her first child. Before her second pregnancy she did a lot of releasing and cleansing, and during the labor she was in ecstasy, shouting again and again, “I am the happiest person in the world!”

The parents and midwives who chose homebirths definitely had to free themselves from mass consciousness and go beyond the pressure of the fears, concerns and even moral issues society has about the birthing process. We often heard from both relatives and childbirth professionals: “You are being irresponsible. There are so many complications that can occur during a birth; you are selfish, thinking only of yourself. What about the child?” Sometimes there was total rejection from some of the parents’ relatives, but still we made a conscious choice to follow our hearts, to remember our dreams.

It is also about releasing the ancestors. For someone in the process of becoming a sovereign free being, this is an absolute must. For child birthing, it depends on what the parents (or the woman) are choosing. In DWB we learn that the desire to get pregnant with a being from the ancestral bloodline is very, very strong. However, if the parents are familiar with the dynamics of DWB, they can choose a being who doesn’t come from the same bloodline. Instead, they can choose a clear being who is well prepared for his next incarnation or even a being that never has been on earth before.

During the whole process, the woman’s body has to make adjustments to the new energy that comes in. She isn’t alone anymore. Sometimes she feels nausea, headache, fatigue and other discomforts. It is the same with a human who’s allowing the birth of the new self. The body has to make many adjustments during the whole process, which can cause a variety of uncomfortable sensations. As the moment of delivery nears, there are a lot of questions and concerns about whether everything is okay, and it is the same with our embodied realization and integration into the free energy body.

“How am I doing?” Midwife: “You can’t do it wrong. There is no right or wrong. Every birth is unique, you are doing it just the way you are doing it!”

“Is everything ok?” Midwife: “Yes, everything is fine.” (As a midwife, you must be very experienced in the profession to be able to give this answer.)

“When will it happen? This is taking forever!” Midwife: “You are not stuck; you will come through. Just stay in the Now moment with your breathing and allowing.”

Despite all the preparation, releasing and cleansing, despite all the words from Tobias, Adamus and Kuthumi, there is really nothing to do but simply go through the experience. And yes, there are moments when we are thrown out of balance, as I was. But we can’t go back any more than a pregnant woman can undo her child. Birth is inevitable. In such challenging moments, it is so soothing to have a good friend beside you, a friend who already went through these experiences and made it, a compassionate friend to simply hold your hand.

Whether birthing a child or rebirthing yourself, it requires enormous trust and allowing of self. When a woman experiences the first peaks of her labor, this can throw her out of balance. But with allowing, breathing, singing, toning and moving, she can find her rhythm again. There is an intense time just before the actual birth where the rhythm changes and the woman has to adjust to it. Adamus has been talking in Keahak about the change of our rhythms as the body starts its final integration into the Free Energy Body. We must simply readjust and learn how to ride the waves of the new rhythm.

The way we experience this birthing process depends on how we are allowing the energies to serve us, what we are choosing and where we put our focus. We choose pain and resistance, or we can open up and allow wisdom and consciousness to be present. We can choose acceptance and self-love, or we can experience it all by choosing the AND – feeling the pain AND at the same time be in the knowingness that birth has already occurred.

Finally, we can be conscious that this is a very, very unique and precious process. There won’t be another time. Right after a child is born, I tell the parents: “Enjoy this time. You never will experience it again.”

And Adamus tells us: “Enjoy your becoming, do not rush it. You will never ever experience this again.” He is une sage-femme, our divine midwife!

Heidi finally learned to enjoy life and all that it can offer – being in nature, playing the flute, being together with her partner, cooking and eating a good meal, traveling, enjoying friends, gardening and more. She is retired but still loves being a teacher of SES and DWB, attending couples as an adoula, and occasionally practicing Hawaiian Lomi massages. More than anything, she feels awe and delight for being here on the planet as a Merlin at this very time, birthing herself into her true Self. Heidi can be reached via email.

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  • Devangan Barik on December 14, 2019 3:35 PM said:
    Thank you so much for sharing such a wonderful words and experience with us.

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