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Here I am deep in the forest by the river. I have been spending a lot of time sitting by the fire, listening to the water rushing over the riverbed. There are many lessons the natural world is teaching me. Elemental lessons of water, earth, fire and air. For example, the sound of the water is a chorus, for there are many voices in the song coming from the river. Every stone has a unique sound to contribute as the water rushes over it. Some sounds are a constant high pitch, and some are deep bass notes. Watching the water, I have an idea.

Tobias and Adamus have used the image of sitting on a bicycle. All of my experiences in time and space are actually coming to a stationary me. I do not go anywhere. I always thought that was sort of a curious image. Unless the bicycle has training wheels, it will fall over without the gyroscopic action of spinning wheels. My idea now is that the river stones are stationary in the flow of the water rushing over them. And if each of us are a stone in the river, we are contributing our sound to the 3D world through the shape of us in response to the flow. For we are all unique in our shape and how we respond to the flow of energy in our lives.

My human self has had difficulty comprehending what the flow all coming to me really means, so I decide to feel into this metaphor. I can become the stationary rock. I listen to the voices from the river and pick one. I am the rock that is making that particular sound. I become the density of stone, and gently reach out to the rock I believe is making the sound. I honor its stone essence and ask permission to blend my consciousness with its own. And I listen. And I wait.

When I reach out with my consciousness to living things, such as trees, I can sense the living vibrancy. The vibration of the trees changes with the seasons, but is still more interactive than that of stone.

I continue to listen to the sound the water is making. There is a subtle welcome to come be stone. And I allow my consciousness to enter into the stone. At first, it feels like being in a roaring jet plane without the canopy. Water rushing like air over an open cockpit, threatening to pull me back out. Almost overwhelming. But then I become the smoothness of the stone and feel the water moving over me like a caress. The bloop and gurgle of the sound fills me. I feel at-one-ness with the stone and the flow of the water, and a feeling of wholeness washes over me. A different kind of vibrancy from that of trees, but still uniquely alive and full.

My human self breathes deeply into the feeling of this fullness. The feeling of at-one-ness, full of sound and vibration. And deep within me is the thrum of knowingness. A fulfilling sensual experience that is beyond words. A stillness of stone that is yet fully in the flow. And in this experience, I know that it is my soul providing a valuable lesson so that the human me can understand on a feeling level that which the mind cannot comprehend. Tears come. Tears of sadness and joy. Sadness of relinquishing the mind’s need to know logically. Joy of feeling the at-one-ness with my own soul. My knowingness is guiding me to an understanding of what Tobias and Adamus are talking about. These lessons of knowingness are difficult to describe with words, being experienced at such a deep feeling level.

But then, through a crevice that opens into the very core of me, something shifts. A cracking of an ancient seal. A vault door opens briefly with a flash of brilliant light. Tears of beauty renew themselves. Then, the flash is gone and a deep feeling of longing fills me. Longing for home. Not some clubhouse on the other side of the veil, but an ageless longing for connection beyond anything this human can imagine. An ache I embrace with open arms. Somehow, through the eyes of my soul, I have gotten a glimpse of pure consciousness, of I AM. Somehow, this human is within the creation of the pathway home. Slowly and gently the brilliant intensity of the feeling fades.

With gratitude, I draw my awareness out of the stone, out of the water, and gently relax back into the body sitting by the fire. I blink the tears away as the wind changes direction and smoke comes toward me. Standing, I walk over to the bank and look down at the thousands of stones that make up the riverbed. And I think not just of Shaumbra, but all of humanity in their place in the riverbed, creating their unique sound to add to the planetary chorus. And I feel a smooth, soothing wonderment at what we are doing here in this 3D world, on this planet called Earth.

Behind me, I hear the fire collapse. Partially burned logs have rolled against the stones of the fire ring. What was a fire has become a pit of smoldering ember-coated logs. Using my poker, I rearrange the logs into the semblance of a pile and the fire springs to life again. The fire gives a woosh as the air is sucked into the core, and the embers begin to glow again. And another thought strikes me.

I have been considering this group of people that have self-identified as Shaumbra. Each person is sovereign within themselves, like the individual logs of the fire. Each person unique in the way their log burns. Some slow and smoldering. Some burning hot and fast. Each changing and transforming. Each sharing the heat of this transformation with the rest of the world. Radiating light and warmth. But when the logs are separated, when the pile of logs falls apart, the fire is reduced to smoldering embers.

Suddenly, I feel like my log has rolled away from the fire. I stop and wonder if I am making all of this up. My cheeks are still damp, but what happened here? My mind, my human self feels a shock, reminiscent of being in a car wreck. Is this planetary transformation all a fantasy? I have no frame of reference for what just happened. My human has no quale to compare this intense experience of consciousness. If it is all my energy, am I making up all of Adamus’ messages? Is the connection I feel with Shaumbra a fool’s dream? If I am truly a sovereign being of light, why do I need anything or anyone else? And I get this elbow in the ribs, this energetic nudge, that I have learned is my soul wanting to be heard. And I get an answer to my questions.

I don’t need anyone or anything else to step into my unique path of allowing my divine essence access to this 3D world I call Earth. This ache I feel for the timeless connection in the very core of me has nothing to do with anyone else. My log can smolder on for eons, as I create my unique way. The longing is drawing me to go within the creation of my path home. But I have chosen to come into this lifetime, in these times, with many likeminded people. I have found my way to this tribe of folks that get me. It feels like I have been smoldering for the past 5 decades, waiting for the right moment to join with other smolderers (okay, a new word) to burst into radiance. Do I need others? No, I do not. Is it more fun with others? Yes, it is.

I look into the fire. It is alive and has an air flow creating warmth and a brilliance of flickering light. The deep core of the fire is a glittering white-hot furnace, the glow of the Merlin. A breeze stirs and the glow intensifies, the light distorted with heat waves. The fire breathes and exhales, releasing even more energy. The flames flicker and dance playfully. Many Shaumbra I communicate with are intense people with individual commitments to embrace the song of their soul. Fire seems an apt metaphor.

Writing this message, I find myself in my own flow. Writing in a cogent form helps me integrate as I relive my experiences. I feel into these experiences in a calm, allowing state of being. But sharing with others is my way of adding my smoldering log to the fire. May this time be full of light and brilliance.

Addendum: Since this experience with the stone, I have had many moments of reentering the flow of the river stone. This memory is an anchor of sorts that I can come back to when I get distracted or doubt my ability to be in the flow of my soul.

Jerry Sweeten has degrees in Engineering and Philosophy. Currently operates a small medical manufacturing business in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, and does energy sessions. He loves being in nature and enjoys writing and painting with watercolors. Jerry can be contact via email, Instagram or on Facebook.

2 comments on "Flowing Home"

  • Denise Crispino on January 24, 2022 11:59 AM said:
    Muito obrigado!!! Adorei seu texto!
  • eun jung kim on January 9, 2022 9:53 PM said:
    Jerry ~ your article very good beautiful The sound of a stream density of s stone be full of energy and inspiration IM nature Thanks you

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