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CONVERSATION WITH ALEX FERRARI – film producer, author, and celebrity podcaster

SHAUMBRA MAGAZINE: Looking through your websites, clearly you are a prodigious creator, and a common denominator appears to be helping people tell their stories and connect with their soul. What’s the big picture?

ALEX: I’m interested in sharing good quality information to audiences that generally wouldn’t have that information come across their path. With my Next Level Soul show I try to shoot it down the middle, because if you go too far out into the outskirts and get a little too woo-woo, you’re going to lose a lot of people. There are plenty of woo-woo channels out there – no pun intended! – but I try to keep it as grounded as humanly possible.

So, we have these really authentic conversations about channeling, mediums, psychic abilities, simulation theory, quantum physics, neuroscience of spirituality and all these kinds of things. I try to bring all this information together so someone will come to a show on the health benefits of mushrooms, for instance, and then go, “What’s this channeling thing?” because the show covers so many topics. I can talk to an ultra-athlete about biohacking and how he started at 40 years old; I also talk to rock stars and movie stars and such to bring everybody together. When audiences come in, I’m hoping that people who are searching will find an interview, like with Geoff, and be really transformed by it. I read all the comments and messages about how it’s really affecting and helping a lot of people, and that’s the main goal of the whole thing.

I just didn’t see anything out there being done in the way that I knew I could bring to the space, like with my filmmaking podcast. There wasn’t anyone telling the truth in the filmmaking or screenwriting space, and then within a few months I was number one in that space. But this space is – ehh! – slightly larger (he chuckles). It’s basically the world. Anybody who wants to know about what happens after you die, or the meaning of life, or how to break through trauma, or how to release anger or pain, or how to change your mindset, all these things are encompassed in the show. I’m just trying to be a conduit for guests like Geoff and others to come in and spread their truth and knowledge to an audience that might not find them otherwise. If you’re somebody who’s been Catholic all your life, the chances of you finding a channel are slim. But if you find some other topics you’re interested in and then see something about channeling, you go, “Well, what is this?” and that’s how the investigations start.

SM: I see you as kind of a connecting point, creating a whole network of all this material.

ALEX: That’s exactly kind of how I see myself. I see the show mostly as a conduit, a connector.

Before this year is out, we’re going to be releasing Next Level Soul Español, where we’re dubbing all of our shows in Spanish. Then after Español, we’ll probably go into Germany and then Arabic and Russian and other languages. We want to grow out the network of what we’re doing and get this message out there. Right now, we translate to 12 languages with automatic closed captioning, and based on that data, Arabic is number one for us.

SM: How did you get interested in this alternative spirituality?

ALEX: I’m a recovering Catholic. I still feel very guilty about it (laughs). But a lot of the stuff that was being taught even when I was in first and second grade didn’t make sense to me, so I started questioning things. I left the church looking for another spiritual path, but it wasn’t always in the forefront. Then slowly, but surely, friends would give me a book here, a book there. I started to learn and understand about reincarnation. I started understanding karma. I got a book called The Age of Aquarius, which basically talks about religion and how it’s created. Your head explodes when you read a book like that.

So, I just started down that path. And as you get older, you start thinking about things a little bit differently. I started meditating heavily about six years ago, an hour or two a day, and that started opening up doors. I read Autobiography of a Yogi and that opened up massive amounts of doors in my world, and I just kept going down that road. And then when a spiritual friend of mine told me, “You’ve got to open up a spiritual podcast,” I’m like, “You’re out of your mind. What are you talking about? Why?” I’m not a channel. I’m not a psychic. I’m not a medium. I’m not a guru. I’m nothing. I’m just a filmmaker. And she’s like, “No, you need to do it. It’s your time, and also, you have three weeks.” I’m like, “That’s insane.” She’s like, “Yeah, it’s insane for most, but not for you.”

Three weeks later, I had a show. I had the podcast, the website built, and guests already lined up, doing one episode a week. Then I got scared, very scared. I started to pull back, because I was afraid of what people would say about spirituality and, like, “Oh, my god, Alex has gone crazy.” I had built up this other company in the filmmaking and screenwriting space, and I was terrified I was going to lose everything I’d built. So, I started to pull back until finally in December of 2021, I had a “come to Jesus” conversation and just said, “God, all right. If you want me in, I’m going to go all in on this. I have faith that you’re going to guide me through this process, but I’m going to take the leap.” And I built this little set and started taking it seriously, doing two episodes a week, which turned into three episodes a week, which is now four episodes a week and more.

The second I did that, the doors swung open. I started getting guests that were unobtainable to me before, and it started to build momentum. The whole show just exploded to where this month we’re on track to do two million downloads. We’re averaging between 1.5 to two million downloads a month and growing every month. I don’t really understand it.

People are starving for this information. I think people are awakening now more than ever because of the way the world is. You know, the pandemic definitely woke up a lot of people to ask questions.

I’ve understood for a while that this is so much larger than me. I’m a cog in this wheel, and I have to behave as such and do my job. It’s not ego. It’s the show.

SM: Sounds like it’s what you’re here to do. When you really committed to it and said, “Okay, I’m going to do this,” then it could take off.

