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A new docu-series titled “They Call Us Channelers” was recently released by British talk show host Kevin Moore. It features dozens of channelers from around the world. Kevin spent two years traveling around the world to create one of the world’s most comprehensive collection of information and insights about the phenomena of channeling. (The link to the free YouTube videos is at the bottom of this article, and also in a separate article in this issue.)

The segment consisted of an interview with Linda and me, and then an interview with Adamus. It runs about 2 hours 40 minutes, by far the longest of any of the interviews. By the time you read this, there will be over 30,000 views. The majority of the viewers are non-Shaumbra so it’s been very interesting to read the comments. The Adamus portion of the interview is compelling because Adamus definitely has Kevin rethinking his beliefs. I hand it to Kevin for being open and vulnerable because it added so much depth and realism to the entire interview.

Based on hundreds of comments on YouTube, some viewers really got it. They immediately resonated with Adamus, and they understood some of the core teachings. They commented that Adamus was a breath of fresh air. Others were less flattering. Someone wrote, “I called bullshit when Adamus said there are no dimensions. IMO, he’s a spirit bumming earthly pleasures (like coffee) from this Hoppe guy.” Now I know why I crave coffee first thing in the morning.

All of this stuff got me to think about the questions that aren’t asked during these types of interviews. I never know in advance what the interviewer is going to ask, but generally it’s along the lines of, “How did you get started with channeling?” or “Does Adamus ever give you stock market tips?” or ”What does your family think about you being a channeler?” (BTW, Kevin Moore’s questions were much deeper than most interviewers.) Then I imagine what it would be like to be interviewed by CNN’s Christiane Amanpour or British journalist Robert Fisk. These are the questions I wish they’d ask:

Interviewer: What messages from Adamus have impacted you the most?

Me: The most fundamental teaching is about the difference between consciousness and energy. With that simple understanding I realized that “I Exist” and always will. There is no reality, no universe, no life without the presence of consciousness. Nobody or nothing can ever take consciousness away from a souled being. The next step is the understanding of what energy is: It’s the passion of the soul, and according to Adamus all energy is just communication. And finally, the energy is mine, therefore I can create what I choose, but I have to take full responsibility for everything in my reality. Being a victim is a distortion of reality and a huge waste of life. Holding on to old wounds keeps me from enjoying the beauty of my life and creations.

The other important message for anyone on the spiritual path is that enlightenment – or what Adamus prefers to call Realization – is a natural process. Once you go through awakening, Realization is a given. It’s going to happen in spite of your human self, so now just decide how you want to experience coming to Realization. Or as we say in the Crimson Circle, “Relax into your Realization.” Allowing becomes one of the most important tools in your life. You simply allow the human, the Master and the I Am to integrate. Allowing is even more essential than breathing.

Interviewer: What is enlightenment, and are you an enlightened being?

Me: Like Adamus, I prefer to call it Realization rather than enlightenment. Realization comes when you realize that you are a being of pure consciousness. You accept that every experience is about understanding the relationship between consciousness and energy. At that point, all of your aspects and past lives become integrated rather than disassociated. There is no conflict or battle, only wisdom. There is no more guilt or shame, only acceptance. Am I, Geoffrey, Realized? For me that’s a very personal matter. I don’t think I’d ever share that with another person, much less in public, because it is so intimate and personal. It’s the most precious place within my Being, so I don’t think I’d ever lay it on the table for anyone else to judge or glorify. Let’s just say that I’m having an incredible experience of realizing that I’m Realized.

Interviewer: If Adamus Saint-Germain is an Ascended Master, does he have the answers to everything?

Me: It’s quite the opposite. An Ascended Master doesn’t need to know anything. Knowing everything is a human desire, and frankly it’s impossible. What an Ascended Master can do is see a multitude of potentials and possibilities, whereas the typical human can only perceive a few. An Ascended Master doesn’t have a “memory” where information and data are stored. Yet they can tap into the energy of just about anything and sense it in a non-mental way. Therefore, you could ask Adamus a question about one of your past lives and although he doesn’t “know” the answer he can sense into the energy and give you a pretty good picture of that lifetime.

Interviewer: Does Adamus ever act in a human manner or is he always transcendental?

