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Ho loved to observe. If he had any passion, it was observing how creation unfolded, no matter its scale. It might be tiny particles circling around each other, creating new bonds and therefore new forms, or universes of whatever kind, physical and non-physical. Lately he had come across a universe of fragrances to observe. There were entities of fragrances somehow inhaling other fragrances entities, thereby creating more complex entities and new fragrances. Amazing. A bit airy fairy, perhaps, for his taste anyway, but every once in a while he sneaked in there and sniffed around, metaphorically speaking.

Tonight he sat on his bench in the Ascended Masters Club and observed how the light coming from the artificial sun in the ceiling was refracted by the glass of beer in front of him. It created the most beautiful patterns on the table. Moving the glass just a little bit made the patterns dance and create totally new arrangements.

“Ah, light and water. The very basis of creation. Transmuted into beer and light patterns.” He took a sip.

“Wine,” he mused, “is highly overrated. Beer makes the very best light patterns. White wine might work. But then, why have white wine when there is red wine? But red wine is like a black hole when it comes to sending light through it.”

He took another sip.

Ho loved sitting on his bench, especially when being beyond time, for it had a very unique flavor. Just being. Doing nothing. Capable of creating anything, but with no urge to do so. “Isn’t this the ultimate? Yep!” He tilted the glass a bit to create some new pattern, but suddenly the brightness was gone. It seemed the sunlight was somehow dimmed.

Ho glanced over to the rear area where some construction was going on. The self-proclaimed Saintly Chief Designer and Master Architect was strutting around, displaying utter complacency.

“Hey, Adamus, you have a second?” Ho called out.

Adamus slowly walked over to Ho, brushing a bit of dust off his jacket.

“Adamus,” Ho continued, “has anybody yet told you what a wonderful job you’ve done?”

“Well …”

“No, really. I mean, this is unseen in all of creation! Your brilliance is so outstanding. Your success in ascending so many humans is beyond imagination.” Adamus face had started glowing.

“And sure we need to expand the club. No doubt about that, but …”


“Well, can’t you just do it the instantaneous way? Why simulate dust and noise up here? Just because those incarnates have to do it that way doesn’t mean we have to mimic it here and pollute the air.”

“What, you don’t like it?”

“I love the expansion, but all this dust in the air … See, my light patterns lose all their beauty.”

Adamus looked at the weak light patterns next to Ho’s glass. “You have a point here. But the dust in the air is meant as a tribute to the good old times of free masonry.”

“Good old times?”

“Well, sometimes I get into this sentimental mood.”

“Really? Interesting. Speaking of sentimental moods, aren’t you getting real with your club people about having multiple selves at the same time?”

“Yes, yes, we are getting there.”

Ho shifted on his bench. “In that respect, my sentimentality calls out for bringing back the dragon selves.”

“Hmm, the dragons. Are you sure? Their energies might still be too strong.”

“Alternatively, we could bring in some fragrance entities.”

“Ah, you found them? Did you check out the area where they specialize in coffee fragrances?”

“No. What about it?”

“For the last several months I bring them into the monthly Shouds. Every time I make a big fuss calling out for coffee, and when I finally get one I deeply inhale the aroma.”


“Alas, nobody gets it. That fragrance entity is hovering around, but it goes unnoticed.”

“I guess your teachings are too subtle.”

“Perhaps, but I won’t give up. We just installed a new high pressure coffee machine here, and you know what? The entities are already lined up. They want to know what it means to get pressed into physical reality.”

Ho shook his head in disbelief. “So the dragons might be a better choice.”

“The dragons, yes. Remember those blow-ups when we tried bringing them into that group of Shaumbra crash-test dummies?”

“Ah, the good old times. Was kind of fun, wasn’t it? But that is quite a while ago. I sense that some are ready to handle the dragon energy.”

“Could be. But maybe we should have a new round of crash-tests prior to promoting it officially.”

“Sounds reasonable.”

“It does. Any suggestions?”

Ho felt into it for a while. “Well, I could bring in my alter dragon ego, Althar, and see what he has to say about that.”

“Good. You know what? This somehow calls for another bet. Are you interested?”

“A new bet? Nope, too much sentimentality for me.”

“That’s a shame. Anyway, let’s go ahead with it. I need to go back to check on the construction. Those workers never do what they are told.”

“Are you kidding me? Those workers are only ghosts created by you!”

“Sure, but I like to have it as real as the good old days.” Adamus swaggered back to the construction area, already waving his arms and shouting at the ghosts.

Ho smiled to himself. Just sitting and observing always stimulates new creations. He emptied his glass and went off to have a chat with Althar.

Joachim Wolffram is an alter ego of Ho. As such he recently transcribed a series of messages from Althar. You can contact him through his website His book is available on Amazon in English (Althar – The Crystal Dragon), Deutsch (Atlhar – Der Kristall-Drache) and Portuguese (Althar - O Dragão de Cristal).

1 comments on "Ho and the Saintly Architect"

  • Duarte on August 11, 2016 11:00 AM said:
    Eu já vi o meu Dragão à uns tempos, era prateado, penso que era fêmea, muito gentil e dócil, para mim claro! Já voei com ele uma vez, mas depois tudo se desvanece e volta a porcaria do dia a dia!!! Eu sou aqui. Duarte Guerra

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