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As we come into the holiday season, I’d like to reflect on the blessings of the year and share some of my thoughts related to the Crimson Circle. I encourage you to look at the blessings in your life as well. It’s easy for all of us to get overwhelmed as we endure the dramatic changes associated with Realization, but I found that when I reflect on the blessings, I’m always amazed at how much good has come.

So, hopefully without getting too maudlin or syrupy, here’s what I’m blessed with:

Shaumbra – Tobias first mentioned the term “Shaumbra” back in 2000. He said it was an ancient Hebrew term that meant “family of the rock,” or “family of close connection.” Linda and I didn’t think too much about the word at the time, but listeners immediately came to identify with it, more than Crimson Circle itself. I have met the wisest, deepest, and most genuine people in the Shaumbra family. I was in the business world for 25 years but nothing compares to the beautiful beings who call themselves Shaumbra. I have learned a lot from you, and had some of the greatest moments of my life with you.

Entities – Wow, am I lucky or what? First it was Tobias, and then Adamus Saint-Germain. And there’s even an occasional sprinkling of Kuthumi. These Ascended Masters all lived as humans. They have tremendous compassion for our journey because they went through it as well. Their experience in the human condition helps them understand how fast and how far they can push us, and when to hold back. They know the limits because they’ve walked in our shoes. This past summer at the Masters Channeling Summit in Sedona, I realized how fortunate I was to be the messenger for such esteemed Ascended Masters. Sure, Adamus ruffles a few feathers and even invites people to leave, but he’s clear about where he’s taking us: Embodied Enlightenment. He won’t tolerate many distractions along the way, nor will Shaumbra. We’re going for it in this lifetime.

Messages – And speaking of the entities, I am truly grateful for the content – the messages – of the Crimson Circle. I equally understand that the messages are only as good as the audience, so I give credit to all of us as well. The Shouds are personal, relevant, inspiring and provocative. Adamus won’t waste our time (or his) dwelling on aliens, conspiracies, activations, gimmicks or ancient civilizations. And just when I think there’s nothing left to talk about, The Professor (and Shaumbra) comes out with new, consciousness-shifting information. It happened just the other day during our Keahak gathering. I was feeling a bit sleepy, and thought that Adamus would do a nice merabh or something. Instead, he came roaring through with jaw-dropping information about technology and social structures.

Freedom – The Crimson Circle doesn’t have memberships, dues, rules, requirements or levels. I love this! I’m often asked how many members we have. When I answer “none,” they ask how we manage to stay in business. “Simple,” I say. “There’s a common passion and determination that creates the organization, rather than the organization trying to create the passion and determination.” Nobody is required to – nor is asked to – buy anything. The monthly Shouds are free, and Shaumbra can attend workshop and gatherings if they choose, but there are no requirements to do so.

Staff – A company is only as good as its staff, and Crimson Circle has the best. They’re truly in service to Shaumbra, and as Shaumbra, they’ve chosen their embodied enlightenment in this lifetime. We have 11 full time and 4 part-time staffers. They work from home (no office, no cubicles), and they work from early to late nearly every day. They’re surprisingly flexible, adapting very quickly to the constant changes from Adamus. When Linda and I are on the road, we know everything is being handled in a professional and compassionate manner by the CC staff. I’ve owned and operated 3 companies in the past, and never have been blessed with such a team. BTW, every month we share the financial reports with the staff so they know exactly where the company stands, and the role they play in its success.

Business – There’s an important place for business in this work. I’ve seen many spiritual groups collapse because they didn’t understand the basics of business. Although Crimson Circle is a relatively small company, we face the challenges of a company ten times our size because of the international nature of our business. Our goal is not growth; we know the right people will come to Crimson Circle at the right time. We don’t advertise, we don’t make much use of social media, and we intentionally limit the number of attendees at most workshops. Yet there are tens of thousands of people around the world who find guidance and inspiration with the messages. We reinvest nearly all of our profits back into services for Shaumbra, including technology, staff, customer service and new products. It’s one of the most unique business models I’ve ever seen.

Business-wise, we also run a very tight ship. We’ve had four federal government (IRS) tax audits in the past 4 years (!) and have come away from all of them without a single change, appeal or frown from the very stringent IRS (Internal Revenue Service). This is nearly unheard of in the business world. The IRS always changes something, but not with CC. Every once in a while I see some trash on the Internet about Crimson Circle’s business practices, written by people who have never bothered to ask us questions nor know what they’re talking about. I just have to smile (well, snicker). Four IRS tax audits. Not a single change. Enough said.

Fun – I feel blessed to do this life-changing work, with people I truly love and admire, AND have fun doing it. We can laugh at ourselves, laugh with and at Adamus, and in spite of going through monumental and deep changes, we can still manage to keep a sense of humor. Some of my finest moments have been sitting around the dinner table at the end of a workshop day, hearing the stories of the Masters’ lives.

On behalf of Linda, the Crimson Circle staff, and the entities who work with all of us, I wish you joy and blessings for the holiday season.

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