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During the Shoud on August 3, 2019, Dr. Cheryl Bornt (DocCE) and Adamus had a conversation, followed by another on October 5. This article is distilled from their exchanges.

August 3

ADAMUS: I’ve asked this dear Shaumbra to come up to the front. You’ve got an interesting story to tell.

DR. BORNT: Well, we need to know first it’s just a story. A year ago, I was diagnosed with cancer, a tumor that was taken out. I spent last year doing a lot of research in holistic healing methods, doing all kinds of everything to be healthy, because I planned to stay here. A week or two ago I was back in the hospital and they said the cancer had spread and I had a choice. I could live for a month or two or I could do chemo and be sick for a year and go to the doctor all the time. I was kind of upset when they first said that, because the blood tests showed that the cancer was in really good shape. The doctors hadn’t mentioned that the blood tests don’t always work. So, once they said, “You’ve got a month or two to live,” I came to terms with that and realized I wasn’t going to spend a year going to the doctor and being sick.

ADAMUS: Are you angry?

DR. BORNT: I was for a few hours.

ADAMUS: Are you afraid?

DR. BORNT: No. I’m not afraid at all. I’m not in good shape physically, but mentally, emotionally, spiritually I am at peace. I’m looking forward to the complete completion of my ascension and enlightenment and moving on.

ADAMUS: Some people here are uncomfortable with the subject, but I want everybody to check her energy. The clarity, the beauty of your energy. No fear, and almost, as strange as it sounds, almost a passion. And you know, of course, crossing over is so easy.

DR. BORNT: It’s going to be wonderful.

ADAMUS: I’m going to be there. Kuthumi has promised to be there. And I can tell you right now, crossing over is nothing what most people think it’s like. It’s so liberating, so freeing. There are parties and celebration. There’s no pain, and for most Shaumbra, there’s no fear when you’re going through the “tunnel.”

But I’ve got to ask you a question. Why didn’t you stay?

DR. BORNT: I was planning on staying, because so much is happening and I am ready to be Merlin and help with the energy on the planet.

ADAMUS: This is a situation some Shaumbra have faced. It is really, really hard to stay, for one, and secondly, it was actually never your desire. Your thing in this lifetime was to come here to allow your Realization and then leave. You’ve always said that you could do more from the other side than you could actually do from here. It was never in your own life plan to stay. Now, it doesn’t mean you couldn’t change that right now. But would you?

DR. BORNT: I think not. I’m good to go.

ADAMUS: Obviously. So, I really would like everybody to feel into this, because Dr. Bornt represents so much more than just herself up here today. She represents so many of you who have put up with a lot in this life. Some of you out there never were going to stay, but that doesn’t mean you can’t change your mind. I don’t care one way or the other. The more of you on the other side, the merrier. We’ll have a big party. FM is going to be there welcoming you. He’s excited about it, because you know some things that are going to help him to help Shaumbra.

I asked you to come up here for one very, very important thing: a reminder to all Shaumbra everywhere, not just about being the true Merlin and now really opening to the energy. I want you to look at the dignity in the energy of this amazing angel. Absolute dignity. It’s time to return to dignity, and I would like you to take a look at this angel right here, right now.

October 5

I understand, Dr. Cheryl, you had a question for me. Was your question how come you haven’t transitioned?

DR. BORNT: Yes. From your class on Ascension, you gave us information about getting things ready and going to the woods with your dogs and staying in the cabin and saying goodbye to everything, and then one day you just stepped out of your body.

ADAMUS: There’s something else that you’re waiting for, because I said in both DreamWalker Death and in Ascension that you just pick the time when you want to go and how you want to do it.

DR. BORNT: I’ve tried it several times and haven’t been able to do it.

ADAMUS: The reason is because there’s this whole thing, “Well, I came here for my enlightenment, my Realization, and I can’t move on until I have that. I’ve got to get my diploma before I can move on.”

DR. BORNT: They could be simultaneous.

ADAMUS: Could be simultaneous, but I think you want at least 30 minutes experiencing being embodied and on the planet. So, can we make this deal? I’ll bring a certificate that says, “You are now realized.” We’ll bring a Certificate of Realization, and that will then give you permission to cross over.

DR. BORNT: Is that really why I’m not doing it?

ADAMUS: Absolutely. How about we arrange a date and we’ll come in here. You’ll get your diploma, your Certificate of Completion of Realization and then you can leave any time.

DR. BORNT: Okay.

October 17

GEOFF: Welcome to this completion ceremony for DocCE, for so many lifetimes on the planet and for completion of her last lifetime on the planet.

It’s such a big part of all of our journeys, being here for that last lifetime. We’ve all spent so many lifetimes here on Earth, a planet we love so much in so many ways, but there does come a point when you say, “That’s it. That’s enough lifetimes on Earth. It’s time to move off to the sovereign domain, time to go off to the Third Circle.”

