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From all the ways Mastery has been explained – Integration, Realization, Awareness of the Awareness – I particularly like the term Realization, since it implies recognizing and becoming aware, little by little, of things I was not aware of before, things that are proof that I am not a lost particle of consciousness separated from the rest of the grander I Am.

In the February Shoud, Adamus asked: “Why is life so hard?” I deeply considered his question because even when I am not facing any external hardship, quite too often I feel an unyielding longing and torture within me that does not seem to go away. Occasionally I do wonder “Why is this so hard?”

I guess I have been waiting for something. But waiting for something before we can realize who we are only continues the game of separation and the games of a mind based on linear time, for this is what it has been: a game we chose to play. However, we also established that the game would eventually come to an end. Playing the game became very intense and seductive because, as Adamus explained recently, mass consciousness has generated an extremely strong gravity that makes it hard to step back and see things for what they really are. No one is going to grant us our degree as a Master, for it is up to each of us to own and claim our sovereignty.

Our awakening was part of the plan, the “end game” so to speak. And, upon awakening, we began to open up to the beautiful gifts of awareness that we had planted ahead on our paths. One of the first was conscious breathing, something to bring balance to all systems and help us navigate through the thick layers of disassociated aspects that tortured us. We were also guided toward love of Self by identifying the energy-feeding and power dynamics prevalent both within ourselves and in the world around us.

All the beautiful entities that have walked with us – Adamus Saint-Germain in the frontline – are living examples of compassion and patience, so much that they inspire me to be compassionate and patient with myself. They have given us whatever tools we might need to come through this. And more so, they have accompanied us in the safe space of the Crimson Circle, a gift for which I am so grateful.

And now, we are being encouraged to dive into true sensuality and awareness beyond what we could have imagined. In sensing so much more, even if our minds cannot translate the perceptions, we can become aware of our multiple nature and step out of singularity. It was with the “benching,” one of my favorite gifts, that I realized that there are always at least two I’s simultaneously – the I Master as well as the “I am sick; I am happy; I am hungry” that sits on the bench next to I Master. At the bench, we start recognizing that we are actually a collection of aspects that call themselves “I,” which is why it is often hard to recognize who is the true “I.” It turns out that awakening was not about opening our eyes but our I’s! And for this, Adamus reminds us that the Master is the Awareness of the Awareness. Once our I’s are open, we can bring our consciousness to one or many just by stating “I Am Here,” and then find ourselves at the board of a whole new game.

Another gift is awareness of the AND – our gateway back to creatorship! We can place our consciousness in any new I that we might wish to experience and it becomes so. We simply create I’s that play out different Acts of Consciousness. Because consciousness is at the core of everything, wherever we put our consciousness, it begins to exist.

With all these abundant gifts, why does it still feel “hard” at times? I Human finds it hard to accept that I Am all that AND so much more. The I Am that I Am is willing to integrate the tons of wisdom that human expressions have created; to offer all the forgiveness required to dissolve the knots of sorrow, pain, shame and guilt that I Human has accumulated during the game, not only from this lifetime, but from every one of its human experiences. It reminds me of the Prodigal Son coming home… and the celebration is ready.

We know that energy serves consciousness. Sometimes energies bring us experiences, not because we haven’t learned the lesson, but because they have been programmed to do so until I Master acknowledges their service – service that used to be appropriate but is no longer necessary – thus releasing the energies from their faithful duty. And then, I Master’s consciousness starts reordering realities, far beyond what I Human could ever consider or even imagine.

Then, perhaps the most significant tool for I Human is choice. My greatest conflicts come when I don’t seem to have a choice, or so believes the acting I. I Human tend to choose only among the probabilities recognized in the patterns I am accustomed to acting within. But with open I’s, with all the new senses, I can begin to recognize potentials that are not part of the current pattern, nor are they among the options I can perceive with only my human senses and mind.

The ‘hard’ part comes when, for I Human, these things seem to be out of reach. It is becoming more evident to me that it is truly not up to I Human to manage them. Only by allowing the experience of the multiple Self, I Human can relax and know that all these gifts are true. What if the gift of allowing is about letting I Human recognize each day that Human is not a singular expression but a full array of aspects that come and go? Even the aspects which make I Human miserable are other I’s of I Am, and they are being taken care of. It is I Master who is in charge of Enlightenment. Therefore, I Human can begin to allow more easily, since I am also another I of what I Am. What about allowing I Master to walk with I Human in everyday life?

As the cherry on top of the cake, we are gifting us with Theos, where we can experience ourselves in love away from the strong gravity of Earth. What a creation! I Human am no longer stuck on Earth; I can also be in Theos together with the rest of the I’s that I Am. It seems that truly, we are never alone!

With the choice to allow my multiple Self and its many senses, it no longer feels so difficult or hard. I Human am part of the equation – but I Human cannot control the equation. I Human choose to open myself, trust and allow the clarity of new and broader perspectives. I Human choose to realize the true nature of that which I Am by allowing the energies to bring me not only what needs to be acknowledged and received, but also other experiences with new I’s that express more of what I Am and less of what I am not. I Human may not realize everything at once, but I Human can accept the idea that these things are already here.

I Human, so identified with my mind, choose to allow I Mind to run its endless cycles of circular thinking that never get anywhere, until I Mind realizes that it is part of a Body of Consciousness that serves the whole of the I Am consciousness, not only the human consciousness. We, I Mind and I Human, are part of what I Am, and this knowing allows I Mind to access new thoughts and fresh ideas.

I Human choose to allow clarity in my everyday 3D choices and to let New Energy come in to support new experiences. I Human allow creatorship and passion back to these physical realities.

I Human choose to acknowledge that I Know that I Know, an I which encompasses the other many I’s of which I Human am a part. I Human don’t know exactly how these choices will turn out, and… it doesn’t matter!

2 comments on "I's Wide Open"

  • Nora on February 21, 2022 8:42 AM said:
    Beautiful song lyrics: Room in your heart: Song on Youtube: Room in you Heart. Band: Living in a Box
  • IAMAI on May 16, 2017 9:14 AM said:
    Thank you, dear Vili ❤ love your way of putting it 😎

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