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Resistance is a theme which runs through life. It makes great, captivating stories and also makes dull and repetitive stories. It is a thread running through the tapestry of life, eventually tracking how we overcome some resisting problem or obstacle on the way to awareness. It is an important player of the human stories, and without it the stories would be meaningless and unexciting. The archetypal “Hero’s Journey” would be nothing without resistance. Yet, resistance ultimately becomes an obstacle that can be difficult to overcome.

I like the analogy of the merry-go-round. You are on the merry-go-round and for a while it seems enjoyable to be going around and around, feeling the motion and movement, the air moving in your hair and across your face. Then, as it begins to increase in speed, you start feeling the suction of gravity; stuck in place and yet still moving. After a while it becomes dull and even boring, just going around and around and around, and that’s when you realize you are stuck there. You can’t simply jump off the moving carousel. It has you in its grip, and you are, in a way, a prisoner to its pointless journey. There is a real gravitational resistance holding you in place, and you even have a resistance to wanting to get off. What to do?

It takes me back to my first Tai Chi class in 1982 at the age of 20. I entered the school hall to learn this thing called Tai Chi and found myself the only male in a room filled with older females. At that moment my resistance kicked in, although I had already let go enough to do something that was considered weird in 1982, in Australia.

As we learned some of the first postures and stances, the teacher would come around to check our shoulders. Mine were often too “firm,” too much resistance in them. She would run her hand across them while telling me to “soften the shoulders, don’t hold them in resistance.” It remained an early memory of learning about resistance, softening and allowing.

I gradually understood what the teacher was trying to convey as she taught us to soften, relax and let a flow into the body, really into our lives. I began to see it has a balance between being hard and soft, between resistance and opening.

During this time, I was also into other martial arts, which are very much on the side of resistance. They are about faster power, more dynamic power, and learning to use power against an opponent. I enjoyed the feeling of power from learning Tae Kwon Do and it was a great way to develop muscle resistance.

I had started learning martial arts from the age of 16 and as I moved up through the different colored belts – from white, yellow, green, blue, brown and finally into the black belt – I found I needed more than just resistance to be competitive in sparring. In fact, after learning a lot of resistance, one later needs to learn a lot of feeling and intuition, because resistance and power alone won’t cut it with an opponent who is equal or better in sparring. There has to be a flow, no thinking and a certain knowingness of what you need to do in various sparring situations. You actually must begin to fetel into it and react more from intuition, because resistance and power alone are no longer enough.

And that could be said for life. We first try many things with resistance. We follow what society would like us to do, what the family would like us to do, and soon we are in very restrictive and resistive lives. There is a measure of comfort and reliability in knowing that things will be a certain way, in a certain pattern; a strange, comfortable resistance. Resistance becomes normal, even expected and worshiped. I think this is, in some ways, the entire human story: accepting resistance; living in resistance; finding resistance beginning to waver and falter; realizing resistance isn’t the only way, that there can be a balance with acceptance; and ultimately letting go of resistance when there is enough wisdom, maturity and responsibility for ourselves.

After getting a black belt, I found I had built up quite enough resistance from powering on and being into aggressive resistance. Now I wanted more balance, which I found through meditation and yoga. I had already learned some meditation with martial arts to help with intuition during sparring and keeping up with the high demand of remembering many movement patterns, called katas, as well as many other techniques. But now I was feeling a change and my resistance was dropping.

I took yoga classes to release some of the resistance held in my body, and later on found myself teaching meditation as a form of relaxation. Often when people come to a meditation or yoga class, it isn’t to learn meditation or yoga per se, but to relax. People are usually far from being able to meditate; what they first need is to learn to just relax. That alone is not easy, for many people carry the energy patterns of lifetimes of resistance and holding onto it has become normal. Their lives are full of so much resistance – to their work, their relationships, their hopes and dreams, and even to themselves – they just need something to give them the feeling of freedom from all that resistance, if only for an hour or so.

So, I stumbled into teaching yoga, becoming certified and offering a gentler flowing version called Dru Yoga. It was very different from other styles of yoga, some of which can be very strong, powerful and resist the natural flow of energy in the body. The difference is whether the joints in the body are soft and open or if they are locked. Dru Yoga would spend a lot of time teaching people to have a natural flow while stretching or doing a movement, holding a yoga posture with less resistance and more softness. And, of course, everyone enjoyed the end of a session, relaxing on the floor while I used words about relaxing, releasing, softening and letting go. I called this the “guided relaxation time.”

They would then take that little release from resistance and go back into their resistive lives. Maybe they would bring a bit of it into their lives, but often not because, as we know, change can be difficult, and resistance is very hard to give up. Some people find such comfort in a resistive life, even going so far as pretending there is no way out. Some examples I’ve personally seen are:

   • Resistance to getting out of a relationship that is based on karma and is emotionally or physically abusive

   • Resistance to giving up a line of work or job that no longer fits into your emotional, expressive or creative self

   • Resistance to moving to a different location, far away from family members

   • Resistance to trying new foods, going to new places, exploring new ideas or new skills

   • Resistance to letting go of long-held beliefs that no longer work for you

This plays out physically as well in the resistance to creating a healthy body, healthy mind and healthy emotions. I have explored health by studying naturopathy and ayurveda, and even considered becoming a practitioner to help people. However, I realize now that relying on an external source for healing is to deny the natural healing ability of the body and its consciousness. People can be helped up to a point, particularly if they believe in the source of that help, but ultimately to be a healthy self you need to heal-thy self. Unease or disease comes from resistance to some energy held in the body, and it can ultimately be traced back to forms of guilt, shame and regret within the body or body consciousness.

This is the thread of resistance that runs through the whole human story ever since we decided to explore what it would be like to incarnate into matter. We were not really aware of the impact that being compressed into a body would have on our psyche, let alone the further forms of resistance compounded with mind control in Atlantis and all the ongoing human merry-go-round experiences we’ve been stuck in.

Now comes the time, for those who are ready, to bring forth enough spiritual maturity and awareness to let the resistance go and allow a new flow to come in. It doesn’t matter whether you call it intuition, deeper feelings, sensuality or knowingness. I call it a bleed through of the Master I Am self to the aware human, a flow from the future into the Now moment, a knowingness and new awareness. This is the cycle coming full circle, coming back to the start or back to the future. It is the point one becomes a creator of living energy, no longer resisting the flow and inspiration of life, finally able to meet their full embodied realization.

Chris earned a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do and has been certified as a teacher of meditation and Dru Yoga. He is an author and intuitive that connects with several Ascended Masters including Kwan Yin, Kuthumi, Adamus, and Lao-tzu. He connected with Crimson Circle in 2017 and is an active member of the online community. He can be contacted on Facebook or via email.

2 comments on "Living Without Resistance"

  • Andrea Sperling on April 11, 2021 11:20 PM said:
    .. so deep, clear, true ..! thank you so much, master Chris for your light 🌟 with gratitude Merlina Andrea 🦋
  • Светлана Лакуста on April 11, 2021 9:33 AM said:
    Ооооо, какой красивый пост и как он мне понятен и своевременен. Благодарю, Вас, Крис Гровер, за синхронистичность. Мне часто резонировали Ваши посты в группе и комментарии Ваши тоже.

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