What we’re doing here today is so symbolic for so many people, saying, “It’s time to go. Wrap everything up, integrate everything, bring it all together, a time of completion.” And really, that’s so much what it’s all about. It’s the integration, collecting all those final parts and pieces, collecting all the memories, even collecting the essence of the physical body to take that with.

So, we’re here for a very historical event, a completion ceremony. And I think everybody sooner or later is going to be doing their own type of thing like this, but this is the first that we’ve done officially like this. I’d like everybody to just feel into this, what it means, the beauty of it. The sheer beauty and magnificence of what we’re doing here.

Adamus says that he has a commitment to you and to everybody that, when it’s time, he’s going to be there, for you and everyone else at that time of transition, to make it so graceful and so seamless, crossing over to the other side. He’s said many times that this transition is actually much easier than birth. Birth, that’s the tough part, but when we’re ready to leave the planet after our completion, he’s going to be there. Maybe he’ll bring along some of his friends – Tobias, Kuthumi, some of the other characters – but he assures you and everybody else that he’s going to be there.

He also says that it’s so important right now, at this point of completion, for the human to really step out of the way. The human is here to accept that completion, to acknowledge the completion, but let everything from this point forth be natural. Don’t let the human get into all the planning – how it’s supposed to be, what it’s supposed to look like – but just to say, “I’m done. I acknowledge that” and then step out of the way, because that will allow truly the unfolding in the most beautiful, fulfilling and magnificent way. So, don’t have any specific plans, don’t have any specific dates or any expectations other than knowing that you’ve completed your lifetimes on Earth.

So, let’s take a deep breath with that, feeling into it; the human now acknowledging that it’s the time of completion, the human acknowledging that now the I Am, the Soul comes in to say, “Let me guide you at the exact perfect time. Let me guide you and let me be there with you as you cross over, along with Adamus and the others. But this is the time for the human to release expectations, to make it the most beautiful, beautiful journey. Let the dream boat come to you when the time is absolutely perfect, absolutely right.”

Let’s take a deep breath with that.

DocCE then received a Certificate of Completion from Geoff and Linda.

She transitioned just after midnight on November 28, 2019.

11 comments on "Leaving with Dignity"

  • mirella on December 22, 2019 10:34 AM said:
    Penso spesso a Cheryl e chiedo il suo aiuto. Attendo con impazienza il mio completamento, io ho scelto di restare, ma nel frattempo la sofferenza fisica e psicologica è davvero insopportabile. Cosa mi trattiene? E' quello che tutti gli Shaumbra si chiedono, penso. Ognuno avrà la sua risposta, ma auguro a ciascuno di loro che tutto avvenga con facilità e semplicità. Vi amo.
  • Georgina Paradis on December 17, 2019 9:29 AM said:
    I have been waiting to hear for an experience like this, it is absolutely, fulfilling and helpful, it's also very peaceful and in harmony, for me that is the way we should leave the earth.
  • johanne Laflamme on December 17, 2019 8:43 AM said:
    Thank you!🙏❤️🙏
  • Anni on December 17, 2019 4:18 AM said:
    Wow wow... What an amazing Angel she truly is.. The Love that surrounded this beautiful experience with Adamus and all Shaumbra is beyond words Thank you
  • Renato on December 16, 2019 10:37 PM said:
    What a moment of deep wisdom shared here... thank You very much everyone involved, specially DocCe. The article came in perfect synch tonight for reminding me what's really important now <3
  • Johanna-Merete Creutzberg on December 16, 2019 7:01 PM said:
    It's so impressive, touching, so clear and loving. <3 I honor DocCE because she has given me/us something very special, and for her path, openness and presence, also for working for and with Shaumbra, now from the other side of the veil. And I thank her, Geoff, Linda and Adamus, for sharing it with us because it is so relieving and soothing for me as a human, and so joyful and uplifting at the same time, when I look and empathize with this wisdom and knowledge, as a holistic being, the I AM. Aloha
  • Deanna on December 16, 2019 6:17 PM said:
    I remember this sharing and I wept in gratitude for the Grace That She Is. I so Love this and thanks for sharing. All My Love, DeAnna from Michigan
  • Kathy A Ness on December 16, 2019 3:24 PM said:
    Such a beautiful gift to all of us. What a dignified standard. My heartfelt blessings go with her.
  • Cristiane Plep on December 16, 2019 3:24 PM said:
    &🌞🌟👑💫 Magnífico👑🌞 Magnífica, curtir sem fim sua alma sábia; Agora, E ...&😘🎉🌞🦋👑&
  • Éva on December 14, 2019 11:13 AM said:
    This Lady is a real blessing for us. She reclaimed her dignity, her bravery is worth remembering.
  • Claire on December 8, 2019 3:18 AM said:
    I have been so moved by this story. Reading it I could feel Cheryl's energy flowing around me. I will aspire to her wonderful dignity in the way I lead my life and into my passing. Save me a place!

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