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Ever since I can remember I was amazed by helping people connect. Watching them share stories, ideas & impulses made me happy. I never really thought about it or planned it, it was just something that I did. Like breathing, it just came to me naturally.

Of course, that core essence of mine attracted wonderful material for drama, expectations and attachments throughout my life, but no need to go into that old part of someone who has since died several times over. Ultimately old wounds were healed and I took home what was mine, leaving everything else behind.

Today connecting people is just a by effect of how I live. I don’t have to do it and often times many moons rise and set without any kind of contact, just because I’m quite content with myself and don’t need to have many people in my life. Living in a commune? NOT for me! But that spark of witnessing new potential coming to life by putting one and one together – that still makes me thrive.

Anytime I’m part of people connecting, I see the potentials of that connection. Sometimes it’s a personal relationship that develops when they share the same values and hobbies; at other times it might turn into a collaboration or a joint venture. Either way, when people share their inspiration, impulses and visions and exchange their qualities and expertise, completely new potentials are created which neither of them alone could have realized.

I have to mention, however, that I’m not a typical networker. I don’t like small talk and can’t even pretend to be interested in everyone’s stories. I’m also not a fan of big group events, especially spiritual ones, so chanting “Kumbaya, my lord” isn’t for me either. That being said, I was quite surprised when one morning in June I woke up with the urge to create and host a Master conference for Shaumbra. I put it aside at first, but a certain Professor kept nagging and nudging me to take action. Alright then, if you insist, I’ll give it a go. I was curious to see what the potential was all about, so I wrote down everything that revealed itself to me at the time and put out an invitation to what would become the first “Masters Hub gathering.”

The idea was to meet and talk about our inspirations, creations and challenges as a Master in daily life. We would have presenters talk about their actual creations or visions and create an atmosphere that allowed for our collective potential to become visible. Didn’t the Professor mention a few times that he wants to see us walk, talk, act like a master and come forth to share our stories? So that part made total sense, but other than that I had no clue where this would go. Maybe two, three or four masters would be interested, maybe more. It didn’t really matter, I just wanted to follow up on that initial feeling.

Once the event was organized, many Shaumbra said they felt the potential was coming to life and the spaces started filling up very quickly. Since this was really happening now, I thought about a few Shaumbra I had met in Hawaii during the BON workshop and sent them the invitation also. To my absolute surprise, many were willing to travel far, VERY far, to participate.

The event ended up with 21 Masters from 8 countries and 10 nationalities. They travelled a total of nearly 46.000 km / 28,000 miles from the following countries: the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Scotland, Switzerland, Slovenia, United States and Japan!!! I still get goosebumps when I think about it. That total distance exceeds the Earth’s circumference!!

Despite some initial challenges, preparations went smooth and there was even a bit of magic. Construction that literally closed all the roads in our neighborhood that weekend turned out to create the safe space that was needed for this gathering. The gentleman in a screaming yellow vest, trained to only let residents through who had an official pass, turned into a purring kitty cat when I asked him the favor of letting my guests come through. A bus driver gave some travelling Masters a free ride, even stopping at our street – where there is no actual bus stop – so they didn’t have to walk so far. And of course the rainbows that appeared exactly when both the Saturday and Sunday gatherings came to an end.

Everything was utter perfection, to the point where I thought: “Really? This is getting ridiculous!” When conscious creators connect, 1+1 equals infinite potential! Well, there were 21 of us, so that really makes it supermegapremiumxxl potential.

Early into the gathering we could all feel that something special was happening. Adamus said recently he noticed a change occurred during live events, that Shaumbra no longer brought their personal issues to the seminars, and that was something we also felt during our gathering. The conversations were open, honest and vulnerable. We met at Master’s eye level and that allowed us to tap into the true essence of the gathering.

Most of the presenters had not prepared much and were quite nervous beforehand. However, the atmosphere of our I Am Here presence – with no expectations, no judgement, but pure joy and curiosity – made it possible for everyone to reveal their true Master within.

The diversity was wonderful!

• A Swiss artist who is ready to sell her Mantradalas worldwide, but doesn’t want to act as a sales and businessperson to distribute them, simply because it isn’t her passionate expression.
• An Israeli entrepreneur who shares his experiences and challenges in a variety of projects, such as a making a documentary, giving cooking classes, working with refugee kids as an integration coach, and currently working on new conscious ways of education.
• A Ukrainian doctor who feels the family heritage of medical degrees isn’t appropriate for him, only to then find his passion in web design. Then writing his CV by making up fictional clients and their branding and succeeding to work abroad professionally.
• And many more.

When Masters speak and Masters listen, there is a lightness that is hard to explain, because it goes so deep. Where else would it be possible to mention that the death of the second husband was met with grand relief because that saved the whole process of just another divorce? Twenty-one Masters were nearly in tears from laughter, a compassionate laughter both genuine and empathic at the same time.

Looking back, I feel that the common denominator is the boldness of changing a predetermined route in favor of following the deep desire of self-expression. Another thing that we all had in common was the willingness to share the good, the bad and the ugly. What do you do when there is hardly any passion left and no inspiration to create something meaningful? When old references just don’t apply anymore and nothing is driving, pulling or pushing you? What do you do when the force is gone? During our talks, we opened up a space where we could feel the new way of being in life, allowing the flow of energies to serve and finally (at least for me) begin to understand the meaning of ‘time and space are moving through you.’

So why do I feel that this meeting was so special? We birthed new potentials and shifted a huge amount of energy, but more than that I think it’s because it was not, for a single moment, expected to be anything in particular. No expectations or projections were brought to the space. Therefore, it could reveal itself as what it was – a place where conscious creators see each other as the Master that they are, reflecting back to one another that this embodied, enlightened life is very real.

I feel the Masters Hub will continue to be a space where we remind one another of our commitment to the one thing we all came here for: realizing the potential to be what we have always been and finally being able to live it fully as Standards for what’s possible. Since our gathering there has been a lot of feedback saying that coming together helped many of us feel a new sense of freedom.

I’m in awe of the level of integrity and openness that we all allowed, and am super excited to feel the potentials that are opening up. One of them is to create a conscious network, a safe space for our masterly creations to connect to life, and it is beginning to take form. We are working on a web presence that will enable us to connect with conscious individuals or businesses with whom we can potentialize our creations. Indeed, the first potential business connections are already beginning to develop.

The Masters Hub will connect young and old, businesses and individuals, visionaries and searchers and, most importantly, consciousness and inspiration to create a new understanding of co-existence and co-creation on all levels. What an amazing time to connect with Shaumbra!

For more information about the Masters Hub or to sign up for the newsletter, please send an email to [email protected]. You may also visit the Masters Hub Page and participate in the Group on Facebook.

The next Masters Hub gathering will take place in Düsseldorf/Germany on Saturday, December 3rd with optional extra activities on Friday and Sunday.

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