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Over the years as I have worked with Kuthumi, he has often been asked if he will ever return to 3D life. His answer has always been the same – he would love to, but he just doesn’t want to be part of linearity, especially time. Not that there is anything wrong with linearity, he will add, it’s just that he feels complete with it. Besides he still gets to play with us anyway!

As I have journeyed into my enlightenment, I have made a peace with linearity. I get it. We invented time, space, gravity, etc. so that we can engage with this experience as humans. To the simple human, this linearity expresses in basic things such as making appointments and plans. It also keeps our chocolate where we left it.

Linearity satisfies the mind. It sets up limits and boundaries so that mind can know what to expect. We all have a basic idea of how long life will last. We know when the sun will rise and set and how long it will take us to travel somewhere. Even more so, we know that life follows a premise of action and consequence. If I do THIS now, then THAT will happen later.

As we awaken and embrace our innate creativity it can be easy to see linearity with its “rules” as being against us. Who wants limits when they are God also?

I have found it delightful that the more I play with my creativity the more linearity shows me how malleable it is. I’m sure many of us can tell tales of knowing something will take X amount of time to do, only to find it completed much quicker. And not only time becomes flexible. Our finances break out of the old energy linearity, our bodies don’t age in the same way they used to, and the list goes on. If we are Gods and Masters playing with energy, then so it goes that linearity as an energy is also something we get to play with.

I recently got to play with linearity in a way that I could never have imagined.

I am very honoured and delighted to be part of the Rude Awakening documentary, speaking about my experience with awakening. A short time ago the team arrived from Europe to film my part in the documentary. One of the settings we chose was my garden. Those connected with me on Facebook would know it, as I often post photos of the succulents with which I have filled it. What most people don’t know is the history behind this garden.

Where the garden is now, once stood my family home; a small wooden cottage where I lived the first twelve years of my life, until we built a new home nearby on our property. This home was also where our family endured the worst of my father’s domestic violence.

The cottage was finally demolished only seven years ago, and my father had passed away several years before that. As my brothers and I pulled the little house apart, it felt like we were finally dismantling that part of our lives as well. Once the house was gone, I looked at the space and felt I wanted to do more. I remember telling my mother how nice it would be to have a garden here, to really heal the space. She just nodded as she had felt the same.

So I began. Some features of the house remained and transformed in the new space. The front steps now have a statue of Mother Mary upon them framed with an archway of jasmine. The beautiful stone fireplace and chimney remain with another Mary before it. Old foundation bricks now form edges of garden beds.

And the new makes it way to my garden in the form of hundreds of succulents gathered over the years. Amongst the plants emerge buddhas and ornaments that delight anyone who comes here. I even have stones painted by a Shaumbra friend sent all the way from Hungary, while St. Francis now stands where the toilet once did!

Amongst all this beauty, I sat and shared. Jonathan asked about my journey and I hardly knew where to begin. I spoke about my childhood, including the confusion and the shame that came with my experience, as well as my subsequent depression.

I shared about the times when I felt like leaving this life, and that somehow a voice within told me to stay; that it would be okay, and that I would someday make sense of all this. Jonathan asked where that voice had come from and I paused, unsure. “I guess it was soul…” I think I replied.

Once the crew were packed up and gone, I went back out into my garden. We had moved some pots to make way for cameras and I wanted to make sure they were back in place and protected from a heavy frost we were expecting that night.

As I walked through the garden, I felt into what had happened that day and what I had shared. I thought about how amazing it was to sit in this place that had once been so hurtful to me, only now with my awareness and enlightenment, sharing my story with joy and laughter; the shame and confusion long gone.

I imagined that little girl and wondered what she would have thought if I she had been told that one day, she would be doing this. Then it hit me like a punch to the chest…

She heard every word.

She felt every moment.

The voice that called to me in the darkness, encouraging me to stay – it was my own voice echoing back through time.

Every time I dive deeper into my awakening, every time I allow more of my soul love into my life, I am not just taking myself onwards; I am letting all of that fold back through time.

Each moment that I embrace my godself, I send ripples of that energy out in all directions to every aspect of my experience.

Kuthumi has talked of these moments as “anchor points.” I have always felt them as points of no return that spur us on to a new depth of consciousness. Now I know they radiate into our past as well.

My human experience may well be linear; my awakening and consciousness are anything but. Thankfully though, my chocolate still stays where I left it!

Marisa is a channeler, author, baker and gardener living in Sydney, Australia and has been exploring awakening and consciousness for most of her life. As part of this journey, Marisa connected with Ascended Master Kuthumi Lal Singh through the Crimson Circle. This re-ignited Marisa’s passion for writing, and together they have authored five books exploring Kuthumi’s experiences here on Earth. Their joy is in bringing soul love deeper into human life and they share this through radio shows and online courses. Marisa can be contacted at

Rude Awakening Featurette

3 comments on "Awakened Time Travel"

  • Ursi Semler on February 24, 2021 1:53 AM said:
    Thank you for sharing this, Marisa! What a wonderful idea, that garden!
  • Anni on October 1, 2019 12:18 PM said:
    What a beautiful journey...not ever an easy one... but one of self love and healing...thank you for the garden xx
  • Susan Young on September 23, 2019 8:44 PM said:
    Wow, Marisa ... that was so beautiful, so heartfelt ... thank you for this wonderful peek into your expansion! Very uplifting & inspiring :)

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