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Adamus mentioned something very interesting the other day at the Threshold event in Tuscany. He said that the gravity of mass consciousness has become so strong that even in our dreams, most humans are staying in the mental realms.

This had a significant impact on me. I like to dream at night (and even day-dream during my waking hours). Several times a night and every morning, I transition from my sleep state to my waking state coming fresh from a dream. I am always aware of leaving my dream experience and returning to my human 3D life; I rarely if ever am not aware of my dream story. Sometimes the dreams themselves, being of such intensity or realism, wake me up in the middle of the night. I can be awake for 10 – 20 minutes and then return to the same dream as though I just had a brief intermission.

I don’t like some of my dreams, even though I love dreaming. Some dreams are frightening, while others are frustrating. About 75% of my dreams involve other people, while the other 25% are only me. I have dreams of flying through the air – for some strange reason I’m always in the lotus position rather than with my arms and legs outstretched like Superman – and dreams of swimming underwater without having to breathe air. Linda says I must teach classes at night because I’ll talk out loud in my sleep with my arms moving, much like someone lecturing to a class. She says I often speak out loud in a language she doesn’t understand. I also have embarrassing dreams of going out in public without my trousers, and forgetting the combination to my high school locker.

Dreams are a huge part of my life. When people tell me they never dream, I know that they actually do; they just don’t remember their dreams when re-entering the waking state. But everyone dreams every night.

Dreams free us of the body and mind for a period of time every day. They have been a constant reminder that this planet isn’t our real home, and that our physical reality isn’t the center of the universe. We dream in order to go beyond, to maintain a link to our roots as angelic and souled beings. In many ways, dreams are more real than the waking state.

And now, Adamus says that most people don’t go beyond the mental realms in their dreams because mass consciousness has gotten so dense. The implications are huge. There is less connection to the Free Self. There is more dependency on one’s mental aspect. There are less insights, and less visionary energies. Ultimately, there is more addiction to power, and to lack of power. The world becomes more and more mental, while becoming less and less sensual. If people stay in a mental state during their dreams, there’s no reprieve from daily human life. It’s like working at a job and never getting a break or holiday.

The word “dream” is not only about what happens at night when we go to sleep. We also use the term to refer to thinking big. It’s about aspirations and desires. It’s about going beyond. Kids dream of becoming an astronaut or an Olympic skater. Young people dream of traveling the world or owning a gourmet restaurant or inventing a new technology. We dream of a world where people live in harmony and abundance. These kind of dreams are about thinking out of the box, and fulfilling our heart’s greatest desires.

When Adamus said that even our dreams are limited by the gravity of mass consciousness, it deeply concerned me because dreams are our connection to the creative, non-mental, life-giving realms. It was almost like hearing him say that creativity is fading away. I imagined a world where everything is about data, bytes and logic; where humans are little more than biological machines; and where science and math are the only accepted forms of thinking. I imagined people becoming dull and colorless, without passion and desire. Everyday life would be all about schedules, productivity, input/output, goals, standardization, and efficiency. Any thinking outside the box would be scorned, and any creative expression would lead to punishment. There’s probably a dreadful science fiction movie about this already, titled something like “The Day the Earth Stopped Dreaming.”

I pondered Adamus’ statement for the next few days. I watched people, wondering where they went in their nocturnal journeys. I read the news on the Internet, and observed how people interacted with each other. It wasn’t as bad as the bleak picture I had imagined, but I began to understand the point Adamus was making. If the gravity of mass consciousness continues to keep people from dreaming beyond the mental realms, the magic of life slips away.

Then a few days later I realized why Shaumbra are here, and Adamus validated it during one of the Ahmyo Retreat sessions. We chose to incarnate at this time to bring in consciousness to Earth, and along with consciousness comes sensuality and creativity. In the past few years Adamus has talked at length about the importance of going beyond the human senses and mind. He’s stressed the importance of imagination. He’s said that “art will change the world,” meaning that our creative and sensual nature will be like lights to the world that has gone very mental and gray.

Dreams are for dreaming… going out beyond the mental realms whether in your nighttime dream state or for imagining your heart’s desires. Before you go to sleep at night, make a conscious choice to “dream beyond” the gravity of mass consciousness, into the angelic and crystalline realms. Before you say “that is not possible” to your heart’s desires, make a conscious choice to imagine into possibilities that defy mundane everyday life.

At the end of the third day of the Ahmyo Retreat, Adamus said, “Morgan le Fay, the half-sister of King Arthur, came to me as the Merlin. She said, ‘They (the Christians) are killing our magic. I curse their human senses.’” Perhaps there is something more to this than a simple knight’s tale.

5 comments on "Dreams are for Dreaming"

  • Denise Chojnacki on June 16, 2016 7:33 PM said:
    Approximately thirty years ago I had a dream to live in a house that was smart. The dream fell hidden until recently after returning from The Bon Adventure. My dream is haunting me to proceed. I don't understand the how of it. Only that This is what I have been waiting for all my life. All I need to fulfill my dream house will Come To Me. It feels so wonderful to have a dream. It's empowering. It's my creation. Thank you Geoff for being so human.
  • Adoración on June 9, 2016 11:08 AM said:
    Cuando yo leí "Las Nieblas de Avalon", Morgana de fuerza y convencimiento y recuerdo muy bien esa frase y la sentí como un pinchazo de desesperanza porque fué el inicio de la era oscura, reglas y leyes que apagaron la magia viva. La Energía y la "chispa" de todos los Shaumbras ya ha "manifestado" que en éste "no tiempo", todo "es" y todo lo "soñado", ya ha sido creado- Gracias querido Geoof
  • Jacqui on June 4, 2016 1:38 AM said:
    Ive just listened again to Tobias shoud ' Sans Definition' in the teacher series - and I can see how in our dream state we can be free from concepts and beliefs - language and definition ... the world beyond the mind !! It seems like the dream state is the best place - ' To Be ' !!! <3 - --with love and thanks to you Cauldre, a welcome reminder of the importance of Shaumbra's role within the mass consciousness xx
  • J Carlos Reyes on June 3, 2016 10:32 AM said:
    Many years ago I dreamed my life. A vertical mountain climbing without ropes and without fear. There was even a place I was hanging from a ceiling. At the top, while resting, with a breathtaking landscape A voice said, achieved what no one managed to climb this mountain because it is impossible and I knew it was the lighting and i woke up. Now I know I'm in the end, easier, after passing hung from the ceiling, with output there, almost impossible. This dream has guided me for nearly thirty years.
  • Christine Marsh on June 3, 2016 7:58 AM said:
    Thank you for this article. Dreaming is so very close to my heart! And art is my passion, and I am so very visionary. It is so helpful to hear of the profound value this has for this beautiful planet. It helped to clarify what I knew to be so. Thank you.

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