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In March 2016, I dream that I am “Piper” in the US TV series “Charmed.” I have agreed to renounce my powers of freezing time, destroying demons and saving innocents. I have agreed to become an ordinary member of society and revoke all my powers.

On the appointed day, I go to a hall and climb onto a stage facing a crowd of people. In front of these witnesses, I renounce my powers and am stripped of being the most powerful witch in the trio of the Charmed Ones. There is a great cheer in the crowd as I do so.

I walk out of the auditorium. What is unknown to the crowd is that I have a greater power than the powers I had before. I ponder the stupidity of people. Why would I agree to renounce my powers for nothing in return? I must have had some perverse pleasure in being a Charmed One despite its havoc-wreaking qualities upon my human life. I know that this new power is greater than those I renounced, but I do not yet know how it works.

I wake from the dream pondering what it all means.

In June 2016, Adamus did the Shoud from Munich, Germany where he talked about being Power-less and Energy-rich. Adamus’ statement – “There was an amazing breakthrough recently. You were becoming Power-less and Energy-rich” – went straight through to me. (I had only ‘discovered’ the Crimson Circle in September 2015, just a few months earlier.)

It is then that the dream came back to me.

All my life I have been accused of being a ‘witch,’ that catch-all term for anyone who appears to have certain gifts. I lived, for a small part of my youth, in various countries in Africa. All my life I battled ‘demons’ in dream state. All my life there have been ‘psychic vampire’ energy feeders who drained my energy. I perceived ghosts. It was only by reading the Shouds of Tobias and then Adamus that I finally understood what had been happening to me. I always won these ‘battles’ but it gets to you, this constant battling.

In this dream, I, as ‘Piper,’ had become Power-less which, in a funny contradiction, is the greatest ‘power’ of all – Freedom.

In becoming Powerless, demons were no longer interested; I had no power. Rich people were not threatened by me; I had no power. I no longer protected innocents. You do not have to hold the energies for your family, your office, sick babies, the elderly, whales, dolphins, the Earth, whatever! You are free. You no longer ‘freeze time,’ you are static while time and space move through you. Nobody saw me; I had no power. The battles stopped. The psychic energy vampires all fell away. The dreams and nightmares stopped.

I felt relief beyond belief.

As a child, I had never told anyone about all this, as I was so scared of the consequences of saying anything. Growing up in certain parts of the continent, the likelihood of being accused of being possessed by demons was real. I had seen friends and known people who had terrible experiences of ‘demonic removal’ by the ignorant pastoral care in some of these so-called churches. These experiences of demon fighting in dream state continued after I left the continent, though to a lesser extent.

In becoming Powerless – I exist! I AM that I AM!

What a way to use a TV program that I enjoyed watching to explain to myself the concept of being Power-less and Energy-rich.

Maxine was born in England but went to Africa as a teen before returning to England after completing her training in Architecture. Her father was from Sierra Leone, her mother was born in Jamaica. She now works to help people have better quality homes in which to live.

She discovered Crimson Circle in September 2015 and says, “It is true what Adamus says about not ‘joining but just being Shaumbra.’ Looking back over my dream journals, I found that as Shaumbra were having merabhs, I would always have the same sort of dreams. For instance, there was a merabh about cleansing as if going through a car wash, I had the same dream almost on the same night. I always saw myself in a crowd of people but did not see their faces.” The mother of one daughter, Maxine has travelled extensively in Europe, Western Africa and the United States. She is determined to enjoy this life cycle to its fullest extent after realization.

3 comments on "Power-Less"

  • Vincent Adika on June 3, 2019 7:45 AM said:
    Yes, this fits the witchcraft nonsense which has prevailed and still prevailing in most parts of African countries. Sooner than later the "awareness" will increase amongst those choosing embodiment and helping others to become embodied. Thanks for writing and sharing this article.
  • Maija Rapeli on April 18, 2018 7:14 AM said:
    Thanks dear Maxine, i really enjoyed reading your article!...Hugs and see you somewhere someday?! I was in Munic and remember Adamus´talking, yes...;oDDDD
  • Anjalin on April 18, 2018 1:48 AM said:
    Love your story Maxine! I remember Adamus saying in one of the shouds too that when you release power those who are interested in power ‘won’t even see you’ they won’t be interested in you because you’re not on the playing field. I live in England too by the way, Manchester! Releasing power is definitely great freedom and a great Relief! Best wishes xxx

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