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Hi, I’m Belle. You’ve probably seen me in the Shouds from Kona, Hawaii, or in photos from the Shaumbra gatherings here at Villa Ahmyo. I like laying on the carpet right in front of Adamus’ chair because there, I’m right in the center of Shaumbra energy.

It’s not unusual for a dog like me to want to share their thoughts and feelings. Humans mostly communicate with words; dogs communicate telepathically. Humans don’t understand that they can commune with us this way, without words, but fortunately my Master is a master channeler so I asked him if I could write the article this month, with his translation of course. I’m enjoying this because I can dictate my article while chewing on a biscuit.

It’s no coincidence that I’m here at Villa Ahmyo in Hawaii. I reincarnated in July 2017, the same month Cauldre (Geoff) and Linda came to the island to look at properties for their workshops. I was a pound puppy, meaning that I had no home. I was born underneath a clump of palm trees just as the sun was rising one morning. Lots of dogs here on the island are born like that. The next thing I knew, a truck came along and picked up my sister and me, and took us to what is called a dog pound. I was fortunate enough to have some very nice people adopt me and my sister a few days later. They live right next door to Villa Ahmyo.

You see, none of this is a coincidence. I have been Cauldre’s dog friend in many previous lives. We haven’t been together since 2005 when I was he and dear Linda’s favorite dog Fred, and I missed them a lot. Cauldre and Linda were traveling a lot back then, so after I passed away that year, I knew they wouldn’t be able to be with me again until they changed their lifestyle. That happened in 2017 when they decided to get a retreat center here in Hawaii.

I didn’t know Cauldre and Linda were going to buy what is now known as Villa Ahmyo. I didn’t know that I would end up being adopted by their neighbors. All I knew is that I wanted to incarnate and be with Cauldre, Linda and Shaumbra. You see, I’ve been with Shaumbra in the past as well. I was Cauldre’s dog long, long ago when Tobias was his father, and he was called Young Tobias. I’m one of the few dogs ever written about in the Bible, in the Book of Tobit (Tobias). Lions and camels are mentioned much more often than dogs, so I feel pretty special. I used to hang out with many of you in the times of Yeshua, and I was the camp dog at some of the Mystery Schools.

All I knew was that some type of magic occurs when I had the desire to come back for another dog life. Unlike humans, who tend to get into their minds about these things, I just knew it would all work out when returning, from the timing to the location. I didn’t have to arrange the sequence of events; the energy just makes it so. That’s the nice thing about being a dog. I just align with my Master’s energy and everything falls into place. Funny thing… humans are so smart on one hand (paw), but on the other hand they don’t seem to understand how energy works.

On July 20, 2017, Cauldre and Linda signed the papers to buy the property that would become Villa Ahmyo. At that moment a bell went off inside me. That’s why I like being called Belle. “Now, it’s time to reincarnate. Time to get back to your people.” I was chasing rabbits in the meadows of the heavenly dog realms at the time. Suddenly, everything around me started to swirl and get fuzzy. I felt like I was floating through a golden tunnel, a celestial doggie-door that would bring me back to Earth. There was no fear or anxiety whatsoever, just the excitement and anticipation of being with my people again. I was going home.

Dogs love being with people, probably because our canine soul is actually the Soul of the human Master. We’re really part of you. We’re here to show you unconditional love. We’re here to lick your face when life gets challenging. We’re here to remind you to keep things simple. Like Adamus said during the recent Consciousness Reset when he was petting my belly, we’re here to remind you to just “Be.” He actually said, “Be like Belle,” which made me smile. We like calling our humans “Masters” because we see them as Masters, even if they don’t see themselves that way. We don’t need to understand the human language, with all of its words, because we can feel energy. We know when you are happy or sad or in pain. Our passion is to be there for you, without any agenda other than to love you.

In the wag of a tail, I came out of the golden tunnel and found myself back in a canine body. It felt good. I saw my mother and new brothers and sisters around me. My mother was licking me clean, and perhaps trying to taste that golden stuff still on me from the tunnel. I knew I wasn’t going to be with her or my siblings for very long. This is the way of a dog. We save our attachments for our Masters, unlike humans that get very attached to their biological families. There’s nothing sad about this. Our purpose is the bond with our Master and their families, not with our doggie families.

The neighbors that adopted me loved me, and they also knew that I was a free spirit. He is a minister, and she works with children. They are some of the kindest people I’ve ever licked. They never tied me up, and only put me in a kennel a few times until they realized that this didn’t work for me. I was still a young puppy when I saw Cauldre and Linda for the first time. I knew it was them right away because everyone has a Soul scent that carries with them lifetime after lifetime. Humans often wonder what their name was in a previous lifetime but that really doesn’t matter. You can recognize anyone and everything from their scent “fingerprint.”

