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As was so beautifully explained in Master’s Life 12, there are different pathways to Realization. Even though most Shaumbra have likely taken the spiritual route, each pathway is singular. No two humans have created the same experiences, and what we choose to include on our pathway is like a human fingerprint – unique to each individual. That I included DreamWalking on my path was a genius move on my part!

I’ve jokingly said many times that, as I created the energy design for this lifetime and chose those potentials in the Monatry that I wanted to experience (as described in DreamWalker Birth), I must have included some reminders on my pathway to make sure I didn’t get distracted and miss the “big stuff.” Best to cover the bases since I chose it to be my last lifetime. I imagine the reminders to be like billboards on a highway. There have been many signs along the way, but one of the biggest simply said, “DreamWalking!” I feel it was like a huge neon sign with flashing lights. Even as distracted as I was with my own awakening, I’m happy to report that I didn’t miss it. I took myself to the first DreamWalker Birth school in 2006, and the rest, as they say, is my history.

In 1986, there was a very popular book called All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten. I wouldn’t go so far to say that everything I needed to know for Realization I learned in DreamWalking, but I would say that what I experienced along my pathway while DreamWalking was essential for my own understanding and clarity. Those experiences allowed me to go beyond mental concepts into experience and integration.

As a DreamWalker, I have been able to go deeply into:

While DreamWalking my birthing clients as their Adoula, I found a whole new level of trust within me. We Adoulas trust that we can assist in connecting an unborn child with the prospective parents. What a bold statement! As we began our practices, we found out quickly that pre-birth connection was not a theory, but something every Adoula and their birthing parents have experienced. Trust became one of the cornerstones of the DreamWalk, and something that I quickly learned to value.

A DreamWalker is able to connect with other realms while in this physical reality; a beautiful example of the AND. Being comfortable in more than one dimension is what we all experience as embodied realized Masters. I can remember during the early stages of awakening how uncomfortable it felt when I encountered opportunities to be in more than one dimension or reality. It actually hurt my head, and shortly after attending Adamus’ Interdimensional Living workshop, I literally manifested something in my head that could have resulted in me leaving the planet. Clearly, I needed to become a lot more comfortable with the AND! DreamWalking gave me many opportunities to do just that and has been invaluable on my pathway. After doing it hundreds of times, it has become an experience full of ease and grace.

This is another cornerstone of DreamWalking. You simply cannot be out of compassion and serve as a guide for another. Compassion must be for yourself first, then for others. It can be challenging for the human to not be in judgment of what others choose and experience. I’ve observed some of my Adoula clients make choices that I felt may lead to some “difficulty” down the road. That indeed played out beautifully as their energy served to support their choices. It is possible to simply observe without judgment, and that has been common as I’ve served as an Adoula for nearly fifteen years. Being a birth DreamWalker has given me countless opportunities to experience what fully being in compassion feels like, and also be aware of when I am out of compassion.

As so many are at the doorway to Realization and coming face to face with the dragon (clarity), one has to be in total compassion for self. In order to step through that door, there can be no judgment of anything you’ve created or experienced. Guilt and shame are incompatible with compassion.

The I AM is in absolute compassion as it freely gives to the human the freedom to experience in any way it chooses. To connect with the I AM of yourself is to experience the ultimate compassion. The relationship between compassion and realization cannot be overstated.

Before I became a DreamWalker Birth Adoula, I was certified in another “energetic” practice and gave many sessions as I worked my way to certification. What I encountered, and why I set aside that practice shortly after I was certified, was the desire for my own wisdom to be a part of those sessions. That modality was scripted, and while it helped me to become very sensitive to energy and its movement, there was no place in the sessions for my own wisdom to play a part. Many times, I wanted to express something, but there was not an appropriate way to do so. Those sessions were designed by someone else, and we practitioners were to follow them as written.

When I became a DreamWalker, I had the freedom to allow myself to open up to my own wisdom and to speak from that place. In the beginning, I was quite surprised at what I heard myself saying. At that time, I wasn’t fully into trust of self and wondered if I was channeling another entity. Eventually the clarity came that I was coming from my wisdom and the voice I heard was that of my Master self. Now I can more fully discern when I am speaking from my wisdom and when it’s the voice of the human.

This is another cornerstone of the work of the DreamWalker Birth Adoula. It’s not going too far when I say that almost everything I needed to know about conscious breathing I experienced as a result of the DreamWalker Birth School. Needless to say, after years of DreamWalks, I have experienced the magic of the conscious breath and so have my clients.

When you are aware that you are breathing the conscious breath, which is so different than all the other breaths you unconsciously take during the day, you can allow it to serve as a bridge. As an Adoula, you assist the parents in breathing consciously to bridge the dimensions and connect with their incoming child all throughout the pregnancy. As they breathed, I breathed.

After years of DreamWalking with my birthing clients, conscious breathing has become second nature. In Shoud 10 of the Passion 2020 Series, Adamus offers a beautiful merabh to receive the breath of the I AM. In this merabh he states, “The breath of the I Am is your breath as well. They’re the same thing.” For all of us, the conscious breath serves as a bridge to connect with all that we are.

As a birth DreamWalker, I am able to see conscious choice in action. I explain the choices that prospective parents can make regarding who they would like to host for a lifetime.

For me, I can receive the compassionate breath from the I AM – my own breath – just by choosing to do so. I can breathe and choose to have my energy serve me.

That you can consciously choose and let energy serve that choice is a huge awareness. It takes one far beyond “life just happens.” When you add that all energy is yours and you can consciously choose to let it serve you, it’s a game changer. You find it very helpful to let go of that victim aspect and, as Adamus and others have said, “Put on your big boy pants” and take responsibility for your life and everything in it. Consciously choosing helps you to Master up.

Adamus has often said that “Only a Master can be in service; everyone else is but a servant.” DreamWalking has given me an opportunity to be in service. To be in compassion as you guide and connect through the realms is the perfect opportunity for the Master self to allow the wisdom to radiate. The Adoula needs to be able to manage their own energy as they work with the unborn and the prospective parents, all the while navigating other dimensions. Opening to the Master self and allowing the wisdom to radiate gives the experience a deep sense of ease and grace. In other words, you allow energy to serve the entire experience as you are in true service.

If I choose to look at my Pathway to Realization in a linear time fashion, I can look back, see all that has led me to this point, and reflect on the insights and wisdom that I’ve gained from the experiences I’ve created. As I look upon my path, some of the most significant and meaningful experiences that have led me to where I am came from DreamWalking. I dare say it was a brilliant move to include that big flashing light on my pathway!

- - - -

Kathleen has been involved with DreamWalker Birth (DWB) since the school was first channeled in 2006. She is an active Adoula and has found great joy in working with her clients. As an Advanced Studies Teacher, Kathleen presented the first DWB class worldwide, and was a Mentor Teacher. Her recording of birth breathing during the DWB update is now a part of the DWB school. She is a founding member of ISA, the International Society of Adoulas. Kathleen is the author of The Baby Connector, a book that explains the work of the Adoula. More information can be found on her website: adoulabirth.com

Kathleen is a mother, grandmother and loving partner to her husband, Jay. They live in Boise, Idaho. She can be contacted through her website.

Editor’s Note: Adamus has offered many DreamWalk experiences. However, DreamWalker Birth and DreamWalker Death are unique. Not only do they offer profound personal experiences, but attendees are also taught how to work with clients who are either leaving the planet in death or returning through birth. DreamWalker Death has been completely rechanneled with new and updated information for these changing times and will be offered for the first time on September 25-27, 2020.

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