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Have you ever wondered about Adamus’ take on the future of the planet? There are times when I feel it’s all an interesting but distant science fiction story. But I’m finding that what he’s been talking about in ProGnost is not just a possibility, it’s a definite reality.

I’ve never been a sci-fi aficionado. As a teen I was more interested in current events than TV shows like Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek or Rod Serling’s The Twilight Zone. Linda, on the other hand, is a sci-fi junkie. She can recall the names of just about every Star Trek episode in the original three seasons (1966 – 1969).

I finally took a serious interest in futurism after ProGnost 2016 when Adamus broke out his message about technology. He’s given us mind-bending discussions about the new human species (what he calls Homo Techno), the Atlantean headbands, and singularity (when everything goes off the charts). I’d like to think this will happen in some distant future, but there are daily reminders that it is happening right now.

A few weeks ago, I read an announcement about Neuralink, a neurotechnology company founded by Elon Musk and others. I could barely fathom what I was reading. The company has developed an ultra-high-speed connection between the human brain and computers, and ultimately connections to the Internet and the cloud. The process is called Brain-Computer Interface (BCI). A few tiny chips are implanted by a robot into the human brain using advanced technology, and the wireless connection is then made via Bluetooth to an ear-mounted device that connects the brain data to the cloud. Neuralink says the “installation” will be as painless and simple as LASIK surgery (a thirty-minute visit, no stitches or general anesthesia required).

One breakthrough enabling Neuralink’s technology is the development of flexible electrode “threads” with a diameter measuring one-tenth the width of a human hair (4–6 μm in width, or the approximate width of a neuron). These can be inserted into the uppermost levels of the human cortex and interface with neurons.

The initial human trials with BCI will be complete at the end of 2020. Not 2030 or 2040, but just 16 short months away. Not just testing on lab rats, but on actual humans. The technology could become available for commercial and military applications a few short years afterwards.

The implications are huge. This technology will dramatically increase the brain’s memory capability, and increase the speed at which the brain can access information. It can also enhance our senses of vision, hearing, taste, smell and touch. According to Elon Musk, BCI will be fully integrated with Artificial Intelligence (AI) from external computers. In simple terms, the brain will be enhanced with advanced computing technologies, and will have seamless connection with computers, the Internet and AI.

I called Dr. Doug Davies to get his thoughts on the subject. Dr. Doug is neurologist in Beverly Hills, California, a long-time Shaumbra and a Crimson Circle Board member. He was already familiar with the news about Neuralink’s announcement. According to Dr. Doug, there are many potential benefits from this technology. It can be used to repair or augment neurons affected by brain damage or hereditary conditions. It could be used to treat stroke victims that have experienced neuron damage, and can also be used for brain augmentation for some people with learning or intellectual disabilities. It can also be used for “volition assistance,” where an injury causes a person’s brain to lose contact with parts of the body to the point where they can’t move their arms or legs just by willing it to move. Dr. Doug rapped off a list of the many potential benefits of BCI technology.

“Of course,” he noted, “any enhancement or augmentation of the brain needs to be balanced with wisdom.” He continued, “Right now we’re going through a dress rehearsal for what comes next. Computers and the Internet have given humanity more access to data and information than ever before. We’ve gone from huge mainframe computers to personal computers to smart devices that we carry in our pockets, in a matter of less than two generations. The next natural step is complete integration into the brain and body, with almost no external devices. Is all of this access to information, at incredibly high speeds, helping or harming humanity? Are we prepared for computing power to exceed brain power? We’ll know the answer in the next decade or so.”

As a sideline to this breakthrough information about BCI, I also read something last week about a computer beating six professional poker players. In 1996, IBM’s Deep Blue computer beat world chess champion Garry Kasparov. At the time it was a milestone in this Age of Computers. Beating six professional poker players is infinitely more challenging because of the vast number of variables, with a dazzling 10160 decision points. That’s more unique scenarios than there are atoms in the universe. The DeepStack software marked yet another milestone when it consistently beat the professional poker players.

According to futurist and entrepreneur Peter Diamandis, “One of the most profound and long-term implications of BCI is its ability to interconnect all of our minds. To share our thoughts, memories, and actions across all of humanity. Imagine just for a moment: a future society in which each of us are connected to the cloud through high-bandwidth BCI, allowing the unfiltered sharing of feelings, memories and thoughts. For those concerned about the domination of AI (i.e. the Terminator scenario), take some comfort in the notion that it isn’t AI versus humans alone. A new version of Human Augmented Intelligence (HI) is just around the corner.”

Sorry Mr. Diamandis, but your statement doesn’t comfort me. I understand some of the tremendous benefits of BCI, AI, and HI when it comes to advances in medicine and science. And I know this technology is already here, or right around the corner. You won’t find me picketing and protesting outside the Neuralink headquarters in San Francisco. I love technology, but I just can’t ignore the creepy feelings I get when read about things like BCI. Really creepy.

Dear Shaumbra, this is why we are here. Tobias and Adamus have talked about it for years, but it’s finally sinking in for me. Adamus talks about his The Time of Machines book he wrote back in the late 1700’s. He time-traveled to the future, where he worked with a small group of humans to bring consciousness to the planet at a time when it was most needed. One of the focal points of his book is the year 2020, just a few months away. The group of humans he works with had addressed and released a long list of old patterns in order to allow consciousness, energy, wisdom and magic (rather than chips) to integrate with their human experience. These humans went beyond ancestral karma, past life limitations, mass consciousness, old energy concepts, separation/duality, and guilt and shame. No small task, especially when you consider they did it in about 20 years.

In his book (and in our actual story), this group delayed their Realization until approximately Year 2020 so they could be here on the planet, as Embodied Masters, to bring the much-needed element of wisdom at a time of exponential leaps in technology. Without wisdom, the danger of these leaps could lead to massive abuses of power, and further enslavement of the spirit in the human condition.

It’s no wonder that Adamus has been talking at length about Atlantean headbands in recent gatherings. Headbands. Chip implants. Brain-Computer Interface. It’s all the same. We’ve been there before and we realize the potential limitations, if not the downright dangers. According to Adamus, we were the ones behind the development of the Atlantean headbands. They were initially used to standardize the human body and mind, but were ultimately used for control and conformity. The headbands caused us to get trapped in our minds. We forgot to bring in the wisdom back then. We have a second chance to do it now, in The Time of Machines. This is our story, and this is why you and I are here right now.

Let’s never forget it.

2 comments on "The Story Gets More Real "

  • ROSANA VEIGA GUIMARAES on September 29, 2019 11:17 AM said:
    Reading you article ,my eyes were filled with tears. I felt immense emotion. thank you for all !
  • Adori Gonzalez Izarra on August 7, 2019 1:20 PM said:
    Absolutamente de acuerdo:¡¡¡ No olvidamos porqué estamos aquí!!!. La grandeza de nuestra "antigua" elección, tan necesaria y tan deseada por todos los que en veinte años hemos celebrado la entrada de nuestra energía Merlin para implantarla en estos cruciales momentos. Gracias Geoff, somos grandes , queridos Shaumbras

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