I ran into their yard and pooped. I was hoping that Cauldre would recognize my scent and know that I was back, but instead he looked annoyed as he took a shovel and threw my scent-bomb way. Humans! Sometimes they just don’t appreciate a gift. I kept leaving more poop in the yard hoping he’d remember, but instead he kept throwing them away.

One night I got bold. He and Linda were sitting at the lanai, drinking something that smelled like rotten grapes. I surrounded myself with my gentlest energy, quietly approached Linda from behind, and slid my head under her arm. Thank Dog she wasn’t frightened! Instead, she started to pet my head. I looked over at Cauldre. His mouth dropped open and he exclaimed, “Look, it’s Fred!” Yes, I look a lot like when I was their dog Fred. Funny how that happens! Linda and Cauldre laughed and smiled, and talked about Fred. Dogs don’t cry, but I think I had big tears in my eyes because we were now back together.

Now it’s several years later. Sometimes they leave for long periods of time, but they always come back. They told me they have to go back into the sky to do important work. They asked me if I want to go with them, on something called a jet – but only birds and humans are meant to fly, not dogs. So I go back to the neighbors and wait for Cauldre and Linda to return. Michelle Dinu comes to see me often during these times, and gives me wonderful hugs. Sometimes she tells me I have bad breath and she always gives me biscuits. I actually don’t like biscuits but humans make such a big deal about them, so I eat them anyway.

I love when Shaumbra come from the sky to attend the workshops! Their faces look different but I always remember their smell. They laugh a lot when they’re here. And they eat a lot too, but I never see them eating the biscuits they’re so proud of. Every morning they go into the pavilion for a meeting. Cauldre has to speak for Adamus. It’s odd because I can hear him, see him and smell him very well but for some reason the humans can’t, so Cauldre has to talk for him. I’ll never figure out humans. Sometimes I start by laying at Adamus’ feet, but I usually move off to the grass because the energy gets very strong. A dog can only handle so much. Adamus likes to walk back and forth, and then he has Linda call on people to talk with Adamus. I can sense their fear when he has them stand up, but then they talk for a long time and tell many stories. Sometimes Adamus interrupts them and uses a word called makyo, which seems to get the conversation back on track.

Shaumbra are different than other people. Yes, they even smell different. I’m not sure how you say it in human words, but their energy is much more present. Most humans have thin or murky energy, and it’s not aligned with their physical body. They seem to be somewhere else, other than when they’re eating. They spend hours on end looking into boxes – I think they’re called TV’s and computers – but humans seem to live within these. Shaumbra’s energy is present, consistent and genuine. They are very focused on something they call Mastery. It’s really quite funny because dogs always see humans as Masters, but they don’t see it within themselves.

Cauldre says we have to end this article now because his editor Jean is on a tight deadline. Humans are always in such a rush. He asks if there are any final thoughts I’d like to share with the readers. Yes, I’d like to clear up two misconceptions by restating these old phrases:

   1. Dog Loves You.

   2. Beware of God.

Blessings from Belle…

6 comments on "Master Paws"

  • Denise Crispino on April 26, 2021 2:15 PM said:
    Eu Amei! Eu sou apaixonada por cães, mantenho uma relação muito próxima com eles e consigo perceber muitas coisas sobre eles, chego à fazer diagnóstico antes do veterinário. Eu os Amo demais e tenho muita Gratidão por tê los na minha vida.
  • Adriana Goldman on April 26, 2021 4:58 AM said:
    Just tears rolling down my cheeks, thanks for sharing Belle! ❤️ 💕 💖
  • Martha on April 26, 2021 4:52 AM said:
    I love dogs. Was brought in my birth country, Argentina, w a dog at home that we called Lord. But in my old age I prefer cats. They are masters at leaning up energy around us. In Portugal where I've been living for 44 years I have 2 cats. One is a female Sissi just turned 10. She is my daytime companion and Theo the maine coon, will be 7 end july. He is a master cat! I adore them both! Wish I could read their minds!
  • Aline on April 12, 2021 11:32 AM said:
    Loved Belle!!! 💜
  • Inae on April 3, 2021 3:25 PM said:
  • iulian laurentiu on April 1, 2021 9:45 PM said:
    Thanks Belle,thanks Cauldre! Yesterday,at work,was a slow day,so i move out to get some sun lying in the grass,while listening one of Merlin I Am... Few minutes later i was joined by one of your sisters,one of the stray dogs at the work place(we got 6) ... Head to head,she reminded me the lost art(for humans)of belly up sunbathing... Thank you and looking forward for your new articles...

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