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I’m sure you have certain areas in life where you experience your own mastership or at least glimpses of it, times of true knowingness, comfort and ease. In those moments you can fully relax into your being; you trust yourself, you trust your experience and you know that you know. It is a state of natural confidence, grace and sovereignty. It is your master self.

In my own life, music is obviously the most developed field of mastery. After 40 years of playing, exploring and experiencing the space of music I feel confident in my human abilities and expression. But apart from the learnt art and craft, something else was growing inside of me. Whenever I enter the realms of music I become the master and switch into that master mode.

It is an expansion of my being and I sense my presence here and beyond; I feel very grounded and transparent at the same time. My consciousness is present in the music but also alert; I am listening, watching, observing. Every moment I’m adjusting myself to that delicate balance of giving and receiving, listening and playing. It is the time when I’m most at ease with myself, in full acceptance and without judgements. Like this the music can flow naturally, it can happen in the moment and I am not standing in the way. It is more an allowing of a grander music and harmony to come through me and to let the stream of the moment take me, playing with energies and painting melodies that I never knew before, allowing inspiration to flow. This is a wonderful experience and it fills me with great joy. Even if I make a mistake and play a wrong note, it usually just makes me smile. Oooops! The Master consciousness is marvelous. You feel like an upgraded version of your old human self, better on all levels; clear, intelligent, brilliant, inspired, generous, humorous and probably also better looking, because you feel better.

Of course I would love to be in that state of consciousness all the time. I would love to be sovereign and masterful in all fields of life, in my relationship with people and the world, in business and my private life. Unfortunately, this is not really the case, because along with the Master there is also the Mister. I am the Master AND the Mister, to use that very helpful, magical word. And this Mister can be very moody, short tempered and grumpy. He can be arrogant, egocentric, narrow-minded and not nice to be with at all. He has some minor identification issues, a projecting mind and he takes himself way to serious. Sometimes he doesn’t even like himself! So there is Master and Mister.

I think it doesn’t matter how you experience mastery, whether it is in the field of music, writing, communication, science, cooking, sports, gardening, love making or doing nothing at all. Every kind of mastery gives you a real taste of the Master’s life and an experience of that state of being. Suddenly there is not the confusion of the Mister but the clarity of the Master; knowingness instead of doubt, trust instead of fear, abundance instead of lack, joy instead of worries. It is an experience of being at your best and you will remember it.

I guess there are many levels of mastery and I’m not sure if mastering cooking or music will be enough to be accepted in the master’s club. Maybe one needs to master at least three different subjects or to have a certificate that proclaims your enlightenment. One could also pull the ‘I am a friend of Adamus’ card, but even that might not be enough.

I don’t think that mastering a certain art or profession equals being a fully embodied Master. But nevertheless, it gives you a real experience of mastery and a sense that you can do it, if you choose it. If you can be the Master for a moment, you can also be the Master forever.

And meanwhile, there is Master and Mister, and for a while they might still walk in opposite directions, each of them wanting to be in the driver’s seat, switching back and forth from being in charge, until they’ll finally walk hand in hand and go for a cup of coffee in the Master’s Club, because they can.

Mr. Master G

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1 comments on "Master and Mister!"

  • shyam on September 3, 2016 11:14 AM said:
    i celebrate you being master And mister, form And ether, matter And spirit. human And god. it is so very delishus to BE both, to BE All.!!! thank you for your incredible and wonderfull channelling of Sound, conceived in spirit, birthed and channelled thru the human-ness. this human-ness just loves to hear you, and the Yoham project,,, it is like be-ing 'Home', my favorite place in the universe!

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