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This morning while making coffee and thinking about packing my suitcase for the trip to the USA next week, and a feeling of anxiety tore through my guts. 

“Oh, please, stop it!” I said to my body. “What is there to be anxious about?”

The reply was familiar: “Scared to miss the plane.”

“Hey,” I said, “been there, done that last year when going to Hawaii. It was a masterly miss, a very good story for the Master’s Club, and not only did I survive, but it all worked out easily long before Adamus told me it would. So, dear body, there is nothing to fear in that department anymore. And one week in advance? Come on!” 

The body tried a different approach: “Mere excitement?”

“Yeah, I don’t buy it,” I replied. “It’s too painful for just excitement. So what is it?”

The body had nothing to reply, certainly nothing concerning fear. 

“See? It’s old, it’s obsolete, it’s not real anymore, so stop it!”

I recently consulted a kinesiologist about my digestive problems, wanting to determine once and for all exactly what I can eat without problems. She found that my body was still stuck on events ten years ago that I hadn’t yet digested well – duh! She did her magic and things are going much better now, thank goodness, but I couldn’t help pondering once again how slow the body is compared to the mind. In fact, I think it’s the whole problem of this light body enlightenment shenanigan. Mind and spirit are faster than light speed, but since we want to stay in these biological bodies, we have to give them the necessary time to integrate. And that, I find, is the most challenging part. Especially considering my super lack of patience coupled with my strong sense of imagination, which makes me able to virtually live in the future as if it was real, often not realizing that my body isn’t catching up.

Thinking of all of this in the few seconds it took to make coffee in my incarnated world (speaking of the speed difference between mind and body), I felt the distance between my Me of ten years ago and today’s Me – or even only two years ago and today! – and suddenly realized that I am SO not the same person anymore. And if I have nothing in common with my biological family anymore, I certainly have nothing in common anymore with the girl who inhabited this biology in the beginning of this lifetime. But this body has to become conscious of this fact, because she still acts with “her” memories, obsolete though they are. In the reality of today’s Me, struggles are non-existent, fears are almost all gone, guilt is an illusion, loneliness is a myth, being less and invisible is impossible – but my body doesn’t know it yet!

My coffee is ready.

My body is still feeling anxious.

“So, what do I do to make this anxiety disappear?” I ask myself, sipping the hot, aromatic drink.

Zoom out. Look at the big picture: the journey from Geneva to Denver via a four-hour stop in New York will be long, but it doesn’t scare me; I manage boring very well. Plus, my last trip to Amsterdam taught me a lesson: only at the last minute did I realize I was sitting next to an interesting and funny-crazy Dutch lady who I regretted not talking to much earlier. She drew my attention when ordering a vodka tonic at 3 o’clock in the afternoon. Hmm, because she can, right? At that point, I decided to let people in again after quite a while of being a hermit. So yes, I might meet somebody in the plane, and it might be big fun! Or, who knows, I might even meet a Duke! (An inside joke with a few fellow Masters who predicted so to me.)

Okay, now, thanks to these ideas and the coffee, my guts are feeling better. I realize this anxiety is mainly a fear of the unknown, also something very old. 

“What is unknown?”

The body can’t say exactly, but she still tries: “Everything that’s not usual. Getting out of the comfort zone.”

“Yeah, but what is comfort?” I ask. “It’s so chaotic these days, where and when do you really feel comfortable? ‘Comfort’ is another illusion! Come on!”

Strangely, the body likes this idea and feels relief. Slowly, a sense of comfort is kicking in. 

“The real comfort is trusting myself,” I remind her.

Oooh, the belly likes this and feels well now. “Tell me more about that,” she asks.

“Seriously? It seems so obvious! Haven’t you realized that the worst discomfort is when you doubt yourself? Because then you let anybody or anything take control and it gets messy. When I tell you that the Master is here and leads the way, the feeling is new and a bit weird, but you have to admit that it makes you feel strong and invincible, right? You know very well that the Master is the creator and won’t let bad or even annoying things happen to you, and only in those moments you experience the genuine sense of comfort and security. Conclusion: the Master is in this body and you have to acknowledge it, because there is no going back to “normal.” Master is the new normal, please get used to it, dear body. You won’t have to deal with fear anymore, so turn off all the alerts. Everything always works out when the Master is there, and the Master won’t leave. Ever! You don’t have to take care of me anymore, the Master is taking care of you. Get used to that too. Stop worrying and just ALLOW THE MASTER. Please, pretty please.”

For such a long time the body has been used to change being difficult and upsetting, but I won’t let her wallow in the old anymore. I am so done with it!

“Yeah, but the Master is not good with human details like what to pack, how to book online…” tries the human once more.

“The master knows exactly when to call on the expertise of the human to take care of this. It’s a team effort. Now it’s time to rest, sweet human body. You don’t have to worry anymore. Really, I swear. You’ve done so well, you deserve now to just enjoy life without having to pilot it. All is well in all of our creation.”

As I drink my last drop of coffee, I recognize a new feeling in my belly: the body is starting to rely into enlightenment… oops! I wanted to write “relax into enlightenment” but isn’t “rely” more accurate? 

I just have to give my body a little more time than to my mind in order to all gloriously get there. Having gotten rid of the anxiety, I distill all of this reflection into one mantra: ALLOW THE MASTER. And this is exactly what I will do if and when the anxiety shows up again.

Patricia Eberlin, 10,708 years old, 62 in this lifetime and always feeling 35, is an expert in unabashed abundance. After having experienced a childhood abundant in loneliness, to the point of thinking of leaving the planet at 17, she decided to stay a little longer when she later realized Shaumbra was here too along with the potential of abundance in joy and fun. Still, she created a few more years of abundance in energy feeding, lack of money and misery until a certain day when she’d had enough. The good part of all that is she now has abundance of great stories for the Masters Club. In parallel, she’s always been abundant in creativity, drawing from an early age, painting, doing handcraft, professional pottery for almost a decade, and created two kids – best creation ever – who taught her even more about creation. Now she’s channeling art through what she calls “mantradalas” (mantra + mandala), expressing beauty through artwork together with sharing her words of wisdom. Her best skill: reflecting the essence of your soul in a personal artwork that also contains your soul’s keywords whispered to her as she’s channeling your piece.

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