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I have the habit of working on about 7 lined paper notepads at any given time. I’d like to think that each notepad was used for a specific subject, but the fact is that whenever I need to write something down I grab the nearest paper notepad. Sometimes it’s a brief message from Adamus. Other times it’s a reminder to pick up something when I’m shopping in town, and sometimes it’s a reminder to talk to one of the staff members about a project detail. Everything is fine until I go back to check my notes. I end up with something like: “Adamus wants GET MILK flowers on stage CHECK WITH ALAIN ABOUT SCHEDULE order fans for Villa Ahmyo GET MORE SLEEP.” My notes are very…. Multi-dimensional.

I recently got something called a reMARKABLE e-notepad. It actually is pretty remarkable because I can easily write notes on the screen and save them to different folders. The problem is that if I need to write something down in a hurry, I still grab the closest notepad, be it paper or electronic. So now I have 8 notepads.

Isn’t technology amazing?

Here are some of the notes from my various pads:

Note #842 - Staff Meeting

Last week we had the first in-person Crimson Circle staff meeting in over 18 months! We usually try to do this about 3 times a year at the CC Studio in Colorado, but COVID put the kibosh (kī-bäsh) on in-person meetings. So, a few days ago, we brought in all CC Managers including Seissa from Colombia, Michelle from Nevada and Jorge from Salt Lake City. There were 12 of us in total, making it the largest in-person Managers Meeting ever. These were just the Managers; there are another 15 contract or permanent part-time staffers.

We had a lot to talk about during our two-day meeting, not in the least to discuss Adamus’ announcement that he would be “retiring” in four years. We reviewed the origins of Crimson Circle, where we are now, and what the next four years hold. And then what happens after that. It was sentimental to walk down memory lane, and helpful to get clarity about where we are now. It was a bit overwhelming to look at what needs to be done in the next four years, and inspiring to discuss what happens post-Adamus. I say inspiring because at that point, it’s up to Shaumbra to continue this work on the planet, as embodied and abundant Masters of course.

One thing became very evident: Crimson Circle will continue long after Adamus, or even Linda and I, are gone. We’ve done a lot of long-term planning and financial management to make sure Crimson Circle is around to serve current and new Shaumbra for generations to come.

We’ll get back to our usual weekly Managers meetings on Zoom, but I think I can speak for every CC Manager when I say we love getting together in person. We love to have lively discussions, as well as hugging and eating and laughing together. It’s just not the same on Zoom.

Note #736 - Home for the Summer

With deep regrets, we had to cancel our Europe tour in September. Linda and I had been looking forward to getting together with Shaumbra at our events in Austria, Slovenia and France. It was a tough decision, one we had to make by the end of May, because of hotel and venue contracts, and attendees having to adjust their travel plans. In case you wondered, Adamus doesn’t weigh in on these things. He wants us to manage the earthly activities while he handles the angelic Crimson Council stuff. We’ll do the Time of the Merlin event online in September from the Crimson Circle studio in Colorado (sorry, no in-person attendees there either). The good news is that more Shaumbra will be able to participate because it’s online. The line-up of entities includes Adamus, St. Germain, FM (formerly known as John Kuderka), Kuthumi (in his annual appearance), Merlin and at least one other yet-to-be-announced entity. We’ll have music from Yoham in Israel, and several other guest presentations.

Note #902 – More Than What Appears on the Surface

I keep getting this nagging feeling that there are far bigger implications to what we are doing as Shaumbra on Earth than what we possibly realize. Maybe I’m just fantasizing, but maybe what we’re doing here has an effect in other parts of creation? It’s like I can almost see it, but not quite. I’ve asked Adamus about it. He just smiles and says, “Someday you’ll understand.” How about tomorrow, Adamus?

Note #897 – Precautionary Note to Shaumbra

Master’s Life 14 – Soul Encounters is a smasher. Don’t just take my word for it. Read some of the comments and experiences on the Crimson Circle Facebook page. I think we need a t-shirt that says, “I Survived Master’s Life 14.” A word of caution: The ProGnost 2021 Update will be released in early July. We filmed it a couple weeks ago and are doing the final post-production work. Don’t listen to Master’s Life 14 and the ProGnost 2021 Update within two weeks of each other lest you find yourself drooling on your shirt somewhere off in another realm. Adamus turns up the heat in the ProGnost 2021 Update. It stands on its own, without just having it as an update to the January ProGnost. The staff actually considered changing the name and offering it as a free-standing product because it’s that good, but Adamus kiboshed the idea.

Note #898 – What is a Kibosh, anyway?

I’ve been using the word “kibosh” lately and not even sure what it really means. I just like the sound of it. I think it means something like “blow up that Mother----er.” Sorry Edith. I know you don’t like urban language so much.

Note #883 – July 2021

For the first time since February 2020 we’re going to have a live audience at the July 2021 Shoud! Adamus is thrilled because he loves interacting with Shaumbra. Linda is thrilled because she’s played the role of the “audience” for the past 18 months. I just hope we remember how to organize everything for a live Shoud – the food, coffee, cleaning, passing the microphone, getting good audience shots, etc. Tune in to see how smoothly (or roughly) we handle things after the long spell of No Peoples. Hopefully this marks the end of the COVID era for most of us.

Note #927 – Deer Ones

The other evening I saw a young doe sitting under the pine trees about 15 meters from our house. I sat down on the porch bench and “communicated” with her for a while. She never took her eyes off of me, and never flinched like deer are prone to do. The next morning she was still under the pine trees. I sat down and had a cigarette while “talking” to her. Again, she never took her eyes off of me. Early the next morning Linda and I were working at our desks. The deer came within 3 meters of our office windows and stopped right in front of us. At her feet was a tiny new-born fawn! It was no more than 18” (45 cm) at its shoulders. It was the most adorable thing I’ve seen in a long while. I felt like she came by the office window just to show us her new baby. They’re still hanging around the yard, and the fawn is getting bigger every hour.

Life is good.

Note #928 – Communications

Speaking of communications, Adamus has been “talking” with me nearly every day about this subject. He’s showing me how to communicate, both as a receiver and transmitter, without using thoughts, words or visuals. The experience is absolutely fascinating. At first it feels like nothing is there, but then suddenly the non-defined energy envelopes me. There is so much more being communicated, on many levels, versus using words or visuals. He’s teaching me how to “get it” without defining it. There’s a natural urge to put it into definition right away, but I’ve learned to resist the urge so it can naturally unfold. This is where Adamus is headed in his work with Shaumbra over the next year or so, especially in Keahak XI. He wants me to have personal skills in this art before he brings it to Shaumbra. It truly opens new realms, and it all ties together. Energy IS the communication of the soul, aka The Song of the Soul. It makes sense that as Embodied Masters, we are proficient at communicating at the most soul-ful level. My working partner in this new understanding and use of communications is Belle, our amazing dog in Kona. Linda and I miss her terribly, but Belle and I are communicating every day on a level I haven’t used in eons of time. Belle (and Adamus) are great teachers.

BTW, this article isn’t really so much about My (Boring) Notepads. That’s what’s on the surface for your eyes to read, but Adamus wanted me to infuse my energy/communications into the article, on a non-written word basis so you could feel the deep level of communication taking place. Take a deep breath and feel it, without defining it. It’s right here for you to Be-Hold.

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