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I feel that I came into this world with a very special and sacred concept of love. However, from the moment I was born, throughout the years until age 21, this soft and pure concept was corrupted in every way. It seems that everything except double drum Caterpillar rollers came over me. There was emotional abuse, childhood abandonment, sexual abuse, abuse within the educational system and then in the Army.

After landing in the Army jail for the second time, the understanding came that I had to take my life into my own hands. My first step was to quit the Army one year early, and then my journey could begin. I could finally begin the search for the lost concept of love. The healing process included meeting an amazing woman, having two daughters with her and, in a way, having a second childhood for myself with them. My life included a house, fruit trees in the garden and of course music, something that was always a very special part of my life.

In the beginning I didn’t really understand what was happening to me when I played. But it has always been magical. Music was and is one of the deepest passions in my life and slowly, over the years that followed, I began to discover and experience what was happening to me in the moment when I connected to the music. I was merging with the instrument, with the audience, with the sounds, with life itself. The experience is so real, so here and now, so heart expanding, that at last the lost concept was slowly and gently revealed. It was unconditional love.

I couldn’t let go of this beautiful state of mind and finally the realization came that I can experience this same ecstatic feeling of union when I play with everything! I can feel ecstasy when I cook, when I shop, when I swim in the sea, when I’m choosing clothes to wear, when I eat. And of course when I connect with another person in a deep relationship.

Suddenly more people who shared these amazing feelings came into my life and I realized something outrageous. With every person there is always something – an activity that he or she loves to do, something that they connect to so deeply – and when they do it they can also experience this union, this amazing feeling of ecstasy, of unconditional love, of bliss.

In my journeys in life I have connected with hundreds of people and I have seen this with my own eyes. When a carpenter really connects to the wood, I see this smile and ecstasy. I see it in the farmer when he touches the ground after the rain, checking the soil, determining the right time to plant. I see it in people who are surfing in the wind and the waves, divers that photograph and record underwater videos; a video editor putting together the many different scenes to tell the story; people riding bicycles, walking in nature. I have seen this joy and bliss in people who connect to animals. Everyone has something they connect deeply to, and I can see this bliss in them.

However, sometimes I observe a belief system in people that limits them. They say things like, “I don’t know what my deepest passion is. I cannot find it,” or “I’m too shy and embarrassed to do that.” I think every human has within them something – it doesn’t matter what, and it may still be hidden – that, when they do it, a feeling of joy and passion will immediately embrace them. I may not see how it works, but I definitely know that by saying yes to life, by going out my door and opening my eyes to life, to creation itself, it will be revealed. I don’t believe we are meant to live with less than this feeling, less than this ecstatic love and joy. It’s an inborn ability. It is our natural state.

I wish that we would all search and find what we really love and want to do. It can change, maybe in a month or a year, into something else, but that doesn’t matter. The ecstasy, the passion, the love here and now in this moment is what matters. Simply because it is the honorable way to live life on this planet.

AND… since I said Yes to life, something amazing has happened that involves ancient forests, dwarfs, amazing human angels, trust and self-love. It has affected the course of my life in unbelievable ways, and has now taken shape as a convergence of music, consciousness and community known as The Music Farm.

I want to thank Geoffrey and Linda, for they have been a family to me, supporting me in so many ways on my journey. Thank you also to Jean and Joep for unconditional friendship, and of course to the beautiful Shaumbra that receive this love directly to the heart in all the concerts and events that I participate in. Thank you.

Love! Passion! Art! Music! Conscious Community!

These, to me, are the true meaning of life, and now they are coming together in fulfillment of a lifelong dream. The Music Farm is a safe space to gather together and share music, art, stories, magic and more in a conscious community.

The Music Farm needs YOU to help manifest conscious music, conscious creation and conscious life full of divine sound, color, vision and more! I invite YOU to become part of this dream come true!

Those who contribute at least $10 will receive Amir’s first (downloadable) CD to be recorded in this magical place

All contributors will receive notifications of dances, concerts and other transformational musical events that take place at the Music Farm

CLICK HERE for more information, and become part of this amazing creation!

4 comments on "Love: Lost and Found"

  • Pilar Acevedo on March 7, 2017 10:12 PM said:
    Amir. Is such a joy to hear your story! Thank you for sharing it. Is beautiful and inspiring to see you in the blissful connection to spirit and to be able to experience it through your music (you alone and also with the espectacular Yoham) I wish for you sucess and more joy on the music farm project. Best regards from Mexico and a loving hug to you my friend. Pilar
  • varol on March 7, 2017 10:49 AM said:
    your "play" music wonderful
  • Maija Rapeli on March 7, 2017 3:15 AM said:
    Wonderful creation you have - Your Life...Im So happy for you and can totally join in the words you wrote...and my expression is dancing with/in music and have already succeeded in dancing Live with your music..(in Vienna and in some place in Finland?)...and tomorrow never knows...Thanks Amir
  • Bianka Kleibeler on March 6, 2017 3:23 PM said:
    Dear Amir, great, wonderful! To create this beautiful location of passion and joy, happiness and love! I wish you all the best for your creation! I love the music from you and your music team at the Shouds so much!!! Magic! All the best and Namaste from Hamburg/ Germany Bianka 💞

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