ALEX: Exactly. Now I’m at a point where just last week I introduced this show, Next Level Soul, to my filmmaking show, which I was terrified to even tell them about! But I introduced it to them because I had the writer of Ghost, Bruce Joel Rubin. He was a perfect conduit, perfect person for mixing the two worlds. I’m still talking to Oscar winners and big people in the other space, but what really gets me going is having conversations on this side of the fence. Don’t get me wrong, when Steven Spielberg shows up one day, I’m going to have a hell of a conversation with him. But until then, speaking to these metaphysical people on the show is so exciting and so filling of my own personal soul.

I’m exposed to 180 hours plus of one-on-one conversations with spiritual Masters, people connected to the other side, channels, mediums, psychics, quantum physicists, all these people, asking them whatever question I want. I’m living my dream every day. Most of the people I reach out to now are saying yes, and I feel that that will grow more and more, because the bigger the people I can get on the show from different walks of life, the better it is for everybody involved. I was able to have interviews from Oliver Stone, who’s a very credible person, and big rock stars like Moby and Bruce Dickinson, the lead singer of Iron Maiden on a spiritual show, and Bruce talking about “I channel another energy when I’m singing on stage to 90,000 people.” His fans lost it when he came on! No one had ever asked him spiritual questions before, and he was one of the most interesting human beings I’ve ever met.

SM: In your website you talk about helping people connect with their soul passion. We know a lot of people who have lost their passion or just can’t find it. What advice would you give to someone who wants to be expressive and creative and tell their story, but doesn’t know where to start?

ALEX: You’re talking to someone who chased the dream for 25 years and was very angry for a lot of those years. A lot of trauma happened to me during those years, from almost making a movie with a mobster, to talking to the biggest movie stars in the world, to meeting Batman. But I kept asking myself, “Why do I keep getting so close to my dream, but it’s not happening?” I was good enough to get into the room, talking to these big movie stars, talking to big billion-dollar producers and Oscar winners and things like that, trying to get my projects off the ground over the years, and I’m like, “What’s stopping me? Why am I being tortured like this?”

Looking back, I realized everything I’d gone through was preparing me for this. Everything I went through, it was perfectly designed. At the time, I saw it as a torture, because I wasn’t getting what my ego wanted. And I also had attachment to everything, so if I did something, it was because “this” was supposed to happen.

So, when I finally let go of that and made my first feature with a bunch of friends of mine, I didn’t attach myself to the outcome. I just did it because I wanted to do it. We shot it in eight days for $5,000, then sold it to Hulu and sold it internationally.

So, to answer your question, there’s a few things I would suggest. One, do something that you love to do for the mere fact of doing it, without attachment to the outcome. Just because you want to sing, doesn’t mean that you are going to make a living singing, and that’s okay. The question is, “Do you want to sing?” or “Do you want to be famous for singing?” Or is it, “I only want to sing if I can make a living singing?” You have to ask yourself, “What’s the purpose of the dream that I’m chasing?”

When I launched this whole podcasting thing, I still did the other stuff. This was a side hustle, until it grew to a point where I could say, “I can retire that and do this fulltime,” and that took several years of hustling extremely hard. I didn’t have an outcome, per se, when I started this. I had dreams of what I wanted, but I just kept doing the work, day in and day out, day in and day out. When you start something, you can’t expect results instantly.

SM: So, to distill that, you do your “bread and butter” work, but also pursue what lights you up?

ALEX: Absolutely. There are so many people who think that it’s all or nothing, and that doesn’t have to be the case. You’ve just got to keep doing it in order for those magical moments to occur. When Oliver Stone came to my show, he was on episode four hundred and twenty-five. So, for 424 episodes, I didn’t have an Oliver Stone or anyone even close to that. Now, after Oliver showed up, a lot of doors opened, because people start taking the show a lot more seriously. But it was only because I just kept trying and kept going and kept going and kept going, because I love doing it and I didn’t have a required outcome in place.

Were there frustrations along the way? Of course. I’m a human being. I want more numbers. I want more downloads. I want more this. I want more that. But this whole Next Level Soul experience has shown me that the more you let go and just do the work because you love the work, if it’s supposed to be, things happen. And I promise you it will not happen on your timeline. It never happens on your timeline. Never. Because the power that is guiding you in your life’s journey knows much more than you do and knows better than you do. So you might be frustrated because you’re not getting what your ego wants, but everything’s working exactly the way it needs to work. And if you trust in that, the doors open a lot faster.

Also, to find your passion, ask what would you do for free? If you want to sing, sing. If you want to write, write. You want to be an artist, paint. Whatever really connects with you emotionally where you could do it for hours for free and not even think about money, that’s your passion.

Alex Ferrari is a #1 best-selling author, speaker, conscious entrepreneur, award-winning filmmaker and podcaster. He strives to help people meet their goals and evolve not only as human beings but more importantly as souls. Throughout his journey Alex was always asking the big questions. Why are we here? Is this all there is? What is my soul’s mission in this life? Alex developed Next Level Soul to help people around the world get closer to their own higher power; to look inward for the answers they are searching for.


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  • Yanna Eshel on February 12, 2023 4:54 AM said:
    Great man and article. I discovered his show about 8 months ago and always love his way of communicating with the guests he interviews...very inspiring . Thank u ... and I also loved the show with beautiful !!

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