Me: All of the entities I’ve channeled have lived as humans on Earth, therefore they can relate to our journey, and they can exhibit human-like characteristics. Adamus loves so many things about the human experience, especially artistic endeavors such as music, art, writing and dance. Oh, and I guess he likes a good cup of coffee. There are many times when I’m channeling when Adamus gets very emotional. He is incredibly proud of Shaumbra because they have endured so much, and yet their commitment to their Realization keeps them going when others have dropped out. When he gets emotional, I get emotional. There have been many times where I can barely finish a session because I want to break down in tears. When Adamus gets emotional like this my heart blasts open with admiration, love and respect for Shaumbra. It takes everything within me to stay focused on channeling the message. Afterwards I have lay down in total quiet in order to absorb the magnitude of the moment. It’s quite overwhelming.

Interviewer: Do you experience any physical reactions when you channel?

Me: Not during the session so much as afterwards. I can be tired or even sick with a cold before a channel, but once I bring in Adamus I feel exhilarated. Usually I’m not hungry at all before a session but afterwards I’m famished! My favorite meal after a channel is a big greasy cheeseburger and fries. The next day my body is sore all over. Linda and I try to take long walks or go swimming when we’re doing workshops in order to keep the energy moving. So, during the channel not so much, but afterwards I experience everything from hunger to soreness to wanting to be alone for a while.

Interviewer: What would you do if Adamus stopped channeling through you tomorrow?

Me: One thing is for sure: I would not try to pick up another entity. I don’t think any Being could top Adamus and what he’s brought through for Shaumbra. Adamus would have a reason for stopping, probably because he’s guided us as far as he can and now it’s time for us to allow our full and unconditional Realization. It’s time for us to be Embodied Masters on the planet, and to be Standards for other humans without the need for channeling an entity. I’d definitely spend more time enjoying life with Linda, probably a lot more time at Villa Ahmyo in Hawaii. I’d write a few books, including The Time of Machines because I’d finally have time to write. I’d become semi-recluse but unlike Howard Hughes I would trim my fingernails. I think I’d break down crying for about 3 months because this journey has been so intense and deep and almost incomprehensible. Linda and I have been working so hard we’ve hardly had a chance to absorb it, much less reflect on it. The Crimson Circle staff would carry on the task of making the 20-year library of information available to those looking for guidance and answers as they go “post-spiritual.” I’d stop doing interviews like this and take more time for Linda and me. At the point Adamus stops, we will have done what needed to be done, and now it’s up to each individual to allow their Realization. If Adamus stopped tomorrow, I’d spend a lot of time on the park bench or in the café.

Interviewer: This is the strangest interview I’ve ever done. I don’t understand a word of what you’re saying. I’m going to delete the entire interview because if I didn’t understand it, my listeners certainly won’t understand it. We’ll just pretend this never happened. Either you’re crazy, or I’m still asleep. Thank you for your time, if in fact time even exists. Does it??

Click here to watch the interview with Kevin Moore.

5 comments on "Questions They Don’t Ask"

  • Munisha on August 12, 2022 2:10 PM said:
    While reading this article, tears were flowing down my cheeks😭. I love Adamus SG❤️. Thank you Geoffrey for bringing Adamus into my life.🙏🇿🇦
  • Julia Gers on November 10, 2019 6:49 AM said:
    Dear Geoffrey, thank you so much for opening up and sharing such deep and private feeling. For me, it is so important to know how do you feel like a human with the channeling of Adamus and what's really going on. This information, and also your and Linda's interview (and Adamus message of course) has huge liberation feelings for me. And that incredible love, honest and support which you and Linda demonstrated openly is beyond words. Thank for both of you! much Love back! xxx
  • Lynne Beclu on November 3, 2019 3:48 AM said:
    Dear Geoffrey, This is just so fabulous and I am in total gratitude AND awe for what you and Linda have done in bringing the words of Adamus to us.
  • Bianka Kleibeler on November 1, 2019 4:48 PM said:
    Great answers Geoffrey ⚜! All wisdom in it! 💛💚💙💜💫 All that Adamus told us💫 AND funny for - insider - Shaumbra... that you will spend a lot of time in a café or on a park bench...🤗 Magic 💫 All is well in all of creation AND so it is ⚜💫🐉💫👨‍🌾💫
  • Angel-a on November 1, 2019 2:30 PM said:
    Hi! From Chile. Thank you. Without you it would not have been the same. Thanks to all who make it possible. Who would imagine that the awakening of Chile was going to be so intense. Here we go :-D!!

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